I'm Scared

I recently had my second child in a hospital and wanted to have a natural labor. There were several problems with my experience. The first problem was that I was predicting the...


Any secrets to increasing your milk supply?

My daughter is now 6 months old and I'm afraid I'll have to quit nursing soon. When I pump while at work, I'm lucky to come home with 3 oz.s. I've tried oatmeal, Mother's milk...

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Pet Problems!!!!

HELP PLEASE!!!! My son is 7 months old, and we have had 2 cats for almost 2 years now. They have been great and have never tried to bother him and give him plenty of space...



Hi. I hv a baby gil of 3 1/2 months old... She was premature child hence wasnt able to suckle for a long time... Hence my milk was reduced i was even pumping but dint help much....


finally validated

Well we new our oldest was smart, but he has finally been tested and accepted into the gifted program. He was 5 points below the highly gifted level. He is only 8. I am so...


Do any mom's work?

I have a house full of children.. my 5 year old has PDD-NOS and is in kindergarten. He also receives ABA 5 days a week. I am in the process of applying to nursing school, which...


Found a lump

I have a history of cancer in my family with my grandparents and I found a lump. I have an appointment in a few days, but I'm freaked out about it. I know I shouldn't worry...


Mommy's Social Life

I invision this community to be supportive and helpful in all aspects of living with an angel. So I will lead be example. I was never a social butterfly. In high school I was...


Hylands teething tabs SCARE!

Found this on another forum! My apologies if I'm repeating this thread but this issue is serious and I think we need to spread the word. This happened to one of our Jul07...

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