4 Year Old Stepson Hits Us After Being with Bio Mom

Hello there! I'll just give a bit of information about myself and those involved before I get started on the issue at hand. I'm a recently married, 18 year old step mom! I was...

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I feel like I'm not doing enough. =(

I'm due in November, and I keep hearing people say stuff like "I talked to my baby every day" "I sang every day to them" or "I played with them all the time" and "I put...

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Potty Training

I know every child is different but I am having the most difficult time with my daughter. We have good days that she'll go on her potty numerious times, then we have bad days...


Kids sharing a room.

I am 35 weeks pregnant with my second son, my first little guy will be 2 in September. I am planning on having the boys share a bedroom (putting newborn in toddlers current...

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thinking about having #4

My husband and I have Twin boys (MM 9/30/07) and a son (m 9/22/09), I have been wanting a baby for awhile now, but I am so nervous for some reason... This would be my third...


People are so insensitive

My daughter was born 7 weeks early and she just got her last RSV shot two days ago. She is still young and the weather out here is really cold and rainy( we are in VA ) and I...


Major decision...

Ok so my daughter will be 1 on Feb. 27th...am i crazy to have the feeling that i want another baby. Im not sure if its because i miss her being little? I love babies and Ravynn...


h1n1 ????

so im not really worried bout the h1n1 flu i figured 2 not even stress bout it but i took my daughter 2 the dr.s, just 4 reg app n he suggested i give her the vaccine,since the...


Need of Prayer, but also a praise report!

So, Feb 4th will mark the 4 year anniversary since my husband and I lost our beautiful baby girl, Angel Joy. Every year since her passing has been difficult, but this year is...

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taking any advice but be nice

i know me and my family have been babying my 8 month old WAY too much. i walk out of the room and she screams like she is hurt...she cries for MAMA all the time. She screams at...


Getting laid - too crass?

Sorry, I just joined Facebook and Circle of Moms. I want to keep my profile away from my regular set of friends so I can ask real questions like how are you meeting people out...


Becoming a stay at home mom!

So I am going to be quitting my job to become a full time mom and I am nervous!!! I am also excited! The transition is scary...I could use any and all suggestions!!! I have a 5...

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new to the group!

Hello, just joined the group. My son (our first) was born April 12. Anyone else having nap issues? He sleeps through the night, but fights naptime... Linda

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