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my 4 week old son is suffering from colic,he wakes up screaming constantly throughout the night,ive tried all kinds ov colic drops but it dont seem to be working.i hate seeing...

Started by Chloe on 02/09/2009 in Babies With Colic

Last update on 02/27/2011 by Crystal


Which Formula is best?

I am currently breastfeeding my 3 month old son. Its going good, but sadly he spits up EVERYTHING. I dont know if my milk is too rich or what. He seems to do fine with the...

Started by Carrie on 07/07/2010 in March 2010 Babies

Last update on 08/04/2010 by Kayla


Switching formulas

My son is on enfamil premium lipil and has really bad gas and is constantly crying because of belly aches...i was wondering which formula I should switch him to?

Started by Jessie on 08/29/2009 in July 2009

Last update on 09/06/2009 by Katracia


Ok i need help!

My little 2 month old Draiden has been on so many different formulas, (Enfamil premium, enfamil A.r, Enfamil Soy, and even a Nutrimean or something like that..that the pedi...


Need help asap

My sister stopped breastfeeding her 3 week old baby, they put her on enfamil formula and she started having a hard time pooping. They've switched to Nestle Goodstart but her...


Soy formula...Enfamil or Good Start?

My little one is cow's milk protein allergic. So she takes breast milk and Soy formula...we've been using Enfamil with Lipil but wondered about Good Start. Anyone with...


Kirkland Brand Baby Formula

Costco sells a generic brand of OMEGA fortified formula's as well. Kirkland brand. Does anyone know who actually makes this formula for Costco and does anyone use it? Is it...


formula what to use?

My son started on Similac advanced but it upset his belly so bad you couldn't even touch him. So we went to Similac Sensitive and it was better but then he was constipated all...

Started by Danielle on 08/07/2009 in June 2009 Babies

Last update on 09/21/2009 by Melissa


7 1/2 week old with constipation

My daughter in 7 1/2 weeks old. She has had constipation about the whole time she has been home. She pooped one time a day if that and it was really big and hard(formed). They...

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