Full custody

I am a full time working mom. The father is an actor so basically unemployed. He is a good dad, but does not want to pay child support. We were never married. Is it possible for...


issue with child's last name

I had 2 kids for my ex husband and they both have his last me recently met I guy but the relationship did not work so we broke up but shortly after this I discover am pregnant...

Started by Remmy on 07/01/2014 in Single Moms

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Hi Y'all!!! So we just separated the military and my husband heads to Shreveport for Conductor training this weekend!! I am used to him being gone, since we were military but...


I when to understand something.

Hi, I am Lovette am in a relationship this guy love me very much and I do love him too,he has a six(6) years old daughter when ever she come to spend some time with us she act...


Stay home mom, or stuck at home mom?

My son is 4 months old and I just moved to San Jose, CA. My boyfriend uses our car to go to work, so I'm stuck at home all the time with no friends and no car. It gets pretty...



For five years I have suffered through an angry spouse . Constantly walking around on egg shells. Three weeks ago we got into a heated discussion and he went off and said he...


Behavioral issues!

Hello Moms! My name is Abigail and I have three children Braden 5, Charliegh 4, and Ethan about to be 2. My husband and I split last August 1st, and moved out of our home into...

Started by Abigail on 06/12/2009 in Kids Born In 2004

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My getting along with BM hard on Dad!

Rare instance for sure.... BM and I get along really great. (We had many problems in the begining) Now we are like BFF's! lmao However, in the begining, Daddy wanted us to...

Started by Ericka on 07/02/2009 in Step Moms

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A little inspiration!

I think that all teenage moms need to hear what I heard when I got pregnant at 15. My doctor told me "This is not a road block, This is only a speed bump". I will never forget...


I love my step daughter but...

Hi Can anybody help please. My step daughter has just gone 13, she is a lovely girl who is no trouble. She works hard at school and is good at ours so whats my problem hey I...

Started by Sue on 12/06/2009 in Step Moms

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That's just how it is huh!

Hi, I'm a mother of two little boys and doing it alone too as most of you are. I work sometimes full time hours and go to school four days a week. I'm often tired from both and...


i am over no help

I have a nearly 3 year old girl and for the last week and half she has had a bad chest infection, a week ago i got it too and we have been so sick, she is getting better but i...

Started by Katherine on 04/01/2010 in Want To Vent?

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Wanting another baby

What happens when i want another baby and my husband doesn't.How to i deal with the anger? He was married to another woman and gave her two boys,but after we got married and i...

Started by Sandy on 04/13/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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