Hurtful Words

So, this morning on the daily ride to school my 15 year old daughter told me she can't wait for me to drop dead so she won't have to deal with me any more! Oh, here's the...

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where can i buy tea??

my son is 10 weeks old, has maybe 3-4 bottles a week, & i have noo milk stored away because i'm not making enough to feed & store. i try to pump, the "demand & supply" thing....

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double prams

Does anyone know of any good double prams.. I don't want the tandem ones or strollers... I have been looking at the steelcraft strider that has the seat underneath but im...


Do I live in a void?

I was reading some of the conversation threads and mention of gifted IEP's. Where in the world are such things offered? I would love to live there. Actually I would really like...


Please advise me on my son, 33 months old......

My son has been enrolled in ECI (early childhood intervention) since he was 2 for speech, he is 3 months away from 3 now. I put him in ECI b/c he was slow to talk. He is doing...

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Level of ADHD

Is there a possibility to have a child with a mild form of ADHD? My son is 10. He was diagnosed around age 8. We have him on medication that helps, yet there are still some...


Had to stop breastfeeding..

When my daughter was born almost 4 months ago she had a hard time gaining weight on breast milk alone so we had to supplement with formula. Then when she started slowly gaining...


School advice please

My son 13 and is in a special needs school and they are struggling to meet his needs, they have tried very hard. He went through 3 primary schools and then a year off school...


I wish I had a choice...

I know that the issue of vaccines has been brought up so many times. Many of us have very strong opinions, many of us are still on the fence, and many of us turn a blind eye. I...

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I need some help with sore nipples....does this just go with the territory or what? I don't have mastitis, my skin is intact, I use Lanolin but I'm so sore - almost like I'm...

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Breast pump issues?!

My daughter is 5 weeks old today. Since we brought her home, I have been EP since long story short I needed to pump. I also will be going back to work. When I bought my double...


Republicans and Christianity

Why does it seem that the conservative republicans are trying to claim Christianity as their own lately? I am not a Christian myself but I do know MANY and a lot of them are...


My 16 yr old son is lying on me to family!

I have a 16 yr old son who is forever lying on me to my family portraying his life as horrible and saying that myself and my partner are mean to him and now my own mother won't...

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I have a 3 wk old Fussy boy!

Any thoughts on how to get him past the fussiness? I have changed his milk and that doesn't seem to be helping.

Started by Christina on 11/22/2008 in Babies And Infants

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