Taking care of your elderly parents

I just finished raising my children-Yes, I started my family at a very young age. I now have 13 beautiful grandchildren. Married my new husband 4 years ago. I thought-Good now...

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dont know wats going on

im 21yr old saty at home mum of 3 beautiful girls who are 3, 2 and 8 weeks old and for the past 6-7 weeks i cant stand the sight of my partner. i love him alot but any time he...

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Smoking Baby

What say you all about this? I left out the original video of the kid puffing away, it's just too messed up for me. I'm sure you can google it and find watch it if you want....

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Too Much Tummy Time?

My 6 week old daughter hates being on her back unless she is in her swing or bouncer chair. asides from that, she wants to be held or lying on her tummy. She refuses to fall...


Scared to have another?

Is anyone scared to have another baby because the one you have is just so perfect (in a mother's eyes). My son is always smiling. He rarely cries unless he is hungry or really...

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My husband is leaving in the fall.. and I am so scared on how im going to deal with this.. Hes already done a tour but this will be my first time having to go through it.. If...


any thoughts???

my husband and i have been married for just over 2yrs now....our daughter is 5mths old.....most of the time i feel like a single mom cause i do 99% of the work to take care of...


19 month old Refusing to eat?

A couple of months ago my son decided to stop eating.Oh he would snack and drink all he wanted but when it was time for a meal he wouldn't touch it.I stopped all the snacks and...


Young children stealing

I've grounded my six year old for the week (sparing the weekend) as of tonight. She's been taking things from school & from after school care. First it was another child's drink...



My doctor told me when i first found out i was pregnant that i would have to have another c section . i know plenty of ppl that has had a c section and then natural . i could...

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i feel like im going in circles.. i had my baby boy 2 weeks ago and at first when my milk came in it was so much that it hurt and it was over flowing and then it came to the...



My friend who has a baby 4 months older than mine mentioned that she thinks I feed my son too much. He never shows any signs of being full and is always down to pig out on...

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