Help i'm at my wits end

Okay my baby 9 week old baby feeds then has a play for like half and hour then feeds then we try to put her to bed. She cries straight away! We tried the cry it out method and...


Potty Training a 2 year old

anyone having luck with potty training their 2 year olds...specifically boys...he really likes to pee in the potty but when it comes to the other...we have a big dilema...any...

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Hello, My family will be relocating to Hawaii this summer. My husband is in the USMC and we are currently in the Cleveland area( hubby's in Iraq.) Does anyone have any...


cerebal palsy

I would just like to say hi to everyone as I am new to this site. I was just curious are there any mothers out there with children with hydrochepalus? Also my daughter was just...


Share your story

I am a mom of a 29weeker and also an author. I am working on my first book alone. I am looking for moms who would like to share the journey of there preemie. It can be happy,...


Education Reform

http://www.shallownation.com/2011/03/14/obama-arlington-virginia-speech-video-march-14-2011-address-at-kenmore-middle-school/ "Now, last week we got a reminder of why it’s so...

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Picky Eating

So my son is a picky eater. His favorite meals are fruit, and dry cereal...which isn't really a meal. He refuses to eat sometimes and has gone as long as 10 hours without eating...

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