Milk supply

My son is 4weeks old now, and in the beggining my milk supply was great. but now, the last couple of days i have noticed its dwindling, and this morning, when it should be its...


Grocery Shopping List for Fast Weeknight Meals

Ladies! I am a working mom, wife-to-be, new home owner, and a student! I still have to provide healthy dinners and lunches for my family on a regular basis. What kind of items...

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Toxins and Austism

Hi All! While my son does not have autism nor Asperger's I have been reading everyone's posts. My son has ADHD and that's hard enough. It breaks my heart to see such...


why won't his pediatrician consider autism?

My son Leland is 21/2 & after months of reading I believe he is atleast mildly autistic. He does this rapid blinking like he's got something in his eye for no reason at all but...

Started by Meryet on 01/09/2010 in Austim Awareness

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should i stay or go?

in my previous posts ive talked about my exhusband who was my boyfriend the past ten months, left us. I sit here day after day with my little toddler, working online to finish...


first time teenage mum

hi im 17 n have a one month old little girl. i found when i descovered i was pregnant alot of my friends didnt want to no and havent really spoke to me. and if they have i have...

Started by Leanne on 11/19/2008 in Teenage Mums

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Is Obama Soft?

All morning I have been hearing the news shows referring to Obama as soft and ineffective. The republicans are saying that, "if George Bush was a cowboy, than Obama is a whimp"....

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Not talking at 20 months!?!

I have a 20 month old who will not talk. She grunts and point to everything. We have taken her to the dr. and were told thats she is just spoiled and knows she doesn't have to...


monthly seizures

My 2 year old son has a cluster of seizures for a few days every month at the same time, Does that happen to anyone else and do you know the reason?


Affordable but Elegant Rehearsal Dinners

Hi! My 22 year old will be getting married sometime next year. But with the economy the way it is and having had to pay for two kids in college and one in private school, we are...



My son is 8 weeks old and I want to start to pump my milk. But when am I supposed to start doing it? He eats every 2 hours so I feel if I pump inbetween feedings there wont be...



i am in a position that i don;t like i'd like some ideas on how to handle it, i'll start with a little background first so sorry if i sound like i'm going on a bit..... my son...

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How was your second childs delivery?

I am 20 weeks prego, with my second child. I am curious how different delivery this one will be, compaired to my first. I had an AWESOME delivery with my first. Total of 5 hours...

Started by Melissa on 07/28/2011 in Moms Under 30

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Heartbroken for my 4yr old with a tic disorder

My son has been clearing his throat since last October. He was treated for allergies. Well the last 2 weeks, his throat clearing is accompanying a tic where his hands...

Started by Carla on 03/25/2013 in Toddler Moms

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101 reasons to breatsfeed your child

Sorry I tried copy and paste but it kept saying I was trying to post as a business and wouldn't let me. I know most of us know all this anyway but for newbies and some people...

Started by Anneke on 03/21/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

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I am just so frustrated!

How do you appeal to an ex-husband on your child's behalf when he is so consumed in himself and what he wants? I see my son's emotions all over his face. I hear what he says...

Started by Lisa on 07/26/2009 in Step Moms

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