Cavities at an extremely young age?

Okay, my daughter is now 16 months old. Her first two teeth came in when she was 4 months old. Since she was about 10 months old, I've been brushing her teeth at least once, if...

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Staying asleep?

I have a 34 month adopted son, who has no diagnosis of FASD, in which we are fighting to get at this time. He has severe microcephaly, severe sensory dysfunction, growth...


Single & First Time Moms

I'm single and going to be a first time mom soon (due 2/10/10). I have been feeling very stressed and have a lot of anxiety about doing this all by myself. Just thought this...



Help!!! My daughter is constantly getting bronciolitis! Shes been hospitalised twice with it but since then we have been able to manage it at home. The doctors give me redipred...


questioning doctors diagnosis

i have stopped trusting doctors as theyve been wrong with thier diagnoses with my daughter countless times. it took them 3 months to figure out that kayla had acid reflux. when...


Naughty step not working, what else can i do?

Hi all id be grateful for any advice. I have a 3yr old son who is quite a menace. He was always a sweetie until he turned 2 and it started to get difficult now its really hard....

Started by Sarah on 06/23/2010 in April 2007 Babies

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going thru my third pregnancy alone

i just need some support i guess. I am a single parent of two girls already. I am 11 weeks pregnant right now. The father sorta left because he used me to get back at his ex and...

Started by Mandie on 02/23/2009 in Single Moms

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5 year old Daughter and Discipline

I have a 5 year old daughter, starts Kindergarten in the Fall...and my husband and I are having issues with discipline. Time outs aren't working, she gets to the point of...

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nursing but drying up need help

im nursing my 5 week old daughter but think i'm drying up. would like to keep nursing but need suggestions on how to get more milk. i dont want to use formula.

Started by Maureen on 12/07/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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toxins in breastmilk!

I work in a dental office where we use harsh disinfecting chemicals after every patient to sanitize our operatories. I am also a mom who is breastfeeding a 4 month old, which...

Started by Kelly on 11/03/2009 in Green Moms

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PLZ HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey girls well since my son was 1 year old he has been going to his dads every 2nd weekend but the other day i recieved papers to go to court and he wants custody so just...

Started by Kaila on 10/27/2010 in Moms Under 30

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missing assignments

Anybody else have problems with their jr high child not completing work?

Started by Cori on 10/26/2008 in Kids Over 10

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My 13-Year-Old Has a Bad Attitude

Yes I am a single father and I'm trying to help my adhd daughter that's 13 years old now I've been trying my best I give her nighttime medication that is prescription and it's...