what are oregon custody laws for a deadbeat dad?

My 12 yo daughters father has been in and out of her life her whole life i have never declined him of seeing her, and he has not worked in the past 12 years at all to help...

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HELP! I need someone to listen!

I have a two year old grand-daughter whom I have guardianship of...I have known since she was a newborn that something definitely was not right with her. She has NEVER slept...


Introducing solids

Hi all, thank you in advance for taking your time to read this post. My son is 5 months old and I have decided to start introducing solids to him. I consulted our GP and he had...

Started by Vicki on 10/15/2013 in Babies And Infants

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When should/could I be induced?

Hey Ladies, I'm currently 18 years old with my first child ( a girl) at 35 weeks and Saturday I was spotting lightly, I didn't think anything else of it because she was moving...


My Daughter is Heartbroken

My 14 year old daughter's boyfriend of 7 months broke up with her last night. Throughout the relationship, she wasn't very nice to him and I warned her multiple times that she...


8yr old son wetting the bed

Any advise about Bed wetting for an 8yr old? My son has a problem with bed wetting. The past year it has been getting better but it's because I wake him up when I go to bed...

Started by Christina on 10/28/2014 in School-Age Kids

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ABC's and Numbers

When do toddlers start saying their ABC's and knowing numbers? My son will be 2 years old next month (feb 4th). I'm a stay at home first time mom and not quite sure if there is...

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could i be preggo

I am 32 years old i had my last normal period on March 2nd me and my fiance had unprotected sex around my ovulation days around 15th, 17th, @ 18th on the 30th of March at night...


Teen bi sexuality

My normally boy crazy 15 year old came home after a two night stay over saying she is bi sexual. The girl is apparently a bi sexual. Is this just influence? Is this a phase? How...


New DX.

Hello everyone, I am a mother with a son that has been very sick with lung and sinus issues for 6 years of his life 3 years ago we took him for a sweat test but they only did...


TV like Mom

Ok, I am having mommy guilt. I am working full time, going to grad school, while trying to be a wife and mom. I have GREAT kids and I think I am a million times luckier to...