Maybe we did TOO good a job...

Delete Are you sure? Yes | No Posted by You (Jan. 21, 2009 at 4:37 pm) I am the single professional mother of a 12 year old soon to be 13 only child. I am so very glad this...

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Sinner Saved by the Grace of GOD!

I am 25years old & recently devoted my life to Christ! Its incredible to see all of the wonders He provides! But now Im kind of like, What do I do now? I mean with my children....

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Needing advice on 13 yr old daughter

have a 13 yr old daughter who I am absolutely struggling with. Her grades in school are pretty good (All B's & 1 C), she's outgoing (band, drama club, plays soccer), she...

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Haii im kellie im 22yrs old and have two beautiful baby girls Tameka who is 2 and Tiarose who is 1.... There dad is 20 and in jail he is also my ex, it is very hard for me to...


do you feel guilty about working?

I just started working agian for the first time in about 5 months, my daughter who is three years old is used to be being at home all the time now, i picked up a seasonal job...


family friendly work

I am currently on a shortage of work until the 4th of january at the current place im working at and even though im still employed im looking at the possibility of getting new...

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Moderator Welcome

Welcome to all who deicided to join. Let me introduce myself and let you know why I have created this group. My name is Jennifer. I am a 34-year old mother of a 10 year old...


A little overwhelmed...

I have been married for two year as of Aug. 4. I am a step mom of three beautiful girls whom I just adopted a month ago, ages 11, 9 and 8. I love my family very much, but I feel...

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I'm a 20 yr old single mum with a six mth old daughter, and i still live at home with my mum, younger brother and sister. in the beginning i was breast feeding but due to...


anyone with a teenage son?

I have one son and we are very close but as he's getting older i seem to be losing him and im not sure what i can do to regain that bond.


What are the odds

What are the odds of my expected child's father to gain custody of him because he's married and has an income? I'm just afraid that he's gonna pull something like that. I'm a...


Anxiety and Panic

Okay, here is my situation. I get severe panic and anxiety, the whole fight or flight. The need to escape a situation. I also have what I was told IBS, acid reflux. WHich I am...