Introducing baby food with cereal

My daughter, Avarielle, will be 4 months on March 27th. I just started her on rice cereal about 3 weeks ago as it seemed like she was either going through a growth spurt or...



If anybody has any tips they would like to share, we would all appreciate it! Maybe it is something you once struggled with until you finally found the secret way to accomplish...

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NUK baby...

My son is going to be 11mos old in less than a week. He is very much a NUK baby (Binky, Passie). I have started to "hide" his NUK for parts of the day but he will search it out....

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!0 months

My son is 10 months old and he is eating three solid meals a day and nurses three times also (6am, 11am, and 7pm). Recently he is less interested in the nursing in the mid...

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I give up, I need help with training.

I have a three year old girl that just is not interested in potty training. Sometimes she'll sit on the potty, but she never goes in it. I have two older kids that just decided...

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10 months old and won't eat!

Hi everyone ... i am actually asking this question on behalf of a good friend who is not up and running with Circle of Mums yet! So here's the situation... and i'm interested...


Inducing labor with twins......

I'm at 40 weeks, my doctor just called and proposed inducing labor thurs today is tues. He didn't give me much time to mull it over.
Any way, I don't know what to do. I...

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Behaviour Charts

Have you tried and was it successful using behaviour charts with your child? Did you create your own chart or find one out of a book or online? As I have twins (one that has...


Weight Gain

I have a two month old daughter, she weighed 9lbs 14 oz at birth. Now she she weighs in at 10 lbs 2 oz (30%) and 24 1/2 in long (97%). She had been spitting up almost everything...


Getting your 16month to eat??

My daughter is 16months old, at dinner time we sit her in her high chair and put out her dinner. Its normally things she can eat with her fingers. The trouble is she just wont...

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A Real issue from a working mom.

I seem to be one of many women who make more than their husband and my issue is of how I still seem to be doing all of the same work at home as well. My husband is in denile...

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Nana troubles...

My fiance and I have three children, his two from a previous marriage and the one we had together. We live with my grandmother because fiance works at night and I'm more...

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My son is SOOOOOOOO busy!

My son is 19 months old and he is always up to something. I have 2 older daughters and they were both pretty calm toddlers but my son, Louie, is just the opposite. He pulls out...


A shout out to awesome daddys

I know circle of moms is a place for us mommies to vent and get support from others in our situation, but i do notice that there is a lot of dud father conversations out there,...

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Easy Meals and snacks?

Hi, I'm wondering if I'm feeding my Dtr right. We seem to be doing ok but everyday at every meal i stare at her for who knows how long wondering what to give her. She's a...

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