So, I'm proud of my son! :)

Just a sort of *gloat* I'm excited to share. In a Wal-Greens with two of my three children today, we hear a little boy throwing a FIT...I mean one of those falling out on...

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So proud of my son

My son had his adenoids taken out yesterday and I couldn't be more proud of the way he handled it. Monday morning I sat him down and explained to him that he was going into...


Lack of sleep Or hangover???

I say i was tired but hubby swears hung over what do you think?? Last weekend I had a girls night at a friends house and had a number of drinks ( can't tell the number I ran out...

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Baby loss poem!

I lost my baby a month ago on Nov 18,2011 and this poem that i found in the internet is for you baby Adam!!! Mommy will always love youuuu!!! POEM: I thought of you and closed...


support on abuse

I was recently physically abused by my husband, he was taken to jail and there was a no contact order put into place. I am filing for divorce on Thursday, and I feel like I am...


Texting Hubby

I am 24 and my husband is 37. We are very different in some respects, but also very much the same in others. Last May (over a year ago, I know) I was using my husband's phone to...

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Oilfield Trucker Wife

Ive been with my husband for three years.He has a CDL.Before I new him he worked in the derricks.Anyway I pushed him to get his CDL.And now I kind of regret it.But he loves his...


help with my marrige

I feel like I’m just there and he is just there and we just living the roll of been together. I don’t feel like I want to be in it any more I don’t feel loved appreciated...


Am I being Unreasonable?

My daughter will be 6 months old on the 12th of December. Her father has not seen her in months no matter how often I ask him to. When he doesn't get his way he flips out, calls...

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My 3 year old behavior is awful!! Need help Fast!!

Need Help!! My 3year old is very violent. Have been to Dr's 4 times, they keep putting it off as a tantrum. He did have speech delay. but after surgery and speech therapy he...

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