Advice Needed

I'm 15 and I'm 4 months pregnant today. Things have just been crazy the last few weeks. Now that I'm pregnant, my parents will NOT leave me alone. They're constantly bothering...


My Son also

My Son is going to be 28 this month, he is my youngest and I have 2 daughters also. He was so close to me growing up, a momma's boy if you will, and he always gave me the best...


New to ECing

So, I have been trying to do EC with my 3.5 month old for the past few days. I use cloth diapers and have read up on the basics, but any other info about it would be great. I...



Any advice- i'm a single mum at 20 and have a little 18mo son. he's dad decided over a month ago that he didn't want anymore to do with us (after i found out he was seeing some1...

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My husband works out of town and is home on the weekends....has been this way for most of our marriage....looking forward to connecting with other mom's who deal with everyday...


Any struggles?

Hello! My name is Tina and my stepson is 7 years old with ADHD. Any problems with accidents in the pants and sudden rage?


looking for help

need all the help i can get from mother who are going threw or who have already been there with a young child with AD/HD



Hi everyone i'm new here and just need to vent. my situation is prolly not as bad as some of yours but i still need some help. My husband drives for a living and is gone 6 out...


coping without dad

i am a single mom of a 4 year old girl and a 12 year old boy my ons dad passed away 2 years ago and i left my daughters dad because we were having relationship problems i...

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In the beginning....

I noticed there were no Canadian groups so I decided to start one. Even though I called it a Vancouver site, I hope mums from other communities around BC will join us. Or if you...


ADHD, and your marriage

Having a child with ADHD puts a strain on my marriage. Since my child won't sleep alone intamancy is gone. How do other couples deal with such demanding children? All our...