Beastmilk storage

My husband's nana watches our three month old son and he found that they leave a 1/2 empty bottle out in a house that is 90 degrees for not sure how long. (after they heated to...

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MY Daughter will be 8 months on the 27th of this month, she still won't really eat solid food... nothing with lumps in it at all she will gag and then vomit every time. also...

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Math and girls with ADD

My daughter is 10 and was diagnosed with ADD 3 years ago. She has been struggling with her math for a couple of years now. I have sat and worked with her on her math, but if...


DH allowed in OR during Spinal Block?

Has anyone ever been able to have thier DH present when getting a spinal block for a C-section? My 1st C-section was an emergency so I never questioned hubby not being in the...

Started by Jamie on 02/27/2009 in C-sections

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2 months old and teething?!?!?

So I am not 100% sure if he is teething or not. He has a ridged spot on his lower right gum. I have heard of babies having cysts on their gums. But he acts like he wants to chew...


My youngest has RSV

She is only 7 weeks old and I am worried about her. when she coughs she coughs so hard her face turns red and her eyes bug out and she cries. I know it hurts but I have asked my...


Refusing formula/bottle

Hi, it's me again ;) I know my daughter is going through a huge learning phase right now, which is affecting her sleep, but the last few days she seems to be sort of refusing...

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crib sleeping tips

I'm just wondering if anyone has any more tips (besides just the Ferber Method or Sears) to getting my almost 8 week old to go to sleep and stay asleep in her crib.


Amount of time?

how long do you nurse on each side? when i was at the hospital, the LC's were telling me at least 20 minutes on each side and if he's still going well, go for 30. (i think this...

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Please help!

I gave birth to my first son last May. I suffer from postnatal depression ( not as bad now as I was). The reason I need your help is because I just found out that Iam pregnant...


Sleeping Arangement

Any ideas on how to get my soon to be 17 month old daughter ( who sleeps with me now in her queen bed), to get my daughter to want to sleep by herself in own her bed so I can...


Feeding Issues

My 8 month old doesn't want me feeding him with a spoon anymore, he wants to do it all by himself. How old are kids when they start self feeding? I didn't have the problem...


Brooding...any suggestions??

Ok, so I am such a succor for little babies. I have a 27 month boy, and an 8 month little girl, and already I can't shake the feeling of having another. I feel it so strongly in...

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Breastfeeding while pregnant

hit to all mums , I have a 6month old daughter and just found out I'm pregnant , Wanted to know how long anyone has breast feed there bub while...


pediatrician demeans brestfeeding

Yesterday my son was very sick and took him to the doctor, his normal pediatrician was out of town so I took him him to the one that was on call for her. My son was very upset...

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