Help Pleasee <\3

So my boyfriends mothers doesnt like me , and she likes my boyfriend ex girlfriend . So every party they make she has to go and i hate her so mucch i dont know what to do...


Becoming a Mother at 19

Hi Everyone, I am expecting a child at the 19. I got into a relationship with the father of my child, we've had some ups & downs, but once I found out I was 7 weeks...


Non custodial mums

I feel devastated that my 16 yr old son chose to live with his father in the family home, and never stays over with me . Anyone else going through this? I feel like my hearts...


Need advice please....

Quick version... Newly married, almost a yr. Have 1 daughter from previous relationship. She doesn't know her dad. We have 1 daughter together. Hubby and oldest daughter do...


I'm "Their" Mom.

I am a young mom of 25, and I have two beautiful boys. Judah is almost three, and Zachary is about five months now. I have loved being a stay at home mom for my Son Judah,...



What are YOUR thoughts on the subject?

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Single mom

I am a single mom of three who is 37 weeks pregnant and looking for advice and knowledge from wiser moms.



Hi, my youngest is now 4 months and i have decided to wean him, i bf my eldest till he was 8mnths but with my second he was born early and wasn't putting on weight or sleeping...


Irritated and need some advice

So whenever I got out I have to take my baby with me, which I don't mind her company but when my boyfriend goes out he automatically assumes I'm going to stay home with the...

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Stepdaughter wont sleep in her bed....

Hi Ladies, Im having some issues here w/my boyfriend's daughter. We have been together for 3yrs now and his daughter use to be loving and sweet to me but a since this past...

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help please? advice

i am going through a pretty crazy divorce. we have been seperated for 9 months. he keeps going back and forth on being nice and being a jerk. i really dont want the marriage to...


Dealing with an Angry Teenage Step-Son

I have helped my husband of almost ten years raise his now 14 year old son. We lived together for 2 years before we got married. So, basically I started raising his son at age...

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