Do I help or butt out?

My sons friend had a fallen out with his parents....he came over and ended up staying with us for 5 weeks,during which time he said that he was texting his parents. On the 5th...


I need help and support!!

I am 22 years old. It all started when my boyfriend and I decided to have a child he is now 10 months and healhy. My mother did not like the idea. my boyfriend decided that it...

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My First Twins.. Names??

so im 20 weeks thinking im only going to have one baby and went to my first altrasound yesterday and it seems that im having two baby girls. i was already having trouble trying...


Any OSI wife's out there?

I'm a air force OSI wife with four kids. He is currently gone for work right now and I'm having a tough time. We just pcsd to a new base not to long ago. How do you go about...


daddy wants to take 3 year old to a different city

our son is 3 years old, he has never spent more than a day or 1 night away from me or by himself with his dad. we have recently moved to the city where his dad lives and have...

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People come and people go from your life with each passing year. Friends, relatives, co workers, spouses, but the one constant that you always knew would be part of your life...

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My son is 5 months old and his dad has been locked up since before I found out I was pregnant, hes not on the birth certificate and is now trying to take my son. What is the...


Want to leave partner of 11 yrs

Been with partner for 11 yrs we have two beautiful daughters and im pregnant again. When my second daughter was born I started noticing him not being there. His excuse is hes...

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