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My little girl is 15 weeks and was napping twice a day for two hours each nap. However, in the past week and half she has been taking cat naps. Her naps can be as short as 30...


Anyone else struggling with short day naps?

From about 10 weeks, my baby boy, Jack, stopped having long naps during the day. He'll sleep for 30 mins, 45 mins, 60 mins, or 90 mins. There's no real pattern. Does any body...

Started by Bronwyn on 11/21/2009 in August 2009 Babies

Last update on 12/14/2009 by Luciana


Very short naps.....

My 6 month old only takes three - 1/2 hr naps! but then she can sleep from 6:30p - 8am waking up to eat at 8p and 5am.... I was wondering if this seems normal?


Short naps

My daughter will nap well in the morning...2 hours, but during the day, she sleeps in small spurts...10-45 minutes here and there. Anyone else have this problem or have a...


Short Naps

Good day Moms! My name is Portia a mother of a 4 months old baby boy, I need your advice on this issue. My baby only naps for 30-45 minutes per nap, that keeps me exhausted I...


cat naps!

I have 6 month old twins. For their naps, they take short cat naps of about 35 minutes about 5 times a day. Most things I've been reading say children this age will typically...


Dogs vs Cats.. :-)

A bit on the lighter side.. :-) I'm all for dogs. I think cats are ok, But dogs are more personable, smarter, & more fun. You can take your dog to the park, hiking, but not a...


How many three year olds take naps?

My son is just about three n a half. he didnt take naps from the time he was one n a half until i met my now fiance. he thinks that all three year olds should take naps, i think...


How often do your 13 month olds nap?

My son, Evan, will be 13 months old next week. He always used to take two 1-2 hour naps a day. Now if he naps in the morning he doesn't want to take another nap in the...


Nap Schedule for 8 month old?

Hi everyone- Just curious as to what everyone's nap schedule is. Easton was born 12/15/09. He's been a good sleeper since 4 months. Currently, He wakes between 7-7:45am, naps...


How many naps at 7 months?

My little guy has suddenly stopped wanting to take 2 naps. He was napping at 11am and again at 3pm. Now he suddenly only wants to nap once around noon for about 2 hours. He gets...

Started by Lori on 02/21/2010 in July 2009

Last update on 03/01/2010 by Trish


naps for a 10 month old

my daughter turned 10 months on the 22nd of april and up til now she has been taking 2, 1 hour naps a day and sleeping through the night..but now she is trying to give up her...

Started by Kimberly on 02/24/2010 in April 2009 Babies

Last update on 09/02/2013 by Lindsay


How many naps are normal for a 13 month old?

My son usually wakes up around 9 and then takes 2 naps a day.One from 12-2 or 3 and then one from 5-7 and then goes to bed at 10. My mother keeps arguing with me that he sleeps...

Started by Jordan on 07/14/2010 in June 2009 Babies

Last update on 12/07/2012 by Cheryl


bed time/ nap time?

I was just wondering how everyones november babies go to bed. my son is 15 months old and i lay down with him until he falls asleep cus i cant stand leaving him cry himself to...

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