HERE we are it's feb.

Hello , I'm Nora, mother of 2.5 yr old Aaron and the mystery "inabelly" as he calls her/him. I, my Husband and my midwife are on alert for he next few weeks, though I am due...


Flu Vaccine?

I wanted to hear some thoughts on the flu vaccines. I have never received the flu vaccine. I have a 4-year-old daughter who attends pre k 5 days a week. Her dr recommends she...

Started by Jennifer on 08/31/2009 in Moms Under 30

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Social skills and following directions

Hi mommies! Just starting to become active in this circle of moms. Need help! My daughter has always stayed home ever since she was born. My mom was babysitting her ever since...


Parent or Friend?

I hear a lot parents say that they aren't their child's friend but rather their parent and will act as such. I've also known parents who take the opposite approach and try so...


Introducing "REAL DAD"?

My daughter will be 4 in September and has never known a dad other than my boyfriend who I started dating when she was 12 months old. She actually started calling him daddy on...


my step daughter is causing problems

my step daughter,is causing fights between her dad and i .i dont know what to do shes throughing stuff at me kicking me telling me she hates me she tell him im mean to her...

Started by Chalis on 02/12/2010 in Step Moms

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Single & First Time Moms

I'm single and going to be a first time mom soon (due 2/10/10). I have been feeling very stressed and have a lot of anxiety about doing this all by myself. Just thought this...


Allergy Shots??

.My daughter is 5 and hasnt had any health problem besides allergies. She has had 3 ear infections in the last 1 1/2 months. They think that it is due to uncontrolled allergies....

Started by Sonia on 05/27/2010 in March 2005 Moms

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With everything you see on the news and published in regards to immunizaitons these days, how do you decide wether or not immunize your new baby? My 2 year old had a...

Started by Kristal on 04/19/2009 in Babies And Infants

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birth control

my doctor has been discussing my options with me since i just had a baby and don't want to get pregnant again right away. just wondering about anyone's experiences with Mirena...


Cutting Tylenol dose

Starting sometime this fall, labels on Extra Strength Tylenol packages will now list the maximum daily dose as six pills, or a total of 3,000 milligrams, down from eight...

Started by Tamara on 07/29/2011 in Bitchin Ladies

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In desperate need of some advice

I am a single mother of a 14 month old. My friend just recently told me that my daughter is in charge and that she knows that she is in charge. I just dropped this...

Started by Annette on 05/01/2009 in Moms Doin' It Alone

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Do i have to give him access?

Hi, i'm in need of a little advice... well, as much as you can give really :) (forgive me if i drone on a bit but I feel that its best for you to have all the facts) I have a...


How to get your husband more involved

Hello everyone. I have been with my husband for 7yrs married for 2 1/2. We have 2 children together ages 5&2. My husband is gone 14hrs of the day so I am home all day with the...

Started by Elizabeth on 08/14/2013 in Stay At Home Moms

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