Still sometimes can't believe it.

It's been 6 months. I am starting to realize, that at least for now, time isn't really healing... it is just slowly starting to make reality set in. As I drift through the card...

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Anyone out there from Athabasca?? We just bought a house here in September 07 & found out we were pregnant the next day!!! AH! Needless to say, we've been busy & I haven't...

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Intro of mommy of teething 10 month-old son

I'm new to this community and wanted to say hello. I'm a first time mom and working mom. I'm going through some rough nights these days. My son, Michael, is teething and in A...

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Break up

After my divorce I about two years ago, I started dating a guy (wonderful, loving etc) but Mr Perfect could not handle the "responsibility" of my 3 year old son and got cold...



Do you think that your Grandchildren should be kept from seeing you just because your Daughter get's mad at you.I haven't seen my Grandchildren in over a year because my...


LET THEM BE LITTLE! Pushing kids to grow up too fast

My son is 5. He just started kindergarten this year. He is my only child. It's really hitting me hard that everyone and everything is trying to make me push him to grow up too...

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new here

just joined last nite. just wanted tro say hey... im amy. i have three gurls. one month, 4 and 6. Ivy-Rose is my 2004 baby. I'm a stay at home mom for now with my newest baby....


like what the heck!!!

sorry moms just really needed to vent and figured this is the best place fill free to help me see the insight here but ya.. so I just had to text my mom to call me so I could...


i feel like a horrible person

i feel like a little kid because of the way im thinking. its almost like im jealous of my sister-in-laws grandkids. my daughter is 3 and only has 1 grandparent (my mom) my...

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6 weeks in the summer?

My 16 month old son's dad and I just seperated, and even though we havent started the custody battle yet, we've somewhat talked about what we both want. We agree on mostly...

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