period 17 days late

me and bf never had sex,but my period is 17 days late..what is this..i m pregnent or not..

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iam a single working woman. I got my daughter directly from the bio mom since she dont like to have another child. She gave me her daughter 1 day after her birth. and i took...


Husband always finds fault

My husband always always criticizes me about everything,I work 2 jobs both part time but still I tend to our daughter and do everything for her,I never ask him for a penny...


what should I do I need help???

100 Hi, my name is Lydia n I also have the same issue my daughter is 6yrs old and since she started to go to school their has been so many ? About her father. What's his name...


my daughter is a narcissist

OK, today is my daughters birthday. She is 34 years old today and it was just recently I discovered she is a narcissist and also a sociopath. I would of never know she was if...


step children vs ex wife

How do I take a Christian good willed approach to dealing with manipulation from my husband's ex and his two teenage children? I am always the one being blamed. So frustrating! !


14 year old daughter, panties

First I am not a woman, but am a widowed father of a 14 year old daughter. It is just the two of us the last 8 years since her mother was murdered. We are doing well and have a...

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Close Birthdays

Do your kids have birthdays close to each other? Hubby and I were talking about another one and one option would result in Jan 1st bday...end of Jan...and Feb 9th. Too close?


father wants custody

my daughters father and i agreed a year ago to one week a month visitation since hes in arkansas and im in indiana. i am only 20 years old, he was suppose to pay 50 a week for...

Started by Alexis on 03/28/2015 in Moms Under 30

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GF Gloats Over BF's Kids More Than Her Own

Is it strange for the live in GF to gloat over and post pictures on social media of her BF kids (never of her own)? Her conversations and plans are always about the BF's kids....


Too much an age difference?

Hi! My daughter is going to be 15 in october and she and this 19 year old have flirted with each other for a long time. I know the boy very well, he is a nice, respectful,...


Stepson is so rude

I have a son with Man and his 10 year old lives with us. His mom rarely picks him up and I never get adult time with my husband. On top of that his son is super rude, plays...

Started by Janis on 06/27/2015 in Stay At Home Moms

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