unruly teenagers

hi there, im new to this so bare with me, my name is cheryl and im a mum of 4 children 2 of which are teenagers...Im having real trouble with the 16 year old at the moment, as...


Somedays are tougher than others

As for all of us out there, being a single mom is no easy task. Trying to get myself through nursing school, work, and be there for my 6y/o son is hard work. Let alone trying...

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I think I'm experiencing postpartum depression.

I gave birth a little less than 3 months ago to a beautiful baby boy. I'm a graduate student, and I went right back to school since I was afraid that if I didn't go back right...

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too much to handle!

I'm a 20yr old single mom of two small children. my son is 2 years and 4 months old and my daughter is 12 months. I get no support of any kind from their father (he moved back...

Started by Amanda on 09/29/2010 in Single Moms

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MY names Stephanie im 19 years old and have a 3month old son!...i'm a first time mom who found out i was expecting about 7 months after i graduated high school. It wasn't...


Completely fed up with my SS!

Let me start by saying that my problems here are with an adult man. My husband is significantly older than me and I have an adult SS, a nine year old SD and a three year old...

Started by Melinda on 11/19/2010 in Step Moms

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How about Circle of Dads?

My Fiance mentioned that they have all these support things for moms and he ask what about the dads? Do dads not play as much of a role? So I thought what about Circle of dads...


Should I be feeling this way?

I am in my 9th month of pregnancy and my husband and I just found out last week that due to complications of the pregnancy I will need a c-section, need to stop working, and be...


mother in law in my marriage

Surely when things arent going smoothly, the mother in law would take the side of the husband. However. She is trying to convince him he is being manipulated and emotionally...


Problems with Co-Parenting Schedule. Help!

I have been having issues lately with my ex and the parenting schedule that has been arranged. It's really starting to effect my 3 year old daughter. What we have arranged...

Started by Amanda on 04/12/2012 in Single Moms

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Should i stay or should i go??

i am a newly divorced woman of 2 girls... I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for 3 years... who is also going through a divorce... my boyfriend is very kind sweet...


Screaming toddlers!

I need some tips or advice! My 21 month old son has recently entered this stage where he screams and cries whenever he doesn't get his way. Every time. If his sister is standing...


Going back to school

Im a single mom of a gorgeous soon to be 6 year old..I recently decided to go back to school and chose to do online classes. I work full time, now school full time and a full...

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