Should I change schools?

My daughter is in Year 1. Last year she loved school, loved her teacher and just had so much fun!!! We moved to a new town at the end of last year and she started her new...

Started by Cherie on 03/08/2010 in Back-to-School

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Toddler hitting things

Hi fellow moms! My son is 16 months old and just began hitting things when he's not happy. Like, if he's playing with something and I take it away from him he starts slapping...

Started by Ksusha on 03/28/2010 in Moms Under 30

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Is my 2 year old talking enough?

Hi my son will be 3 this september he doesnt talk to much but my husband and i can understand him well. A few family members have mentioned maybe there may be somethign wrong...

Started by Emily on 04/05/2010 in Moms Under 30

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Daughter behind

Help! Would like to talk to other moms that have been in the same situation... My daughter is behind and don't know how to help her get better... Don't know if she has autisim...

Started by Andrea on 05/08/2010 in Moms Under 30

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c section still hurts year later

I had a c section... my son is now one and i'm ready for another one but my c section still hurts some times... I've gone to the doctor and they say nothing is wrong.. Is anyone...

Started by Sasha on 05/17/2010 in Moms With Only One

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Other Children ...

Hello ... I wanted to get some opinions/advice from some other females that are in interracial relationships. I am engaged to my fiance (who is black) and we have been...


New to COMs - Due 8/1/2010

Hey!! I just joined Circle of Moms a few days ago... My name is Ylana and I'm due with my first (a boy!!!), Elliott, on August 1st. I am slightly terrified...as any first time...


Self feeding

Hi moms! My daughter was born sept 27th 2009 so she is 10 months now and she still isnt feeding herself,she has never been really orally fixated like most babies are she never...


Wanting another child???

Okay I am not a bio mom, I have a 7yr old step son who means the world to me. I am currently in school and we trying to get things together to build a house. Well when I mention...


Best little buddies

I have a daughter who is 3 and my son just turned 2. I just wanted to share with all the new moms out there about to add another sibling close in age that I too was a little...