17 month old hitter

My daughter is constantly hitting myself and my husband. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to get this behavior to stop without spanking. We are currently making her...

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kindergarten in the fall

Our deadline is must be 5 years old by Dec 31st and my little one is 5 on jan 1st2012!!! I would not be trying to fight to get her in, but her sister is 5 nov11th2012 and that...


13 yr old boy has changed!!!

I have a 13 yr old boy named codie. He has done complete 360 in the past 6 months, to the point that he cares about nothing! he is rude to people gets suspened and back talks...


The way people look to teen moms

When I first got pregnant I was 19 and going to college. People used to look at me but I have never felt bad about it. I never heard any whispering at my back. I actually felt...



My MIL doesn't speak enough English to carry a conversation, and I don't speak enough Spanish to talk to her either. And I guess since I'm the only non-Latina to join the...

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Possibly wrong diagnoses??

Hi! My son will be 4 in June and he was diagnosed with PDD-NOS in August (8 months ago) Around the time of his diagnoses he would stim alot, he would go sit somewhere and throw...


Swine Flu Vaccine

Anybody here concerned about having their baby vaccinated against the Swine Flu? I have heard and read alot about the new vaccine and it just doesn't seem safe. My husband and...

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asthma controller meds question

Hi, All! I am wondering if any of you are dealing with asthma controller meds? My son was "diagnosed" with asthma after having repeated respiratory illnesses. The dr. said that...


Not eating?!

My baby girl Chloe got her 1 year shots and she has been soooo miserable! And the worst part is that she wont really eat, she will eat one meal a day and thats it! She doesn't...


i can't breath

I am 34 weeks and i feel like i can't breath. i know the baby is pushing up on my lungs but i'm scared because i get light headed when i try to stand up. even sitting down i...

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Hope it's just a phase!

I'm having behavioral issues with my 4-year-old. Lately his biggest problems are saying bad words (his favorites being "shut up" and "stupid"), hitting when he doesn't get what...

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Hi Everyone, I am a member of the discussion group Intuniv Anyone as they had put my son on that a few months ago ~ of course now he is off ~ and he is now taking Remeron...


Mirena advice!

I need answers and the best info is from others that have experience what I have. Ive had Mirena for 4 years now. I woke up this morning to bleeding and I havent done that since...

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weight gain

Anyone have tips for encouraging toddler weight gain? My 18mth old is only 17.5 lbs- we feed her a varied diet, but she eats like a bird. My ND said that a typical MD would prob...


CVS Test

I would like to welcome you here and tell the story of my son, Rylan. If you are interested the complete story can be read here: http://rylanbrett.blogspot.com/ I hope this...