Dealing with the Fathers girlfriend

I have visitation with my 10 year old son. The father has been with his girlfriend for 8 years and has 2 more children. Recently my son has been calling the girlfriend mommy...


breast yeast infection

Does any one have any natura remidies to treat, my Dr only ordered one dose of Diflucan 200mg, and I'm still hurting,


How close in an open adoption?

We have decided to have an open adoption since the birth mother is a friend of the family. Our daughter is now 2. Since this decision, there has a steady stream of news of drama...



Hi Ladies, My daughter will be 5 months old on August 30th. My problem is getting her to nap during the day. She will usually take 1 nap/day averaging from 30 minutes to a...


need advice!!

when is it best to start your baby on propper food??? my midwife said around 4 month but im not sure weather to start early or late or what???? we started my nephew when he was...

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My daughter keeps asking when she can go to school. We live right across the street from a school and she is jelous everyone but her is in school. I have looked into a few...


19 month old won't talk

Our 2nd baby has no interest in trying to talk. His older sister doesn't stop talking and started very early. I know that all babies are different but at what age should I start...


when strangers come up to you in public....

and touch your stomach, or tell you EVERY peice of pregnancy advice that they know, what do you do? my frist pregnancy people did that, i was just mean and ill be mean again....

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what should I do?

I have a 1 year old daughter the father left may 28th and now he wants to see her again only saw her 2 times in august, now he hasnt come up to see her again, I just want him to...

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Good kid books..

My son just turned 2 and has well over 150 books, but it just doesn't seem like enough I guess because I feel like I have every single one of them memorized. He needs some new...

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Weight gain?

So i am just wondering what the "normal" weight gain is suppost to be when expecting twins? I guess this is a pretty hard question as it is always different for everyone. But...

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