Potty training>>

My son was born Dec. 13,2007. He is 22 months old and people are asking me if he is potty trained yet!! I find this crazy seeins as my older son was closer to 3 1/2 by the time...



Hi, I'm a single mum of 2 boys. One of which does not live at home anymore and the other is 12. I have now been single for about 7 yrs(though I have dated in that time) and...

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My name is Antoinette Nicole Ewing and i'm a very PrOuD mOmMy of a beautiful amazing pretty lil princess named Briejalynn Iyanna Nicole Ewing/ Waldman. Her daddys' name is Jacob...


how do u get ur child to learn to start writing?

I can't get my 3 yr old to let me help him trying to write a letter or anything. I want him to learn to write his name but he wont let me help him hold the pen. But when I try...

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controlling godmother

My son's godmother has been there the whole time, even during labor she was holding my legs while i pushed but she tends to act more like his mother when she's around. She...

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i dont know what to do

ok here goes. im a single mom of course at least now, i was dating this guy for almost 10 months and my 3 year old son got very attached to him, but just last sunday my...

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Mother in Law is a drunk!!!!

Here is a fun one to figure out for everyone. My mother in law is a drunk! My son was a preemie born at 3 lbs 14oz and the very first time she held him she was drunk. He is now...


Hi, I'm Marti!

I have six kids and my youngest has multiple issues that he and I have to deal with. Due to learning disabilities and ADHD, he often needs help working through systems and...


Heaven's Very Special Child

One day I was researching the internet on anything and everything regarding autism, sad and upset I came upon a poem that brought light and happiness into my eyes...at that...


how do you get...

how do you get a 3 1/2 year old to listen and to mind you and listen? I have tryed timeout, spanking, taking things away from her, everything i can think of and nothing seems to...

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clingy babies

i have just joined a gym to try and get my figure back, they have a creche and i was leaving my 1 year old son there for no longer than 30 minutes at a time but it got to the...