Rice Kirspy treats with a twist

Melt 4 Milky way bars with a 1/2 cup of butter remove from heat, mix in 2 cups of rice krispie, prad in 8x8 greased pan. spread 1 cup chocolate chips on top, put under boiler...


Easter Treats

1) Put rice krispies in a bowl 2) Add just enough golden syrup to make the rice krispies stick together 3) Melt the chocolate in the microwave 4) Put the chocolate in the...


Rice Crispies

Someone suggested I give my child rice crispy treats as a snack but when I looked. rice crispies had malt flavoring in them. I am correct she cannot have them if they have malt...



Hi! I'm Annie. My daughter Jasmine started preK at a new school. Parents were asked to sign up for a snack day. Her old school requested everything be store but but this school...


Peanut free cookies and squares

Hi everyone....I have to bake peanut free cookies or squares for school . We are having a fundraiser and all the money goes to Parkinson's Disease. Can anyone help??? Thanks in...


How can daycare be easier?

I find it so hard to have to prepare and bring there meals and snacks everyday. Has anyone found a way to make this a little easier?


What are some fun snack/appetizer recipes?

So I have One... "Sushi" - it's a fun one I like to put out when I am entertaining my adult friends and the kids want to feel included Mold a chunk of a Rice Krispies Treat so...