Kaila is 8yrs old and 145lbs. What do I do about her eating habits?It is so hard for me to say no. I feel like I am the cause of her overweightness.

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Pregnant but Not Feeling It

Hey everyone. I recently found out that I am pregnant again. The baby is due in october around my daughters first birthday. Last year while I was pregnant with Gabrielle,I had...


growing up

Hello, I have A daughter . She is 9 and growing up fast.I'm afraid of her going to middle school. I want her stay my little baby.


Gluten Free

Has anyone tried the gluten free diet to help with seizures? I read in an article that the gluten free diet has helped with kids who have autism, seizure disorders and...


teacher grabing my son

monday the 8th my son was grab very hard by a v.p and pulled into the office my son has turettes, odd,adhd, he going to this schoold for only 1 1/2 hours for the resourse room...


getting back to breast!!

My 8 weeks old son refused to latch when he developed congested chest n troubled breathing, so i gave him breast milk via bottle for 2-3 days. it seemed to ease him a lot. Still...

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Step-son hurting son

I have a question for you mom's out there. My 16 almost 17 y/o ss treats my son like dirt. He promises to call, text or come over to visit and my son has yet to hear from him....

Started by Rachel on 03/31/2010 in Step Moms

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SHE stutters when she speaks a lot these days, I asked her doctor nd he said have her take deep breaths, but its not working, what should I do? cos its getting worse each...

Started by Dorothy on 04/01/2010 in Toddlers

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my daughter still has 2 teeth at 16 mo.

i just seems like its taking forever al of her friends have like 6 teeth it's getting frusterating just waiting for them to come in

Started by India on 04/12/2010 in Toddlers

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Stretch marks

Not even at 6 months yet and I already have 3 small stretch marks. At my last doctor appt I had only gained 5 pounds since finding out we were expecting! Am I alone or is this...



For the past few days I've had a lot of problems with pumping. I have been pumping every night and I used to get at least 2 oz. doing this. All of a sudden I'm pumping less...

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i'm breastfeeding but i'd like to go out with my friends for a night and maybe have a couple drinks, how much should i pump beforehand and how much after would i need to "pump...

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What do you do

Athena is 17 months and has sensory issues, alot of delays, and under weight. I just got a new speech person and she was working with my daughter and she was holding her down in...