To celebrate the end of summer, I suggested to my hubby that we take my SS (8) and our son (1 1/2) on a little vacation. So we went to Hershey, PA for 3 days over the weekend....

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28 weeks pregnant waters broken

now 29+3 on bedrest at home no labour so ar anyone else had this ? so worried about being a premmie mum with 2 chldren already at home i also lost one son 8 yrs ago


naps go bye bye

My 7 month old this week all of a sudden decided to stop napping? He has always had no problem taking 3-ish naps a day. Now, he seems tired, so I put him down...but he wont...


How can I help my son?

My son Austin is having a really hard time. My husband and I filled out a parent survey test for him for Aspergers. The doctor said he is positive for Aspergers. Austin...


How Can A Mother Just Forget About Her Kid???

my SD is 4 years old. we have had full custody of her for 8 months now. the judge ordered that the BM does not have even visits..because of her smoking weed. shes just a fuck up...

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baby not falling asleep on his own

hiya, im not sure if im doing this right, im trying to get my almost 7 month old boy to fall asleep on his own or self sooth when he wakes but its not working. ive tried leaving...

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i need some prayers, please

okay...heres the deal. i lost my job at the beginning of the year. i was granted unemployment due to the circumstances, and we were doing ok. my fiancee has been looking for...

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What's your timeline?

Hello ladies, SO, most recently, my issue (and for once, it's not a negative issue, just more of a reflective/contemplative one... Thank the Lord!) is my son asserting his...

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My 5 year old is driving me INSANE!

I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right category or topic or whatever but please, someone give me some advice. I am at my wits end! My 5 year old daughter is a terror....



Any ideas on how to get my 6 year old daughter to stop bossing without squelching her natural leadership abilities?

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I'm looking for a nice playgroup for my 21 month old boy. Even if it's only once a week. I want him to play with other children of more or less his age. And I think it's a great...

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18 month addicted to swing

My daughter is 18 months and loves to fall asleep in her swing every night.........it barely even moves but she like it-there hasnt been any other way besides holding her in my...

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I am 19 and have an 8 week old baby boy called Mason, he is now eating 4oz every2 and a hlf hours, he wont go 3 hours or more during the day but he will sleep 5 hours at night,...


No vegetables Please!!

My three year old son will not eat any vegetable that is green. No green beans, peas, peppers, brocolli, nothing... does anyone have any good ideas what I can do that will get...

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Potty Training

My son will be 3 in July and he is completely potty trained when it comes to peeing, but i cant seem to get him to go poopy in the potty. If he goes in the potty today he will...

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Sleeping troubles

My little one is 4 and a half months.He was going through the night from 6 weeks old,but just recently he is waking two or more times a night for a feed.He has plenty through...