i still get so tired

I just had surgery in Nov. i am finally done with radiation & chemo and supposedly cancer free, if thereis such a thing. My girls are 14 & 16 and they want to be on the run all...



Should I continue to feed my baby if he acts hungry?


Am I doing too much "For me?"

My question is, how on earth can I balance my education and career aspirations with the needs of my almost 20 month old daughter? And is the level of guilt that Im feeling...


Liquids consumed?

I would just like to hear from other moms how much liquids their babies are / was consuming at 15 months? At this stage my baby girl gets 500ml milk (parmalat growth milk...


My step son is getting married next weekend

Hi, I'm new here and am not sure if this topic has already been covered~ apologies if it has! My step son is 21, I have been with his father for nearly 16 years, so I have been...

Started by Sharon on 02/21/2010 in Step Mums

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Starting Cow's Milk - My son hates it!

Hi everyone! My son turns 1 tomorrow (eek!), and I've slowly started to introduce cow's milk into his diet by mixing it with water in his breakfast cereal and oatmeal. He hasn't...


Behavior issues

My son is very hyper avtive and is now showing signs of aggressive behavior...is this normal since he is going on 3 in may? or should he be evaluated?


how do u deal wit a terrible 2 whn he's @ his worst?

my 2 yr old has been throwin tantrums ane yelling whn he cant hve his way... he has started this cursing thing tht is not unacceptable... he doesnt like bein told to do sumthin...

Started by LAKRESHIA on 03/01/2010 in Toddlers

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How to Keep your child off tv/video games

My son went to a friends for a few weeks and came back and all he wanted to do was watch tv and play video games and he is only 2 will be 3 next week.I understand it was cold...


Am I making a big deal out of nothing?

When I was growing up, it was a rule that we all took our shoes off when we came in the house to avoid tracking dirt, and generally keep the floors clean. I am still in the...


breast feeding

My daughter is almost 14 months and I still breastfeed. It is a comfort thing more than her eating, but she does not use a pacifier. This is a huge problem at night. Is there...


why won't she sleep on her own?

my ten month old daughter can never sleep on her own. She spent the first nine months completely unable to sleep without me holding her and walking around with her while singing...