I enjoyed my c-section.

I feel like the title of this post is some sort of confession. I live in an area where there's such a stigma with c-sections. The media seems to puff up the horror stories of...

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"Green" Cleaning

My husband and I both work as autocad drafters, and we are required to put in 50 hours a week. I also do housecleaning on the side occasionally on the weekends...I've done the...


Depression and being a Mom

Ok my baby just turned 6 months old and Im happy with her. I really am. She isn't what depresses me. I was put on Prozac shortly after me and my baby's dad broke up last nov. I...


22 months with Chronic Asthma

Hi, I've just been in hospital, for the second time in a week, with my 22 mth daughter, who has been diagnosed with chronic asthma. Apparently it is rare for kids under 2 to be...


getting judged

in 36 hours I am having a repeat c-section. This was not by my own choosing, medically it was recomended for multiple reasons. 1. I had a C with my first, 2. I have a...

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My heart is breaking... any advice????

My 7 y/o is in 2nd grade. When I asked him if he is making new friends he said no. (I have noticed over the last couple of years he really doesn't have many friends he speaks...


1st cylce after d&c

i've been busy all day so i didn't have time to think to feel today but now i'm sad, angry, pissed, at my 1st appt. when i found out the baby had died at 6wks i never had a...


To Stay or Not to Stay. Alcoholic Husband.

Hi ladies, I need some advice. My husband and I have been married for almost 6 years. We have a two-year-old son. We've been having major problems for the past year, and have...


I want a boy so bad

we have a high history of girls on both sides of the family. My mother particularly could not have boys. Basically the doc. told her she had too many male hormones to carry a...

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Any Niagara area moms?\

My daughter is currently in remission from medullablastoma. We've been through everything,chemo..radiation and a stem cell transplant. She will be 6 this January. She is truly...


Copper IUD

I was thinking about having a copper IUD put in, but, have heard that they can cause scar tissue that may prevent me from getting pregnant again later. I really want to stay...


My daughter has a cough?

My daughter is 4 months old and has a horrible cough. It is keeping her up and when she does sleep it keeps me up because im worried. My question is what can I use, I really...


Iron Defiency Anemia???

Dr. just called and explained that my glucose test yesterday (28 weeks)revealed I have a very low iron count, and diagnosed me as having Anemia? :S She told me to pick up...

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