13 yr old eating habits

I am not Mom, but Grandmother to many however today's problem is 13 yr old grandson. Background: My son and wife had 3 kids in their house, 7 and 13 yr old daughters, 10 yr son....

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Does my child have Aspergers?

I have a ten year old daughter who is extremely intelligent and functioning at a very high level academically, however, socially she struggles immensely. She doesn't seem to...


Belittling @$$ husband

My husband is a good man, I promise, even though I make him out as a jerk on here.....but it is a venting board, so I guess that is bound to happen. Anyway, we've been having...



I am 13w5d pregnant with my second child, I had a miscarriage in dec 2009 so I am very worried about this pregnancy because at first I had a little bump above my pelvic bone but...

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Ok really

I can't believe how mean and rude some kids are these days. Okay I probably can but I'm still seething about what happened today. I took my two year old daughter to a play...

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Explain recovery to me please...

I am a mom with a almost 2 year old with Autism, who has been working in special education for 10 years and have been trained in ABA therapy. I have always believed Autism to be...


Fussy 2 year old

I have a boy that was 2 in november. Since I started him on solid food at 6 months he has not eaten anything much thats good for him. IF he eats He will eat toast for breakfast,...

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first vacation without kids

my husband and i are going away for our 5th anniversary. we are leaving our children 3 1/2 and 21 months with their grandparents. as the time nears for us to leave, i'm...

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Who Am I????

Any of you mommies feel like you have kind of lost yourself through all the craziness of parenthood and/or marrieage??? I have been feeling lost. I find myself asking , who am I...

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is home schooling helpfil!

hi i need some help big time my 14yr oldson is bein diagnosed with asd and finds school a nitemare and school are not helping wit the situation and make him do things he is not...


potty training stress

My daughter will be 2 aug 26. This past monday we started for real potty training. i threw out all diapers and just put panties on her. She is doing great, wakes up everyday...

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Hello Everyone

My name is Maggie. I am a single mommy of two wonderful boys. Gavin is 3 years old and Owen is 2 years old. Owen was just diagnosed with having Autism in February. Everyday...


Reflux and eating

My LO will be 2 months on Wednesday & was diagnosed with reflux a month ago. He is on zantac, alimentum formula & we were just made to add a teaspoon of cereal to his bottles to...


death of my 3.5 yr old grandson

I'm not sure if this is where i belong. My grandson drowned on Aug 21, 2012. I will always hate that date. We were very close, had a very special bond. My family is...