listening/ misbehaving 16 mos old

My mom is always on my case I feel like she thinks I dont know how to be a mother. I dont know what it is but she always says that I dont disapline my son enough or that he...

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Mommy Cars

I'm in the process of looking for what I like to call a "mommy car." For me, it's an inexpensive 4-door sedan that has great gas mileage, a decent back seat with plenty of leg...

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Non-member husband not helping with kids.

My hubby wont help me with my kids. He has never changed nappies , fed them, dressed them etc. He leaves it all up to me and it puts pressure on me as i dont realy get a break...

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Happy Birthday without BM- venting!!

Tomorrow is my beautiful bonus daughter's 5th birthday! I can't believe that toddler I fell in love with is already 5, it seems crazy that it goes so fast. I also can't...

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Not Sure....

I am in the process of potty training my 2 yr old daughter ( she turned 2 in march) and she is doing really well. The only problem is as soon as I put panties or pull ups on her...

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10-year-old nose picking

Please help….. I can't stop my son (mildly autistic) from picking his nose. I've explained health and germs along with what other kids at school will think of him if he...


Second baby on the way...Any tips???

I feel awful saying this but i don't seem to be as excited about this baby as I was with the first. Will that change when I hold him/her in my arms??? I love my first daughter...

Started by Molly on 05/24/2011 in Babies And Infants

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Article I Fond About Games

I found this on my yahoo home page: It's hard to think of an activity more wholesome and family-friendly than an evening spent playing board games. But just as film has its...

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Meds and kids

My step daughter was abused by her bio moms boyfriend before she came to live full time with us. Due to the abuse she tried to kill her self and has PMDD,ODD,PTS,major...


Moving to a toddler bed

I just switched my daughter Alanna to a toddler bed since she jumped out of her crib. Since she was 4 weeks old she always went to sleep very easy but since switching it has all...

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