Visitation from Father

I have custody of my son who is 16. The father was not in the childs life for 6 years because of a girlfriend. Now he is single and wants my son all the time. He takes me...

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My 16 year old

Having trouble setting boundaries with 16year old daughter and the 18 year old Boyfriend. Her grades have dropped and he seems to have no educational goals. Need advice on what...



Since I got pregnant with my second child, my hubby and in-law been bugging me to get an abortion done. I was working at the restaurant as a supervisor just to keep myself busy...


Newly divorced mom DROWNING!!!

Help?? I am a divorced mom of three. I was married for 13 years. Dating and friendships have been a disater. Is there a light at the end of this dark lonely tunnel?


New Step mom

I recently married the love of my life. I really want to please him. But I was never spanked as a child. My parents considered it child abuse. Now he wants me to be actively...


Tattooed and Pierced Babysitter

I just wanted to get some opinions on what you ladies think about having a babysitter with piercings and tattoos. My babysitter has a lip piercing and is heavily tattooed but...


Disrespectful daughter

My 13 year daughter started to point out how I look recently. I have been dealing with hair loss for a long time and going through some treatments and having a hard time dealing...

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14 yo daughter hates her step father

I need help. My husband and I have been married for 6 years and together for 8 years. My daughter has no relationship with her bio father for the last 2 years. She loved her...

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Blended Family: Together or torn

I have been re-married for 5 years now (together for 7). I have 3 children of my own from my first marriage. My son age 20, my daughter age 18, and other daughter age 12. My...


What to do about an absent father

I am new to this site. I am the proud mom of two girls, Kianna 10(almost 11) and Alayna 4. My daughters have different fathers and neither father are involved much and both live...