eating food/

when is it ok to start giving your child table food?

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Headbanging ...

My son is 13 months now and has been banging his head (on the floor, wall, my leg etc.) when he has tantrums, or is tired, or wants attention for quite a while now. When he's...


Temper Tantrums

My 18 month old throws the biggest temper tantrums. If you say no to the smallest thing he throws himself from where ever he is. I mean from standing position and throws...

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Im still breastfeeding my 18 month old Daughter but lately she has become quite lazy with latching on properly. My nipple is now all purple and bruise and really hurts when she...


Winter Scriptures

I wanted to share my list of winter scriptures with you. So, here they are (all NIV) Job 37:6 He says to the snow, 'Fall on the earth,' and to the rain shower, 'Be a mighty...

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Potty Help

I'm really having trouble with potty training. My husband and I havn't been very dedicated to it yet, but we're not sure what to do. We are getting more concerned because our...

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I need to know the best way to truly learn more patience. My 3 year old never, and I mean NEVER stops talking. "Hey mom. You know what mom? Hey guess what mom? Right mom? Look...

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I've heard my son say a lot of words but he wont speak when you ask him to and he just babbles a lot at home and so much in front of others that they think he cant talk. should...


Rice Cereal??

My son is 2 months old and weighs 13 lbs. I just feel like his formula is not fulfilling his needs. He eats 6 ozs at every feeding, sometimes more. But usually 2 hours later, if...


1 year old with Strep Throat?

I took my Son to the Clinic last night with a high fever(39.3c) and the Dr. took a throat culture thinking that he has strep throat. I've been reading up on this and it seems to...


Lacking energy ...

Maybe it's just the end of the school year or the fact that I'm a first time mom with a 5 month old, but I can't seem to get ANYTHING done right now. My students have spring...


my son still wets the bed.. help!!

i've tried homeopathic methods, cutting out liquids 1 hr before bedtime, and waking him up various hours of the night and yet he will still wake up wet. i don't want him to get...

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gestation diabetes

hi im 26 weeks pregnant wiv baby #2 and have just been told ive got gestation diabetes has any1 else had this or got it now and did it go once baby was born


How to keep her in bed!!!!

My 19 month old went into big girl bed 5 days ago. 2 days were great, but day 3, she worked out she can get out of the bed and did, repeatedly! The last 3 nights I have spent...