What iis PERFECT

Ladies, The only answer to this question is the LORD... I have been hearing from a few of my friends and a some women in this circle that they are dismayed by there...

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child support and custody...

My husband is paying child support when we have AND dont have my ss. I think this is annoying and just plain wrong. especially since we have Joint custody of Jayson (3 months on...

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Whats Wrong

My husband and I lately have been questioning what is wrong with the world now a days? One of our frustrations is marriage. Why dosn't the world promote marriage? When did that...


Let's Get Moving

Our Community Wellness Team is working in the Bronx to help adults & children "Get Moving". I am reading the White House report on childhood obesity & how my team can help...

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What to look for?

My husband and me have been looking at travel system strollers, and we try to look at ratings, but some strollers are newer, and people haven't bought them yet, or there are bad...


6 year old

My 6 year old son has ADHD, PHONOLOGICAL DISORDER AND EXPESSIVE RECEPTIVE DISORDER. He is quite a handful at time anyone got any ideas of things to do with him to keep his...


Anybody with a child older than six.

My son is the youngest in his classroom. He is in second grade and just turned 7 this past August. He is doing good in every subject besides reading. The teacher, which is the...

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being a sahm and go to college?

I am a sahm of a (almost) 2 yr old. My husband is very helpful when he isn't working. I have been debating doing online courses for college to do medical billing and coding. I...


Toddler -how accident prone?

Hi I would like an idea of what others consider normal for the amount of accidents and number of times their toddler get hurt. I feel like my little girl is particulary...