New to this

I am new to this and have a question. I would appreciate any feedback. I was recently with a woman for three years whom did not care for my son at all. My son is going to be...

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When can you tell your a single mom.

well I had my daughter at 17 after a 4 year relationship with he dad went sour I moved far away and fell in love with my boss at my new job (not over night took a year or so)...

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Grandmother Issues

My husband and I welcomed his second my first daughter into our family in Feb. 2009. He has a 6 yr old daughter from a previous marriage. We have partial custody of her and she...


how do i let go....continued...

he doesnt kno i lay awake at nite. i kno that would b stupid 2 tell him. he says he wants this fimly 2 b 2gether but my ego is 2 big. he says he couldnt handle me always saying...

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BM monitoring phone and video access

I have an 8 year old SD whom my husband and I have limited access to. We live in Ontario and she lives with her mother primarily on the east coast. We have her for 1/2 of all...

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My husbands grandmother, our daughters great grandmother does not understand her boundaries. Since the day our daughter was born she has been completely psycho. She tried to...

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Can't believe he doesn't want to be with me...

I am almost 12 weeks pregnant, and up until I told the father I was pregnant, he was saying I love you to me. Once he found out, he stopped. I asked him why tonight and he said...

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Family Drama

My family is pissed off at me. It all started with my niece and her husband. My niece's husband has been physically abusive towards her for a while now and my niece has left him...


im so ready to go crazy..help!???

Im a young mother of a 5 year old. I have been in my relationship for 3 years (friends for 5 years). I use to love every spending moment with my boyfriend. Lately I can't stand...


Daughter dating girlfriend's ex

This friend is not a good friend to my daughter. She has stole boyfriends from my daughter on two different occasions and my daughter forgave her but had lost trust for her....

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