Teen Bullying and Suicide: Phoebe's Legacy

The utter despair that the parents of Phoebe Prince must feel, makes me weak in the knees. Phoebe was a 15 year-old teen girl who was so viciously harassed by a group of her...

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Bad attitude.

I have only one child. She is four going on five and is set to start kindergarten in August. She is very bright, or so I think. She recognizes all letters, writes all letters...


ex trying to go for full custody.

My ex is trying to get full custody of our 2 kids (3 year old son with autism and epilepsy and 9 month old daughter.) Right now he has visitation every other saturday and...


single mum, studying, just barely coping

i have an 8 yr old boy & have been on & off with his dad for most of it- off for the last 3 yrs!! woo hoo im studying full time at uni in my 3rd yr & have only just given up...

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Won't eat finger foods or stage 3 baby food!

Owen is 8mo 3 weeks. He is crawling and has 8 teeth already. He has mastered a sippy cup. He has his pincer grasp down pat. He won't touch or pick up anything I put on his tray....

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Potty training

My now two year old (who is my first) was very excited to start potty training at about 18mons. But I had to hold off because her daycare wasn't going to cooperate at that time...


almost at 12 week mark

I cant believe time has gone so quickly, mind you being kept so busy with a toddler and other things that tends to happen, anyway I'm having my 12 week scan tommorrow cant wait....


Georgia People

Ok. So im a young mother. Im out of work right now and when I go back I will only be working 2 days a week. My husband is a workaholic...and works 50 plus hours a week. I am in...


How long does your floor stay clean?

Mine does on average about an hour after I washed it, then something gets spilt on it and thats the end of that. I remember the days bc when it used to stay clean for days....o...


Obstinence and Unexplained Crying

My 4 year old (almost 5) daughter is the most obtinate child I've ever seen! She will do things that she's told not to do with a sly look on her face while she looks at you...


2nd surgry

my son carl is having the 2nd surgry on the 27th of this month. he will be having the plate done this time around. anything that i should ask the dr when he goes for the pre op....


nurses well at night but not as much during the day

My nine month old baby has always nursed well. She would nurse for hours at a time and often still does at night. Most of the time this is just fine and I can sleep through...

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islamic upbringing in western country

Iam interested to hear what other mothers do for themselves and with their children to keep their children aware of god (Allahswt swt) and the practices of islam, especially...