bedtime battles... need help

for the last two weeks putting kylie to bed has been a battle that includes constant screaming... i need help. Our routine includes cereal at 5ish, then a bath and lotion at 6,...



I am trying to figure out if we should go the pacifier route or not...our 3 week old loves sucking his thumb, hand, arm...pretty much whatever he can get into his mouth. We...


vasaline on itchy dry skin

when my daughter has a bad flare up i rub her down in vasaline at night before she goes to bed and by the next day its gone down and her skin looks better. It works for me so i...


sad story

My mom died of ovarian cancer on Aug.4,2008. I am the second of five children. All my siblings had kids except me. My mom was so happy when I told her I was finally pregnant at...


using ice??...

is it alright to use ice as a quick way to cool boiled water down for milk bottles?? ive been using ice to a 1-4 part ratio for a the last few months now 200ml boiled water 50ml...

Started by Claire on 12/11/2009 in Stay At Home Moms

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Need help getting pregnant

I have a 9 and a half month old baby and wanted to have another baby directly after and i cant figure out why im not getting pregnant...we are doing everything the drs tell us...


head injuries in 2 month old

My boyfriend fell asleep with our son in his arms in the rocking chair and my son fell out of his arms onto our hardwood floor we took him to the ER all they said was to watch...


Potty training twins

How do I potty train my twins, they are 2years and 8months.They are both girls.

Started by Chantal on 06/12/2010 in Twins

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Health care bill

My husband and I were talking last night about the health care bill that was passed. Can anyone explain it to me, please? I just dont understand it. Thanks.

Started by Juliana on 09/25/2010 in Obama Mamas

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Introducing Solids

I am going to start introducing solids at six months. I am going to start the rice cereal first, my question is when using the rice cereal, do I add breast milk or water. I do...

Started by Corina on 10/27/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Not really a debate but on here you never know

So my 20 month old has figured out how to undo the chest clip on his car seat. We have a My Ride 65, he is still rear facing and we intended to have him remain this way for as...

Started by Tania on 05/31/2011 in Debating Mums!

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Not pooping!

My one month old has been very crabby the past two days & has not pooped in almost 3 days. Any way to get him to poop??

Started by Cbriesemaster2012 on 10/03/2012 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Tiny toddler

My daughter is 18 months and is very interested in using the potty. She pees often and has pooped once already. The problem I am having is she is teeny, 20 lbs so the pull ups...