Cindy McCain supports gay marraige

This surprised the hell out of me! http://news.yahoo.com/s/ynews/ynews_ts1066 Cindy McCain comes out for gay marriage, poses for anti-Prop 8 ad Throughout his career, Sen....


A lil different than most!!

Ok I know the title is a little eye catching I guess thats why I put it. Just a little tear jerker in the beginning I am writting this on hear because for the past few months...

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Is this an ASD?

I taught special education before my son, Kohen, was born and I am afraid I am either projecting on him or oblivious because he is my son. In my defense, I never worked with...


is this normal to feel like this

my son was born 6 weeks early,he is my 3rd son i had him by emergency c section i have had 3 of them all ways seems to be some thing wong,because he was so ill and i nearly lost...


odd birthng experiance

hi my name is marina and im 18 on dec 2 i had my little girl. she wasnt due until dec26. on dec 2 i had a doc appt to get the group b strep test and i waited in the waiting...



I am not a mum but a dad, i have a four year old daughter that stays with me,my partner and our 7 month old son every other weekend ....She has started to tell her mum (my ex)...

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Advice Please.

Okay so I have 2 concerns. My apologies if I should have started two conversations to cover them. The first one. My son was born August 27 of 2010. He weighed 8'1. That was a...

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Problems with my sister- need advice!

This isnt a post for stay at home moms exactly, but it is a question about choices while being a Mom. Im hoping someone can offer some advice. Ill apologize in advance if this...

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Bad Behavior

My son Caiden who was born July 26, 2007 has really bad behavioral problems. He keeps spitting, saying bad words, and just not listening at all. Putting him in the corner or...

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The Super dad that is a Super let down

Hey ladies I am so confused on what to do! My daughter is 6 and see her dad as the best thing in the world to her but he also lets her down so often. It hurts me inside to think...

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