two vessel umbilical cord

I had my 20 week ultra scan earlier this week and came to find out that my baby's umbilical cord has two vessels as apposed to three..I am a first time mom, and this kinda...

Started by Jillian on 05/11/2012 in Expecting

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pull out method?

In all honesty, I'm 16. I had sex for the first time, and like an idiot I went without protection. Instead we used the "pull out" method. Twice in one night to be exact. Its...


Anyone adopting from Russia?

My husband and I are in the process of adopting from Pskov, Russia. I was wondering if there were any other moms out there who have adopted from Russia and might be willing to...


Child Support Issues

I'll try to be succinct. The father of my two kids is court-ordered to pay child support in the pathetic amount of $32/wk. He hasn't had a legit job in over a year, so child...

Started by Amanda on 06/17/2011 in Moms Under 30

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How to help our family

Hey, Me again seems like I live on this thing of late. Well still having a hell of a time with my 15 year old step daughter. She's unbelievable her lieing is uncontrollable and...

Started by Leesa on 08/25/2013 in Step Parenting

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introduce yourselves!

Hey girls, let's get to know eachother better. Post your introductions here to become a part of the fam! I am a SAHM who is dangerously close to 40 years old (maybe we...


Talking to God?

Hello Christian mommies :) I wrote a couple days ago that I have been having trouble letting go and letting God...I feel like I'm finally moving in the right direction towards...

Started by Audrey on 08/30/2009 in Christian Moms

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military discount

A little background on me first, my husband is air national guard full time which means it is his 5 day [sometimes 7 day] a week job. He is not classified active duty even...


11 month old twins and fighting

My twin boys are night and day in personality (which I totally expected anyways) but one twin is soooooo mean! One minute he is sweet as can be and the next he is pushing his...

Started by Terra on 09/09/2009 in Twins

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Hide and seek is dangerous for Toddlers

This past week, 4-year-old Bryce McCraken of Missouri went missing while playing hide-and-seek. More than 250 people searched for 12 hours, before he was finally found around 11...

Started by Katherine on 03/28/2011 in Stay At Home Moms

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Need some advice for my son.

my 3 year old son was assaulted by our babysitter just over 2 months ago, he suffered 2nd &3rd degree burns to over 30% of his tiny body, THANKFULLY he is healing amazingly...