Sudden and drastic reduction in supply

I am late for my periods by 50 days. Have taken HPT's multiple times and they were all negative. Dr had put me on Meprate to iniate the periods but still i have not got that....

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New moms seeking support

I just had my daughter, Cameran, on March 21st. It wasnt until the third day in the hospital after delivery that the pediatrician on call suggested she might have Down syndrome...


How the mentally ill are treated

I know this article is from 4 years ago, but it shocked me. I thought we were over this crap. Since there isn't enough to be horrified about these days, read this St. Louis...

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Blocked Milk Ducts

My daughter is 6 1/2 months and I plan to continue breast feeding till she's at least a year. My problem is that I get blocked milk ducts ALLLL the time! It usually happens...

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Eating causing seizures

I have a question or want to know if anyone else is having same triggers. My son has seizures when I feed him. He is nonverbal and developmentally delayed. I would say about...


Introducing myself

My name is Amber. I am a 27 year old mother of 3. I was diagnosed with Bipolar 2 at the end of 2007. I am currently holding steady for the most part on my Lithium. Cross your...


Hating education!!!!!

I have a 12 year old son that HATES school. He will deliberately make himself sick or delay everyday till he is late. I have tried bribing (I know it is wrong but if it works...


switching to cup at nite

My son will be a year old soon and while i plan on continuing to give him breastmilk, i'd like to switch him to a cup for the middle of the nite so daddy can help [haven't had...


Can my 8 month old still have craddle cap?

When my daughter was a newborn she got a mild case of craddle cap. We got it under control and it cleared up after using baby oil (it was a aweful experience and I really don't...

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More than one child with ADHD

My son Willie is 10 he was diagnosed with adhd at 6 almost 7. It has been a rough 3 years I also learned it runs on his father side. I have 4year old daughter Shamaya last...


Too much sleep?

How much sleep is too much sleep for a baby? My son went to my mothers house on saturday and went to bed at around 6 pm. And slept until 12 pm the next day. Only to wake up once...

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Ten researchers from the CDC's National Centers for Immunization and Respiratory Disease (NCIRD) released the ridiculous paper, entitled Inhibitory effect of breast milk on...

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Russel Silver Syndrome

I had my first littleboy, Jack, at 32 weeks and had to have an emergency c-section because he was in so much distress. He weighed only 1 lb 10 oz and was in the NICU for 5...