Do I have reason to be worried??

It's necessary first to explain the kind of person my boyfriend is. I have two toddler daughters from a previous relationship, and we live with my boyfriend and his family. I've...


Angry SD

I am the stepmother of 3 children (2sd and 1ss). I get along wonderfully with the youngest sd who is 8 and the ss who is 11. However, from the time that I started dating my...

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just need advice and support

i haven't filed for anything yet, but it seems like its going to me my next move.... so here's my story (i'm using posts i've made other places so i don't have to re type it...

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My Story...please read

Hi everybody I am new to the site. My name is Brittney, Im 19 years old & I have a 3 month old baby boy named Santana. Lately alot has been happening in my life & my depression...

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How to deal with meddling granny?

My husband and I fell on hard times recently, and lost our home about a month after my son was born. My father and his wife were nice enough to take us in. I used to get along...

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Denying a Disability

I've posted this story once with little feedback.... Please know this is a cry for help, I'm scared for this child's future. This is destroying our relationship and ultimately...


Step brothers with big problems.

My 10 year old son and my 8 year old son have a huge love/hate relationship! The 10 year old is mine and the 8 year old is my husband's. They both live with us. My step son has...


New Single Moms

My partner of 3 years and I just split. My son is only 3 & a half months old and I guess Im worried that I may not find someone who will be able to accept my son and me. I would...

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No ones the B*tch -- Book

I have a couple of friends who share the same ex-husband. Of course not from the same time. One was from 10 years ago, and one is from now. They went back and forth for so long,...

Started by Catrina on 09/18/2009 in Step Moms

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Finalization of Adoption

Hello. On Wednesday the 18th, the adoption of my 7 month old son will be final. I would like to get him something as a keepsake that he will always have to remember this day...


Is there something that i'm not understanding

So here's the story... Me and my guy friend has now made it official to become a couple but the only problem i have is that it is unclear about the relationship he has with his...

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My husband is getting ready to come home after a year long deployment to Iraq. We have to kids a 2 yr old son and a 4 month old daughter. For some reason I am becoming very...