advise on weaning??

Rylan will be turning 1 Next month on the 22nd, his Dr said I can start weaning him at 11 1/2 months, any advise on weaning and any tips or easy ways to do this???please share...


Could really use some input...

So our 7 yr old neighbor was over playing wii with my two boys yesterday. None of them were wearing the safety strap and the neighbor's remote when flying out of her hand and...


bad influence?

my daughter's best friends mom told her that she couldn't hang out with my daughter anymore advising that my daughter is a "bad influence" on her, and ever since they became...



hello I am a working mom and always seem to have a house full of teens.....even when I am tired and just want to relax in peace!!!! any ideas on how to keep the peace around here?


Six Month Old Cries Constantly, Why?

Cries when being held, when not being held, when eating, when bathing, when playing, ALL THE TIME!! What do I do? He acts a little better when up walking w/him. I'm out of...

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Moving to Japan, Have Questions

Hi Ladies, My name is Kristen and I am moving to Okinawa Japan. I have two children under the age of 2 and I am very nervous moving to a country I know nothing about. If anyone...


What should I purchase now to stock up?

I am a very organized person and also going at this alone. I want to start stacking up on things he will need but I don't want to wait until my shower for people to purchase it...

Started by Shani on 03/18/2010 in Single Moms

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Potty Training

My son was born Jan 19th 2007 and we have started potty training. Any advice on how to get him to go on the potty. I have him in big boy underwear and he will sit on the potty...


So angry.

Not for advice, just frustrated! Took the little one into the ER last night at 630. At 4, he had a fever of 103.8. I gave the maximum dosage of tylenol&motrin... And at 6, it...



My son doesn't eat vegetables. I have to hide them inside foods. For instance I cook the butternut squash in the oven sccop it out then mix it into a bowl of spaghetti. If...

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My 3-year-old is afraid of EVERYTHING!

I am so worried about her. I am kind of afraid I did this to her. I am kind of a helicopter mom...but usually only about things that really matter, like washing her hands before...

Started by Sarah on 05/20/2010 in Toddler Moms

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