Hi, my daughter is just over 2.5 and I noticed when they raised her Tegretol (generic version) dose she began stuttering a lot. Is that a side effect and/or common with the med?...


Turning Blue

I typed this before and I'm not sure what happened to it so sorry lol. I am wondering if anyone else's kid turns blue during a seizure. This symptom is somewhat new to us this...



Hi everyone, First I want to thank Sandy for being there for me last night. My daughter has been diagonsed with Epilepsy with Atonic Seizures but not typical she is 12 years...


Sleep seizures

I have a nine year old son how has been having seizures for 4 years but he only has them when he is sleeping, is there anyone who is dealing with the same condition and what...


Anger Issues

I'm dealing with Joey the best I can but he has anger issues that are driving me crazy! Anyone out there have a seizure kid that is aggressive and gets anger fits??? Help!!!...



I have a 14 yr old son who was recently diagnosed with Epilepsy. He started out on Trileptal and has since been switched to Kepra. His dr says there should be no side effects...


Let's introduce ourselves!

Hi everyone,
Welcome to the June 2005 Babies community, where we chat about our June 2005 children and whatever else is on our minds!
To get things started, I...

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Getting used to it

Hi ya'll. My daughter Carlee was diagnosed with epilepsy in May 2010. She has had several seizures since. She is 3 years old. I keep wondering if I will ever get used to it...


Left Hemishperectomy

My 21 month old just had a left hemispherectomy. Im new to circle of moms and hoping to find some moms who have been through this. Anyone else have a child who had the LEFT...



My 4 1/2 yr old son Dylan was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy when he was 15 months old, 3 months later he started to have seizures. He was put on pheonbarbitol 3 yrs ago to...


drop siezures

my son had his first real drop siezure on tuesday, it was so fast i didnt know what happened at first,he normally has grand mal siezures, or febrile convultions, he has had...