difficulties during childbirth?

whilst i was in labour unknowingly i dislocated my hip and tore my tendons i didnt realise till after and i went to get off the bed and walk to the shower i couldnt lift my feet...


Hi moms!!

so im a mom of twin B/G (Aiden 6 lb3oz +Emma 6lb11oz) and would love some twin moms to talk to.....its just not the same talking to other moms lol if you what i mean......my...

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scared about being pregnant again

During my first pregnancy I had "morning" sickness for the first three months. I didn't sleep well for the last six months. I got pains in my butt and the worst headaches. I...


about child support and tax credit

ok i need some advice i'm pretty sure what i'm going to do but i want to know how or what other mom's would do! I have the father of my two children asking me to put a...


My step son is two different children!

My ss, who is four, can be a difficult little boy, but as a whole he is a very sweet and imaginative little boy. I notice that around his mother and her family he turns into a...

Started by Christine on 06/17/2010 in Step Moms

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If "Breast is Best" then why do so many mothers still choose formula? I don't mean to start a controversial topic here, but I really don't know the answer to this...

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I have a teenage daughter whom i am batteling to communicate with. hy husband is amazing but sees where my problem is. she feels she cant talk to me and opens up easier to my...

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daddy rejection...?

ok this is odd my partner (we're not married but been together 7 years and have 2 children together) has been rejected by both my girls he has always lived with us we are a real...



I have an 8-almost 9 month old and his father is not involved. when he tries to get involved he never follows through. My point is that I have my son 24/7 and I also live with...


feeling fat...

my son is almost 6 weeks old and im still not back to my prebaby weight...i believe ive lost half or maybe just under half...every time i look into the mirror i just s more how...

Started by Nikki on 09/01/2010 in Moms Under 30

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Alter Ego;s

Do any of you have THAT personality that you warn people about(alter Ego’s), like when your about to be pushed to your limit and go off on someone, or for some its when they...

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Two Special Needs Children?

Hi - I have a 7-yr-old son who is gifted and has ADHD and Aspergers and a 4-yr-old daughter with a chromosome deletion whose most troubling symptoms right now are epilepsy,...