I have twins obviously :) One boy and one Girl they are 7 months old now and for a while were sleeping great! Would go to bed by 9:00 and sleep till 4:00-5:00am, but now for...

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Tips for who should watch my baby after its born?

I am a new expecting mom, and after my maternity leave is up I am going to have to go back to work! I dont live close enough to family and I am scared to put my baby in Daycare...

Started by Dawn on 05/23/2011 in Working Moms

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hi I am new

Hello ladies I did this once already and it disappeared so lets try again. I am a mother of two beautiful children Jordyn 5 years old tomorrow and Grayden 2 years Old. My son...


What's going on with my son??

My son turned 5 on September 19 and as soon as his birthday passed, a major 360 happened to my son! I got calls from his daycare almost everyday stating he was hitting kids,...


RANT: Hand, Foot and Mouth disease

I'm SO ANOYED because my kiddos got the hand,, foot and mouth disease. I'm a military wife and I use hourly care weekly. I'm ptretty sure that's where they got it from. I have...


Big boobs, small waist

Hey there, I am 24, I have a size 10 (British sizes) waist and wear a 30G bra. After 6 years of marriage and two children I have decided it's definitely time to bring...


10 reasons why you should get a dog lol!

Last week, I wrote about the ways puppies are harder than kids. I was called deplorable, sick, and vicious ... among other things. Yikes, people! Well, even for me, having a...


Picking a name for my son

Hello! I am having the hardest time deciding on a name for my son. My husband and I cannot agree on anything. I want a name that has a christian, biblical meaning. So when my...


Nightime potty training a 2 year old

I started my 2 year old son's potty training when he was 16 months old. He hs done very well, and caught on quickly. However, he is still in pull-ups at night. I have not...

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May 2009 Baby girl

Hello to all my fellow mothers who are pretty much living the same life as me right now!! My name is Danielle and I was blessed with a beautiful healthy baby girl on May 29,...

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getting baby to sleep

Just in the past week or 2 I have been able to get my baby to sleep by laying him down in his crib awake, but at night only. For naps I can lay him in his crib and he will play...

Started by Stephanie on 09/16/2009 in April 2009 Babies

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Re: IEP headaches

I have two children that are in special ed. Both are high functioning in verbal vocabulary but they are both at different academic levels. They are now in middle school, but the...