Right breast pain

Hey Everyone, About two days ago, my right breast suddently began to feel so sore/painful that I can't imagine nursing. Its not just the nipple, but the entire breast, 360...

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hi my name is sherry i have a daughter angelena 7 years..and she has selective mutism. i got a mess going on right now, with my family. it all started on mothers day and ended...



So anyways like the subject title says RANDOM VENT!!!! Just want to get it off my chest as if I say anything to the people involved it would just cause unneccesary drama. It...


Germs, Viruses, & Baby

Oh, NO!! I think I'm getting a major cold or even worst. . . the Flu! I get it every fall/winter expect when i was pregnant. Unfortunatly, my partner and I do not live in the...

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No help from dad

My Baby Daddy won't help me cause i don't want to be with him. Should I let it go or try?

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3 year old doesn't have a dad......

My daughter is 3 years old, she had 3 brothers, one of them died at the hands of their father. He was a child abuse victim an their father is on his way to prison for our son's...

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have a 5m old n found out im pregnant again

i just finished being pregnant and getting used to bein a single mom of one and now im about to have another one? baby daddy already starting on his bull bc he was cheating and...

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Is it me??

Hi, I'm Kassie and i broke up with my child's father about 2 months ago. Brief story, we were together 2 years and i found out that he was cheating and cut it off immediately. I...

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My 3 yr boy is so defiant! I am at wits end...

I have 3 boys and our middle child Jackson just doesn't seem to be coming out of his 2 yr old tantrums. Overall, he is much more of an emotional child than our other 2 boys but...

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Need advise:)

Hey everyone:) I have 2 kids my daughter who is almost 6 and a son who will be 4 this summer. Im pregnant with my 3rd baby due around december 2nd and i dont know what it is...

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putting my son into daycare

my little guy is 2 and i have been a stay at home mom for the last 2 years and im trying to find a daycare to put him into i wanted to know what are some of the questions i...


potty training

hi can anyone give me any tips on potty training my two year old girl have her out of nappies two weeks now and she has no problems sitting on toilet but she just wont do any...


prefers daady?

I would say my husband and i are home equal times with our 9 month old daughter but she likes him more! he has WAY more patience with her. The first 4 months i was home with her...


Newbie to the board

Hi! I've been looking for a spot like this. I'm 30 and have one daughter, 27mo old. While we thought we'd have two kids when we first married, after having her we've decided...