Need help with my son

He is almost 18 he doesn't respect me or his soon 2 b step dad!! All the stress is making us rethink getting married.. He is not wanting to do school work!!

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I am a divorced mom to 2 daughters. I recently broke up with a guy I was dating 1 1/2 years because I found inappropriate pictures of a "friend" who's a girl in his Email...

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17 yr old daughter

I just found out my 17 year old daughter is pregnant by a 23 year old man. Does anyone know the legal rights I have and what if anything I can do to prosecute this man?

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My daughter wants to move out

I am a divorced mom of 4 who has been in a lesbian relationship for the past 5 years. My partner is not what you would call the motherly type. She doesn't really hug them or...


Starting cereal?

My little boy is just over 5 months old and had reflux. At the pediatrician yesterday he said we should start solids to help with the spitting up. I have my fingers crossed, we...

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My Wedding

The past 2 years have been such a blur. Finding out I was pregnant in January '07. Becoming a first time mom at age 36 when my son was born in October '07. Watching him grow...

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She reminds me of Mum?

My daughter reminds me so much of my Mum. It's not the way she looks, but the fact that we are mother and daughter. I sometimes have to fight back tears when we have a fleeting...

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can someone help me...

My hubby and i are on a break as he is unhappy at the moment and we have 3 young boys all under the age of 4 years old,i am finding it hard being away from him and i am actually...

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My son found my dads magazines

My 13 y/o found my dad's penthouse magazines. I have been told by someone to let him look at it because if I don't he is going to go behind my back and do it anyway. If I let...

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torn in between the two.

when i was pregnant my sons father was so excited, he seemed like he would be the greatest father. my son is now 8 months. we moved out to our own apartment. lately he has...


Bonding troubles

Hello all you wonderful step-moms!! Have an issue i've been dealing with lately. I am a step-mom to two children whom we have full custody of and i raise them along with their...

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What you don't always realize

Like all of you other blessed ladies, I too, have a Wonderful Husband. He's just so amazing in so many ways and I sincerely love him with all my heart. However, like some of...