Feeling low

Hi. My daughter is 2 years 4 months and is incredibly bright, (knows her whole alphabet, can sing about 15 songs, plays the piano, knows colours, shapes, 3D shapes etc etc). I...


I feel I don't want to live anymore

I lost my beautiful blonde green-eyed princess who was only 14 near to 15, a very lightful girl, loved by her family, friends, and her boyfriend who was only 17 at the time, and...

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Intro fun I hope you'll read!

I know that a lot of the time people ignore introductions, but just in case I felt like saying hello before I make comments on other people's threads. I'm 25, had my first...

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A little about me..

My name is Elizabeth. I'm pregnant with my 2nd child.. this pregnancy is WAY rougher than my first.. I'm currently on bed rest because i'm already starting to dialate..

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Hi Im Lauren and my son Joseph was born Jan. 29, 3 weeks early. He's my first and Im absolutely in love with him! Being a first time mom, I worry about anything and everything...


Pregnancy Weight

hey .. i'm 29 weeks pregnant and have lost about 8 pounds in the past 2 weeks .. is that bad? Normal? I'm not complaining because i'm slightly over weight just want to make sure...


Worried about getting pregnant again.

My husband and I are talking about having another child. Our first one will be 1 1/2 soon and we are thinking of trying when he's close to 2. I had a very hard birth with him...

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So sad, what should I do? :( ...

Hi everyone :( I am just wondering if anyone would be willing to help me out in a situation I am in. It's complicated but I just don't know what I should do. A little of the...

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Am I out of order or did I have the right?

So, my MIL came yesterday, everything was going well until she mocked my husband. He had previously asked her to call our daughter Jayne, not Jayne with a y, my little...

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My name is Jessica and I have one child, Kaylee. She was born on June 12th. She weighed 8lbs9ozs. I gave birth the all natural way. (No epidural) I am really excited to meet...

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Potty Training a BOY...when to start?

My son will be 1 on the 25th of April...does anyone know when potty training begins? At what age do you generally start introducing the potty seat?

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Hello - new member here!

I just wanted to say hi to everyone, I just joined the group. My little girl, Keagan Elizabeth, was born on May 1, 2009 via C-section. I'm 35, married and this is my first...

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My daughter does not have one tooth yet?

Ok I took my daughter to the doctor july 14, and the doctor told me she was whinney becuase her front tooth was coming in, and as of today she still does not have one tooth.She...

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New to the Group

Hello my name is Virginia, Ginny for short. I am the mother of a little boy born in December of 2007 his name is Jason! He is the light of my life and I sometimes call him...


nite feeds

my little girl is nearly 21 months and she still has milk twice in the nite, any one have this situation or know any possibilities of how to get her out of it, i have tried...

Started by Becci on 11/19/2009 in March 2008 Babies

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