Not healing after second delivery?

I gave birth to my second child almost 3 months ago, and I think I still haven't healed. The thing is, I didn't have an episiotomy or even tear. The doctor said I had minor...

Started by Bobbie on 04/22/2011 in Moms Under 30

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5 year old will not poop on potty.

My daughter will hold her poop all day until she is home for her night diaper (she does not wake during the night to go pee). Her doctor told us to let her have a diaper...

Started by Jamie on 07/15/2009 in Potty Training

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Daytime sleep training

My 20 mth old is very good at going to sleep at night all on her own. We have a problem during the day getting her to take a nap all on her own, it usually requires a car...

Started by Emily on 04/13/2010 in August 2008 Babies

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My daughter

My daughter Riece is a bouncing, beautiful full-of-life 15 month old. She is smart beyond her age. I'm wondering if there are any other mom's out there who's child is advanced...


Potty training

I'm having a problem with my four year old and potty training. Last summer (when he was 3) we started potty training. Beacause we waited so long, he picked it up really fast....


Fast learner - Jealous mums. What do i do?

My son is almost 6 months old and is learning to walk holding on. He's been a fast achiever from birth. Holding his head, rolling, talking, crawling. You name it, he did it...

Started by Anastasia on 04/30/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Severe autistic

Does anyone else have a child that is severely autistic? My daughter is 4 1/2 and her capabilities are that of a 6-18 month old infant. She has no speech and is pretty much 100%...


Less Fetal Movement???

Im 33 weeks pregnant with my first girl and i noticed that she just all of a sudden stopped moving as much as she use to. I have been on bed rest since Jan 5th. Do you think...

Started by Annette on 02/11/2010 in March 2010 Babies

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No medicaid...

I have no medicaid at the moment because i moved to a different state and now i have to apply for it all over again which blows because i'm between 25 and 26 weeks so i don't...

Started by Victoria on 05/27/2010 in Expecting

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Need advise !!!

I gave my son up for adoption for persoanl reasons and wanted to give him a proper happy childhood that at the time I was unable to do. He is now 17 and may want to see and talk...

Started by Mitzi on 03/09/2011 in Single Moms

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