What am I to do?

My son is 17 months old. He will be 18 months Sept. 2nd. He has been fussy ALL DAY! I have given him food, drinks, had him watching movies, played with him, kept him in a clean...


coping with PND

id been feeling low for a few weeks and other saw it in me but i didnt want to give in and admit it. eventually i did when it was becoming all to much. i was put on anti...


Am I overfeeding my son?

I took my son to the pediatrician at 8 weeks and he weighed 14.9lbs and measured 24 1/2, she stated that he was too big (fat) for his age. At that time, he was drinking 5oz...


blister on pennis (10-week infant)

My son is 10-week old and he was circumcised on day 3. He recently gets a blister at the tip of his penis. It's about 2mm diameter, transparent, raised, but not red. It's been...


Does anyone else have this problem?

So, my wonderful nine month old daughter is such a blessing. I love every minute with her, but my most difficult time of day is feeding time. She could live off of sweet...

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I feel behind!

So my daughter is 6 months old, knows how to roll over from tummy to back (IF she wants to) and can roll from her back to her side. She can hold herself upon her hands, but her...

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Severe Behavior problems...

My son is 4... god bless him he is my angel but he is getting harder and harder to raise. His father and I are not together and have not been since he was 6 weeks old... I am...

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How to get the ball rolling

Hi, My son is 3 and was just diagnosed with apraxia. he is currently recieving speech therapy twice a wk at school for 30 min. Can i get the school to do a new IEP seeing as it...


What did I do wrong?

I have had two children, and my husband and I want more. I tried to breastfeed both of them, and I never "produced" enough milk to feed them. I even tried to pump and only got...

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Daycare and Hitting

There's a kid at my son's daycare who is a real handful. He used to be a biter, and that finally stopped, but now he hits, and he hits HARD. (He's 2 1/2, I believe). His mother...


Feeling bad,,,,

My daughter had her one month check up on friday and the doc said that she hasn't gained enough weight. She was 7 lbs 3 ozs at birth and was only 7lbs 5 ozs at her check up....

Started by Becky on 10/25/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Random Acts of Kindness

Today I had to do that awful 3 hour glucose test for gestational diabetes. Couldn't eat for hours beforehand until it was over, so I headed to Subway as soon as they let me go....

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I'm researching IUD's. Hormonal BC isn't a good option because I get antibiotics often due to other health issues. Can anyone tell me about their experiences with IUD's? Does it...