sick of being sick

I spend days on end feeling sick. I thought I was getting better....I had like four days of feeling great...thought the worst was behind me. Then Sunday night I was fiercely...


travel sickness what to give

my 2 and half year old suffers with travel sickness does anyone have any suggestions on what you can give her my parents live 3 hours drive away and cant visit them as often as...


Motion sickness with pregnancy?

I am about 6 weeks pregnant with my second child and am experiencing some pretty bad motion sickness. I had car sickness with my first pregnancy that was worse when I was in...


cure for morning sickness

with my first baby i was sooo sick for all 9 months and well this time I came aross this website and ive been eating according to what it says and I have felt the least bit sick...

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Bad morning sickness?

I have horrible morning sickness. It's pretty much all day, since I'm in Germany (my husband is in the af) I don't have a job (wish I did though). But it's so bad where I'm in...


morning sickness cures?

I had horrible morning sickness with my last child and once again I have it with this pregnancy. This time it's unbearable and I can not find anything to soothe it. Anyone...