Speech Aprexia?

I have a 22 month old son who has a speech therapist come every Friday. He has always been 'the last" to do something but when he does he does it with perfection. Examples...

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friend's kids hit! what would you do?

We just moved back to our hometown and the only friends my 4 year old has are my friends 2 boys who are 3 1/2 and 5 1/2. They live 25 minutes away and we see them every couple...

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Am I crazy for wanting another baby?

Ok so heres the situation, I have a son who will be 4 in March and a daughter who will be 2 in June, both with different daddies. I'm 21 and my bf is 18, We've been together for...


Single moms need jobs

While many of us were kicking back yesterday enjoying flowers, brunch and our kids’ homemade Mother’s Day crafts, there’s one thing moms could really use that we didn’t...


husband left me and 2 kids,

he left saying he doesnt love me and hasnt for 18 months, after i found out he had been having an affair with another woman for 3 months. he says he has no connection with me...


F***ing Octomom

Please tell me this is Reporters being Reporters and running off at the mouth and misquoting her. "I hate the babies, they disgust me" The troubled mum even admitted she...

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Should 15 year old girls be going to clubs?

Just wondering if I am the only mother that is trying to protect her daughter at this age? Most of her friends parents treat them like adults and say "it's your decision and...

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being induced

my due date is the 7th of july with my fourth baby my other 3 were all natural births my first labour was 10hrs my second was 4 and a half hrs and my youngest was and hour and...

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my son is two and wants to use the potty

my son zander is two years old and wants to use the potty....his father isn't much help so i am on my own with this one. he will not sit down on the potty, he wants to stand up...

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Feeding to much?

My son usually wakes up every two to three hours at night to feed, but durring the day he wants to be fed every 45 min's to an hour for 3-4hours before he'll nap. He is just a...

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Moms Nightmare about 2yr old son

About a month ago, my whole family was out on the lake tubing. The boat was off and my MIL told my SILs boyfriend to jump onto the tube, my son (wearing a lifejacket) was...

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