Childs father threat for full custody??? Help???

Ive been in this relationship with my son's father for almost 10 years. Our son is 5 years old and has a great relationship with his dad. I purchased a home when our son was 6...

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Overbearing grandparents

First let me start by saying I love my parents and am incredibly lucky that they are so supportive and loving. I have a 16 month old daughter, both myself and my husband work...


Day Care Dilemma

My baby is six weeks old and starting day care this week which has been VERY difficult on me, but to make matters worse the day care that I selected has already started to give...


How do you tell a 2 year old?

So I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions...I had to put my 7 year old dog to sleep on Friday and I am really upset about it. My daughter asked for her (the dog) twice on...



does anyone know what the earliest age is that you can detect if your child has ADHD? my son is soooooo extremely wiggly (moreso than any other baby I've seen) & can't focus on...

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Jaw Dropper

Hello all. Looking to see if anyone has been in this situation before and maybe has some insight. My SS turns 16 on Aug. 8. The plan was to give him my husband's Dodge Ram...

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New mom needing help!

Okay, so I'm sure I've done this to myself, but my daughter, 7 months old, will NOT play by herself! I was just sitting in the room behind her while she played, doing nothing...


Seeking imediate help Custody Battle

Recently i am going through a Custody Battle At the time me and my boyfriend had broke up and i had no income so i thought it would be best that my son lived with his father...


venting about sil

I'm really just venting but any advice is welcome. My boyfriends family and I are very close I love them as much as my own family. His parents have been nothing but amazing to...

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General ed vs special ed.

My son is 8 and in third grade. He was recently diagnosed with aspergers... experiences some adhd symptoms, anxiety Yesterday we met with an educational advocate who went...