Reached the point of what feels like no return

Ok so my husband and I have been together for 6 years and he has 3 girls from a previous marriage that I have been helping raise since they were 3, 5, and 6. So that now makes...

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i just found out...

I dont do play groups with tons of mommies involved because i find that some people believe that everything they do with their children is what everyone else should be doing as...


Breastmilk isn't perfect

By now you've seen talk about the British Medical Journal's analysis that questioned the World Health Organization's recommendation for waiting until six months to start solids....


Please help!

Hello all! My daughter is 7months old, iam not with her father however we went to court a few months back the judge gave us temporary orders which her father gets her 1 day and...

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hi I'm 13 years old & want to talk about boys. I'm 13 years old & recently started talking to this boy he's also 13 & we go to the same school. we have became really...


Body weight issues

It has been 6 months since I had my son via c-section and I haven't lost much weight. My first c-section I didn't have a hard time getting back to my pre weight but this time...


Help with self soothing

My son was born May 24 and has always been a bad sleeper. I had to work very hard to get him to start sleeping through the night or at least even close to that. We finally got...

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Am I overreacting or should I just chill out?

My daughter turned two this past April. She is very active; but she doesn't talk like other children do who are a couple of months older than herself. She can say things like...

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Need help with my 7yo son

My 7 year son will not listen to me nor his father. I'm a stay at home mom, and my husband works 2nd shift, so I have the kids when they get out of school alone. Our son will...

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Paternity fraud

My partner of 6 years is paying child support to a 7 year old child that is not biologically his. After he found out he immediately cut ties with the child because he thinks it...



I have three wonderful boys. their ages are 8 months, 6, and 8. I have always wondered what works best as far as discipline goes. I was raised that a spanking was the...

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