New Here

I a m a 24 year old mom, I have a 4 yr old boy named Caleb. My husband is currently in Iraq. I love meeting new people because at times it does get lonely for me. I am Ginger...



Hi there, I'm Kara or Friday. 40yrs old mom to Sean 13, Jaden 4 and Kaytlin 2. I live in Lancaster, Cali. Married to James for 17 yrs in June. I never know what to say in these...


Re: Work and home

I am just starting a new job and have also recently became a single mother of 3 (ages 6 yrs, 4 yrs, and 1 yr) due to divorce. I am a special education techer working middle...


Has your DH ever said to you...

I can't understand why you have an issue with BM! You have engineered our entire relationship. Sex is romance. You just don't get it (in relation to step child) or...

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Privacy Issues

My step kids love coming into my husbands and my room without knocking. We've tried practically everything what do we do now? They still keep barging in.....HELP!!!

Started by Amber on 10/17/2009 in Working Moms

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Im Nicole Fusco (Webster), I have Nicholas 15 months old. Im finding it hard atm cause i have osteoarthritis and hip dysplasia in both my hips and post natal depression. Just...


Taking care of other kids but not your own

I just want to know how can men go into another relationship with someone else who has kids and help them with their kids but not taking care of their own children? Some how...

Started by Carolyn on 04/03/2010 in Single Moms

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Hello everyone!

Hi my name is Crystal and I have a 5 1/2 month old girl. I am a single parent and this is my first child. I'm still learning the ropes. She is my world and I didnt know that...


help brother out or spend time with daughter??

i'm a single mother who is still studying at a local university. during these past few semesters, i haven't been able to find the time to spend time with my daughter & even...

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my child wont listen! any advise?

i have tried everything and my 2 year old refuses to listen! i have tried spanking (not hard), time outs, yelling, using "positive words" and pretty much everything out there!...



I'm a single mother . Only 19 years old . The father had put me on drugs and took advantage. My family didn't want me to keep the baby but I did. Her names Liliana and she's 3...


young mother of two kids

I'm a young mother with two kids I just had my baby boy in October 2013 and I had him I had a stroke in the hospital for two months and some learning how to walk and hit up...


Working at home

Hello! My name is Shannon, I am a 30 year single mama of three, I am "a wanna be stay at home mom" that is I don't want to go to work but work from home, I have joined a company...


What Should I Do ?

Im A Single Mother With 2 Kids One Bout To Be 2yrs Old In October && Im Pregnant With The Other That's Ready Come Less Then 3months I Have No Type Of Money To Take Care...

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My twin 20 yr old daughters were taken into a cult 2 yrs ago. Last yr one of them miscarried. Now one is due with my 1st grandchild in August. I dont get to see my girls or talk...


How do you find a good guy?

I am a single mom. Every second is devoted to my son, 8 years old. I have been divorced since birth of son. How do you find a good guy? I am ready to get out there and find...


Breastfeeding and spitting up alot?!?!

I'm a second time mom... I have a 21 month old girl and a 4 month old boy who i am breastfeeding... I only breastfed my girl for 1 1/2 months and then i started having problems....