Liquids consumed?

I would just like to hear from other moms how much liquids their babies are / was consuming at 15 months? At this stage my baby girl gets 500ml milk (parmalat growth milk...



Hi all..cant sleep so decided to sit on the front porch and listen to the frogs....you see it is the same spot i sat the night I came home ..leaving my beloved Tobys body behind...


Working through verbal apraxia

Hello, my daughter is almost 5, she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at 14 mths, and autism and verbal apraxia at 21/2. She is enrolled in a great school that offers ABA, we...


Bedtime Wetter

I have a 4 year old son who has been potty trained for a year but i still have to buy pullups because he wets the bed at night what can i do to prevent him from peeing at night?...

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unsettled after final night breasfeed

Please help!!! My little girl who is 6 months is breastfed and on average. only feeds for around 15 mins both breast. At my maternal health appointment, i was told she is an...

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Twins will be 4 in August, still not potty trained

They will pee most of the time, but have at least one accident per day. As for poop, they will do everything they can to avoid it, including hiding. Here is what I tried:...

Started by Carrie on 04/14/2011 in Toddlers

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court, frustrated, rescheduled

My Husband and I filed papers two weeks ago charging bm with contempt. She hadn't had an overnight in 14 months, and last visit (daytime) was 9 months ago. She tried to get...

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Baby refusing breast?

I posted in 'After Pregnancy' as well, another mom said this would be a great place to post as well... I just went back to work after maternity leave so I haven't been able to...

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2nd baby???

I always thought I wanted a big family. I have always loved children. I knew I was meant to be a mother and wanted it more than anything. My daughter is now 2.5 and she is my...

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