hello, just joined

Hi there, i,m 42, and on my own with a very active 7 year old boy; he wears me out!!! Anybody else out there in same situation?

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Grunting and Groaning noises are driving me crazy!

I am second time mom and this never happened with my now 2 1/2 yr old son. Me daughter makes this horrible grunting/groaning noises when she is asleep on her back (crib/car...

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sleeping problems

My daughter is eight, and has a problem sleeping. We have tried everything... but it doesn't matter, whatever we do she will not fall asleep before 21.30 - 10.00. Not good...

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what can i do about Cradle Cap for my 4month old.

My 4month old almost 5 months, has cradle cap. but the doctor tells me to use hydrocortizone but that stuff dyes the skins. so i have been using neosporin and baby oil. are...

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Hello Ladie's, Well my dr just told us that my daughter has REFLUX. She has gas drops that she was taking but it made it so much worse (gas wise) and now they have...

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Solids at 3months?

My 3months old Daughter has asthma and alot of flem on her chest, The doctor recommened cutting down milk abit, she just had carrot for dinner and has a small amount of farex in...

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One Year Old Wont Sleep

My One Year Old Daughter Wont Go To Sleep. Its Just After Midnight Here... Shes Been Fed, Changed, Had A Drink, Orajel For Her Teeth, Mylicon For Her Gassy-ness and Cuddled...


Should his belly button be leaking still?

My son's umbilical cord came off when he was 10 days old. It leaked yellowy brown liquid which the health visitor said was normal. He's now 4 weeks old and it's still leaking....

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sleeping because of a growth spirt?

My three month old daughter has been very sleepy for the last two days. She has slept deep for about five hours, both days. She is still eating very well, no more than usual,...

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My little guy has no interest in talking

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to encourage my little guy to start using real words? He's 13 months and can say 'mama' and 'dada', and he understands so much of what...

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1st birthday?

We are having a 1st birthday party for our daughter. We invited family and friends (which all happen to be adults). I'm not sure what you do at a 1st birthday party with just...


Boy 'J' names?

So, my hubby and I may have finally picked a boys name that we both agree on: Thierry (for any of you who have read the Night World Series by LJ Smith, the name is from Thierry...

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Taking off her Nappy!!

So my DD has just started taking off her nappy mostly when she is in bed. We were using Bumgenuis and I think they were too small so she is now in prefolds with hook and loop...


more kids, but is it the right time?

my husband and i want one more child close to our daughters age. shes 6 months old. but we want to be ready money wise. i know no one is ever ready money wise for a baby, but we...


My babies will not take a bottle.

I have been breastfeeding my girls since they were born. I was giving them a bottle of expressed milk once in awhile. I haven't gave them a bottle for awhile now. When I...

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