Hi Everyone.

I am new here and thought I would just put out there that I am a newly single mom. My husband cheated on me in July 07 and then 2 months later told me he had made a mistake....

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Gender Disappointment

We just found out yesterday that we are having our 2nd daughter. My husband cannot hide his disappointment. He really really wanted a boy to share boy things with like sports,...

Started by Susie on 01/10/2009 in May 2009 Baby

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Un-Weaning and Tandem Nursing

I'm curious to know whether anyone else has gone through the wonderful and challenging experience of having an un-weaned toddler once baby number two arrives. I had planned...


Scorpio Babies!

I was told when I was pregnant with Catie, that Scorpio children are some of the hardest to raise. My little pixie is VERY strong-willed and stubborn. I wonder if other Moms of...


am truly thinking of divorce

i feel i am living with a stranger and i am not happy at all, nor my husband is, i am truly thinking of getting a divorce, it is so hard but i am considering it as an option. we...


Advice on telling children about divorce

My husband and I have decided to divorce and he is moving out the end of month. I am looking for advice on breaking news to my children, ages 4 and 6. Thanks - Tana

Started by Tana on 02/19/2009 in Divorced Moms

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My son doesn't have a care in the world!

My 16 year old son is ADHD, a incredible athlete and is struggling in school. He has been on the verge of not being eligible for Sports twice and has squeaked by both times....

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Hi all! I'm a mom in school and I have to write an opinion essay. I'm doing it on co-sleeping. I just wondered what other mom's thought about it?

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Separating parents with two babies

I have a six month old and a two year old and I am now separating with their father. He is an alcoholic and gets verbally abusive and doesn't want to quit his drinking or his...

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Time in between

Hello ladies I was just wondering how long you had waited until considering having another baby. Or if you have more than one munchkin, how many months/ years are in-between...

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my babies daddy :(

i just turned 17 last november and just had a baby girl in January all throughout my pregnancy my bf was amazing rubbing my back and doing everything possible to make me...


Breast Pumps and Early Bottles of EBM

Okay, so I'm going to try breastfeeding again. This time, I hope it works better than last time. And I want to get a decent pump, but because of our financial situation and the...


should partner be allowed to disipline my kids

This has been "THE" major stumbling block between my new partner and I ( the father of my 10 month old baby). He wants the traditional role of the "head" of the household, which...

Started by Jacky on 03/25/2009 in Stepdads

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New Member

Hi my name is Jennifer. I lost my sweet angel Breana June 5, 2008. She was only 2yrs old. By far this is the hardest thing I have ever gone through! I dont think i have let...