I am not a mum but a dad, i have a four year old daughter that stays with me,my partner and our 7 month old son every other weekend ....She has started to tell her mum (my ex)...

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Normal or Nuts??

Hope I can make this shorter than a novel. My husband and I have been married a little over 4 yrs. My 2nd, his first marriage. We are 46 (me) and 50 (him). I have always...

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had to share this w/ all of you...

My name is Desiree & I did not write this but it touched me very deeply because I am 20 years old & my daughter is 14 months now and goes through the same thing. A disease call...


back talking

I have a six year old son who loves to back talk. I have explained to him what he is doing and that it isn't nice, I have grounded him, I have put soap in his mouth and he stil...

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Young Single Mom of a Teenage Daughter

Wow, just the title of my post is scary! Young mom. Single mom. Mom of a teenage GIRL! Every milestone that happens by I am learning to be a mom all over again. She's like a...

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Hi everyone Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. My name is Danni and I had my beautiful baby girl on the 5th of September. I look forward to sharing information...


3 yrs old visitation schedule???

I have been divorced for 5 months and still continue to struggle with what is best with his father. Curious what others are doing. His father insists on not going more than 2-3...

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The Super dad that is a Super let down

Hey ladies I am so confused on what to do! My daughter is 6 and see her dad as the best thing in the world to her but he also lets her down so often. It hurts me inside to think...

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grandma of adhd grandson

Hello, My son has adhd and is very very active. Recently started meds (unsure of name) and has slowed down a bit. But what a handful for my daughter. He is almost 7 years old...


From 9/11 to Fort Hood

Great article by Andrew Sullivan in The Atlantic...I'm really interested to know all of your thoughts on this....


Forgetting your pregnant?

Does anyone else forget Dr. Appointments or the fact that your pregnant? It seems like lately (im 27 weeks) I keep forgetting that im pregnant! I try to lift things I shouldn't...


Ok gunna lose it!!

So I am going to go crazy!! My 11 YO just won't stop he's being destructive twards the house, he lies, and fights with his little sister. he goes off on pity partys and he...

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I have stayed at home for 14 yrs now with the kids and now all of them are in school so I was telling hubbie I was thinking about going back to work. He got mad and said that my...

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