My kid is a meanie

His kindergarten teacher complains about his behavior at school. His doctor says he is socially immature but nothing to worry about. He is an only child and I am a single mom....

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Moving day is coming, help!

As a single mommy with a six year old ad no dad in sight, I am expecting to do this alone. That said, if there are any tips to help it go smoothly please let me know, It is just...

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Surgery To get Mirena OUT!!

In October 2010 I had Mirena iud inserted but a month later due to not seeing strings in Nov 18 2010 I had a ultrasound to confirm it was properly in place which it was. During...

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My son is 2 and sooooo wild. I don't even want to take him to any of my friends houses because of his behavior. He throws their things around and I am embarrassed. Going...

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New to this Community

Hello Everyone, I just joined this community. I am a single mom attending the Art Institute of Houston and am so overwhelmed. How are ya'll doing it? My schedule is all...

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My SD is 4. Because of her age it's difficult to get her to eat at times and sweets make it way worse. My problem is that my mother in law is constantly giving her candy and...

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when its time to move on

so my *partner* and i have signed on for another 12 months on our rental lease. He used to be a very good bf and we used to go see friends and have fun but now things for the...

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potty ideas?

My son is 3 almost 4 and he refuses to use the restroom. We tried the big toilet and he screams so we bought a small one and he will sit on it but won't go. I've tried the...

Started by Sarah on 08/24/2012 in Single Moms

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I need advise (Sorry kind of long)

So Ive been waiting since Tuesday for my Gst to come in the mail. . Nothing came by Thursday so I called to find out when my Gst would be coming, I was told there was nothing on...

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Little milk, even with breast pump

I have been trying to get my 8wk old to nurse exclusively for almost a week, it has been full of tears and fits. I bought a breast pump and after 15mins of pumping very little...

Started by Stephanie on 06/02/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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