need support

Ok so i have way to many things going on at once. I am a full time mom, in 1 day i will turn 21, my friend is just now back in town and i dont know when she will get to come...

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how to get kids to lisen to u?

well i a have 4 step children that live us full time plus we have 3 children with my husband. i do not know what to do i ask them nicely to go n do there jobs n it is like they...


How to Cope???

My son is 9 years old. He was diagnosed with ADHD about a year ago. I have a daughter who is 3. My son is constantly aggrivating her. I can stand the arguing. I have tried...


Hi All

Welcome to Working (OTH) and Nursing Moms. I have a 3yr old who still nurses (a few times per day) and is in nursery school from 7:15 in the morning until 5 at night. I love...


Problem with my Mother

Well first and foremost Ill introduce myself. I'm new on here. I am 23 years old and have a 4 year old daughter. I'm having issues with my mother. She is disrespecting me...

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Tell Us Your Story

My daughter, Kylie, is 18 months old, born 2 months premature. An MRI done 5 months ago showed some fluid and white matter damage. Evidence of PVL. She has been getting ECI...

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How to deal with new baby jealousy?

So, I'm just assuming that this is jealousy on her part, because she really wont say when I ask her. But my five year old seems to have a bad case of jealousy now that the new...

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we only fight about the kids

my boy friend and i have been living together for 4 years. he has a son and i have a son. we dont have any kids together. we all live here together and most of the time it works...

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Anyone going back to work soon...

...and will you be going back to your old job? Hi ladies, we interviewed a few childminders over the past few weeks, and it was nerve wracking, fun, yet exciting in a weird...


Type 1 Diabetic & Pregnant (worries)

I have had type one Diabetes for about 8 years now, Before I got pregnant, I was taking 2 injections a day, and 2 glucose tests... my blood sugar was generally normal, and my...

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staying at home

I've had a rough couple of months... I have dealt with depression since I was 12, and recently it reared its ugly head in such a way that I was almost hospitalized. Instead, I...

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I saw a conversation about this in another group...I think you all know what group I'm referring to :) Thought it might be interesting to explore this on this thread...I...


How to be a good Liberal

You arses left me sitting here bored tonight.... jeese not like your kids need you... not like you need sleep... LOL! Anyways so I went trolling I was that bored and found...


Newly Empty Nester

My 18 year old daughter left for college a couple of weeks ago. I have been a single Mommy all my life. I don't know what to do with myself. I miss my daughter so much. Any...

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