Hi my name is Ciara I'm 30 from Belfast I have three children 2 girls and a boy I have had a marina coil in for nearly 9 months now and haven't had a period in three months to a...


BF myth: Health and Wellness for Mom

Breastfeeding myths are not limited to milk and the baby. There are tons of myths about mom. Some moms are told that they have to be very careful about what they eat, they must...

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hospital vs. Birth Center

Hello, I'm new.. lol, to the group and this is my first pregnancy. I'm 21 weeks and having a girl ♥ Anyway, I'm just curious what peoples opinions are, and some of their...

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Anyone here had one? Want to share your story? My daughter is 10 weeks old and was born via emergency cesarean after three exhausting days of labor. It was not the natural...


Prayer for my husband

My husband has a disease called Sarcoidosis in his lungs. It cause is unknown and has no known treatment.In laymans terms It causes hardened areas to form and makes it harder...

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Advice on sleeping thru the night??

My son is 3 months old and only wakes up once maybe twice through the night to feed. His doc says not to let him go more then 5 hours without eating. My daughter never slept...


agree or disagree

“What's happening in America today is parents are emphasizing their relationship with their children instead of leadership. Anyone in leadership will tell you you cannot have...

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What is Pdd?

Today my son was diagnosed with PDD and ADHD. I know about ADHD because my seven yr.old has it. I just don't understandPDD> Please help!!


Marriage In trouble

I have been with my husband for 6 years but only married for 8 months. We have a 5yr old son, 3 yr old daughter, and b/g twins due in January 2011. Before we got married our...

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Budget meals?!

Does anyone have any good kid friendly budget meals? We are on a very tight budget for food and i'm looking for something different then hot dogs and mac and cheese LOL