"Mommy can't have daddy"

Today, for example, she screamed when I tried to lay down next to her and my husband for a nap (we frequently have family naps). She told me daddy is hers. She's three years...


not being allowed to see grandkids

Son and DIL are visiting MI from NC with 4yr, 3yr, and 2yr. grandchildren. Have only seen them a few times--the youngest only once when she was 6 mos. The was almost two years...


bitter teen

I Ieft my husband of 20 years but my 19 year old daughter is still upset that I won't take him back. He is a compulsive cheater and I want better for myself. I often here her...

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Teenagers and sex

We are a Christian family. My 16 year old son has started "going out" with a girl who is sexually active. We have not yet had the birds and bees talk with him, but I feel this...

Started by Lisa on 08/12/2013 in Moms Of Teenagers

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about development of 21 month old

My 21 month old is making less eye contact and also reacting to his name very rare. He love music and sometimes he is trying to make the same sound of running mixer, byk ect but...


Any TIH couples who are just dating not married?

Just made the decision to become a TIH relationship with my boyfriend. I mentioned it to him he spent all day reading about it and Friday night sent me the sweetest email that...

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I wish there was a place that's strictly for interracial couples and have kids to go. Where we wouldn't have to deal with people s negatively comments!!


Help-combative 17 year old

I am a 46 year old woman with no children by choice. I love a 49 year old man with a 17 year old daughter and a 13 year old son he has predominate custody of. We are engaged to...


should i stay or should i go????

My sons father is a alcoholic and I'm scared if I end up staying with him my son will end up being the same way. I've read that alcoholism is in the passed through genetics and...