increasing breast milk supply.

my friend just had a baby and she says he always seems so hungry and she's afraid that she's not producing enough breast milk for him. she has no access to the internet so I...

Started by Michele on 06/08/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Babies or Kids close in age

Hi everyone! I'm about to have a daughter in October, making my kids 12 months apart! I'm super nervous about the age difference! I started a new community for Moms like me,...


What would you do?

Ok, so my July is super busy! I only work weekends so babes don't go to daycare. I had to request the 17th & 18th off for out of town trip, the 23&24th is my HS reunion, since I...


when do naps stop??

hey i have a 3 almost 4 year old and i was wondering when is the age where you stop giving naps?? i have to force her to take one now but if she doesnt take one she really...

Started by Morgan on 07/04/2010 in Arizona Mommies

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My Daughter is An Accident waiting to Happen!

For the couple of years, my daughter has had lots of mishaps!! She is very excitable and rambunctious and when she gets hurt she rarely cries, she keeps on going! When she was...

Started by Shanna on 07/04/2010 in Children Of 2006

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My son will be a year old soon and has a major biting problem. He bites when he is teething (which seems to be all the time lately), he bites when he is frustrated, he bites...

Started by Jackie on 07/12/2010 in July 2009

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I am going thru a very bad divorce and my soon be Ex wants full custody of them he thinks because he has 2 jobs never at home lives with his mother, brother and sister n law and...

Started by Krystal on 07/29/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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potty training

My son is almost 20 months and lately has been constantly taking off his diaper. Even with pants on, he'll pull them down and undo his diaper. So I figure that he doesnt want to...


Sippy Cup Drama

My daughter is 10 months-old. I have been trying to get her to drink from a sippy cup, and let's just say it's not going well. I have tried various types, both hard and soft. I...


leaving baby after a year.

my baby boy just turned one and i need to go back to work. i made a decision to take a year off to look after him which i enjoyed but da problem is i have never left him with...


advice please

I do know all babies are different of course, also that babies sleeping patterns change a lot. I have a 3 month old girl Leah, Every night she wakes up at about 2 or 3 and stays...

Started by Stacey on 09/15/2010 in House, M.D.

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day care and separation anxiety

today was the first day of my 16 month old girl in day care. I am a stay at home mom, but the only reason I put her there was to have friends and play. We live far away from our...


I think I'm pregnant..

I have 4 beautiful, AMAZING kids! 1 girl, 3 boys, 5 and under. I have been in the worst mood for the past 3 days. I can't shake it, and it seems like the kids are purposely...



my son is 9 1/2 months old and is just now starting to sleep in the bed with me. before he was either in his crib or swing(i know shame on me but its my kid). i was at a friends...

Started by Cheyenne on 11/20/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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