New Stepmom of Five year old who lives in Canada

Hello my name is Darlena, and I am engaged to my husband to be last year we are getting married in September, but we are practically married. He moved from Canada to come to...

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am i completely bonkers?

am i crazy for having a problem with my husband contacting his ex girlfriends. he gave one of his exes his phone number and few months back after my son was born and she called...


Our girls.(2)

Where do I start? Seperated 3 years due to Ex's addiction to drugs + a mix of other health issues. Mental Health (depression)We have tried cconselling, detox for him, job...


Splitting up

That's right, I wrote splitting up - not to be confused with spitting up. Ayla's daddy is moving out. Ayla's daddy wants to continue caring for Ayla M-F in my home while I...


Mommy, wheres my Daddy?

My 5 year old son is starting to ask about his father, who has be absent since he was 1 year old. i told him that his daddy lived in another country which is true, but I cant...

Started by Amanda on 01/30/2010 in Single Moms

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I am a single mom and my daughter has only met one of my boyfriends that I've had. She got really attached to him. I mean we have been broken up for like 2 yrs and she is still...

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Single Mommy?

Hi all, I'm a single mom just looking for other single moms with the same struggles. I'm just curious to know what you're biggest struggle has been. My son is 19 months old...


lost and confused

I have ten month old with my boyfriend and I love my son but I dont think I love his dad anymore.. Before I started dating his dad I was with this other guy who I did love I...


someone new

my husband and i are getting a divorce we have a 2 yr old daughter.. i met someone new hes a marine hes great hes away in afghan right now he will b home in 1 month and cant...

Started by Amanda on 08/07/2010 in Single Moms

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should i have another child

well im comin 21 next month and i have a wee boy who 16months me and his dad parted before exmas cause we didnt get along living together but we are back together nw but dont...


confused need help please

hi i am a mother of 2 and i am so confused i have a bf but i think im attracted to women i dont know if its a phase or what..i dont want anyone to know but i cant help it i dont...

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men complications

I have a 17th month old and she rarely see's her father. Tomorrow we are going to do a DNA test (we're in the process of child support case) i just found out again that he has...

Started by Meaghan on 09/06/2010 in Single Moms

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