Ok i didnt know where i should post this but well i been having the same dreams or similar ones and they are starting to freak me out. For the past 3 nights i cant sleep when i...


Hi :)

I'm Kristy, I've done 2 under 2 twice lol. I have 4 kids Calyssa is 8, Jaden is 7, Lily is 2 and Cole is 8 months. Calyssa & Jaden are 14 months apart and each others best...


Transitioning from bottle to breast

I have twin girls who are 2 months old. We have been working on latching ever since the hospital. They were three weeks premature and although great size, 6 lbs. each, they...


Baby Jars

My baby isn't on them yet but when she is ready for them is ok to give them 2 her. I will make her my own food as well but my friend said 2day that she read that these are not...


Circle of moms ease of use

Why is there a huge space when you quote another poster?
Has anyone else noticed when you go back to edit a posting, that there are multipe (I know, I'm a dunce at...


weight loss, and fitness

It seems like im always trying to get the extra weight off. I exercise eat pretty healthy. Im sure its my portions. Do others struggle

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Sex Talk- From Mothers to Sons?

For future reference and plain curiosity... How would I even mention this subject to my son since his dad aint even around? I want him to be wise and make clever choices but I...

Started by Reva on 09/15/2009 in Single Moms

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How do I explain my stepchild to my kids?

My 5 year old daughter is the one that ask all the questions and I usually have an answer. On this particular day she asked me how is it that their sister is their sister but...

Started by Tameca on 10/03/2009 in Christian Mommies

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how long should my 2yr old nap for??

I am really confused by this at the moment. Blake turned 2 in august and is still having naps during the day for 2 to 3 hours! should i continue letting him do this or just wake...


Ideas on how to appoarch

I have a question. What should you do when you meet a child for the first time and you see automatically that the child shows signs of behavioral problems? I will elaborate: The...


too much energy

my baby only wants to feed on milk and cereal but suprising she has a lot of energy,,, crwalling so fast around the house and kicking like a horse wen i want to change a...

Started by Jennifer on 02/09/2010 in April 2009 Babies

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Why are people so impatient?

My baby turned 1 on the 5th of Feb 2010. Some people can really get to me when they force my baby to do things he is not ready to do. One person called him lazy just because he...

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No More Formula!!

Hello all. Okay, so my pediatrician said that my daughter needs to be off of formula, and drinking regular milk. I've tried all kinds of milk to get her off of the formula, to...