hemorrhage durring pregnancy? help?!

ok i will try to make this short as possible...bare with me. i have been spotting for about a week now and the first day i thought it was just my period starting. (that was...

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sippy cup rejection

My son will be 11 months old Aug 2nd. He will not drink out of his sippy cups. He has the soft nipples (I know that's not the technical name) but still doesn't want to. He is...


First solid!!

My Riley is 4 months!!!!! Last night, i gave him his first solid!!!! (Rice Cereal!) HE LOVED IT!!! Then, this afternoon he had bananas! OMGOSH!! But, it's so weird.. you know...



what time do you put your kids to bed??? i put our 3yr7month dd to bed between 7.30/8 oclock and she sleeps till 8/8.30ish. my son is 1 and goes to bed at the same time. wakens...

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not sure what to do :(

I was a foster mom to my 3 cousins 2 years ago, their mom got them back after 7 months. Their mom called me yesterday and told me she doesnt want the 2 older ones anymore, and...


getting rid of diapers!!

Hi moms! my son, Ethan is 30 months old and I am trying since a month to get rid of diapers, with successes and failures. last week i thought he was going to succeed and...

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Reading a book at bed time

My son doesnt stay in bed while I read a book to him. Do I just keep reading or should I try to keep him in bed

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2yr old peeling wallpaper! HELP

Hi, My 2-year-old has taken to peeling the wallpaper off the walls at night when she's been put to bed. We are renting, so it's not like we can just shrug and say "never...


naps & sleep?!?!

was wondering fellow July mommies how long do you let your babies nap for, where it wont effect the nighttime bed routine ~ how many naps a day now also ~ i heard something...

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potty training woes

i have a 3 year old son and he was doing really good and was pretty much potty trained except at night and nap time he wore a pullup. all day he wears big boy underwear. he was...


PRAYING>>>>> Does it really work?

I am reading a book called "The Praying Life". It is very challenging. I feel as though my prayer life was in need of some help. I recieved this book from my pastor and have not...

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My fiancé and I are getting married in July! As exciting as this is, I am so overly stressed because his ex is not being very nice about the situation. When we got engaged last...

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What milestones has our little ones hit?

My little man turned 9 months on the 5th, 5 days later he discovered that he can roll around the house to get where he wants to be :) There goes the easy part of 2 kids LOL!...

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