Looking for friends old and new in Northeast Oklahoma to share ideas, place to visit, shop spend time. Ideas of all kinds for families of little ones. I would love for everyone...


Need Saving Recommendations

I make fairly good money for someone my age (20) and SO did too at first. He works at Madison Center in Indiana. Well, Madison Center is going out of business and they are...

Started by Stephanie on 09/11/2009 in Money Saving Tips

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So, I have a few recipe sites that I like to go to for healthier recipes and I thought we should share! Here's my favorite site, though it's a vegetarian site, there's a ton...

Started by Sara on 01/05/2011 in Love Your Body

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need a routine

hi just wondering what kind of routine you guys have got, my baby is four months and i still seem to be all over the place. finding it hard having to do school run with my to...

Started by Nicola on 09/06/2009 in Christian Moms

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how do you wear your little one???

with my oldest i uesed the classic front carries like bjorn. with my second i used a sling and really liked it but with my daughter i now am using a home made moby wrap, its...

Started by Sara on 11/18/2008 in Baby Wearers

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Husband can't find work, please pray!

Hi, I'm new to this community, but seeing as it is a Christian moms place I thot maybe I could ask for prayer? We recently relocated with the promise of a job when we got here,...

Started by Chris on 11/18/2009 in Christian Moms

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What's YOUR baby(s) name(s)?????????

I feel like most young moms care a lot about finding the perfect name for our babies! So what did you choose? First and middle! Did you let dad help pick? Or was it all up...


Atheist President

Every single study that has ever looked at the issue has revealed massive amounts of bigotry and prejudice against atheists in America. The most recent data shows that atheists...


uncomfortable question

how many of you are sexualy acitve?? i live with my bf, father of my 2 daughters. after Maryluna was born (4 ys ago) i had a hard time getting back to my old self as far as sex...

Started by Nayuribe on 01/07/2011 in Stay At Home Moms

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