How can you tell if a baby is starting to teeth? Also how young can babies start to teeth?

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Waking up in the night = getting ready to walk

I read an article on a newsletter i get from Pampers the other day stating that often when a baby is getting ready to start walking they can start waking up in the night every 4...

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Constipated little girl

My daughter is 6 months and for the past 3 months or so she has been soo constipated. It takes me giving her Karo syrup, fruits and juice for her to go poo. Does anyone have any...

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how long

gday everyone just wondering does anyone know how long it can take a 7mth old baby girl to take to the bottle properly after been made to go cold turkey for medical reasons...



My son Kobe who is 9 hits, pinches, bites and pulls mine and my daughters hair....all while im driving! I drive a Ford Escape so not much room to seperate us all from each...


I am worried about the H1N1 shot..

Is anyone else worried about this shot?? I have an 8yr old daughter with Asthma and am very concerned w/this... Please give me any suggestions or advice.. Thanks in advance, Penny

Started by Penny on 10/06/2009 in Work At Home Moms

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Good Time or Not ?

My son is 18 months old now, and my Husband and I know we want more kids I just don't know if it's smart to start trying again now. I was thinking of starting again when...

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helping baby walk.

I have an almost 11month old son who really wants to start walking by himself but jus wont take the step. he pulls hmself up on to the furniture and lets go and stands byhimself...

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breastfed baby toots

My baby is exclusively breast fed. He has always been spitty uppy, burpy and SUPER gassy. Last week his bowels changed, and he went 3 days with out pooping. I was super...

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How to get out at nights.

My 9 year old daughter (youngest OF 2) hates me going out at nights will stay at home with dad at a push, but if we go out together all hell breaks out. She will start crying...

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2year old spitting

my 2yr old son calvin is always spitting i was mortified wen he spit in2my mother inlaws cup of tea the other day we cant feed r cat in the kitchen coz he spits in the cats bowl...


My life as a teen mom

Hi I'm Kayla and I'm a teen mom and I love my daugther to death. Yes it is hard to be a young mother but don't give up just because you are a mommy. I'm a senior in High school...


When Did You Start Supplementing?

Just curious at what age you went from straight bf, to adding supplements. What did you supplement with? Cant wait to hear all of your responses! Thanks

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Baby refuses dummy (pacifier)

Hi all, on the advice of hospital staff I didn't offer my daughter a dummy (pacifier) until she was about 4 weeks. By this time she had no interest in at all (knows that Mummy...


Going back to work

Well, I'm heading back into work tomorrow. Maternity leave is over. I'm happy the time I got to have with my son (almost 3 months), but he is now going to daycare full time...

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Speech Delay

Guys my first born is 5 years old , he had speech delay..He has improved just a liitle bit but Im worried ,next year he must start pre school..Im worried how he gonna cope...

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