I need some advice in deal with my situation

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my 8 year old son

I have an 8 year old...I love my son so much.but its just seems we are so distant...he always rolling his eyes at me talking back, lying, lying to his teachers at school about...


should I go back to work

Hi I am a stay home mom of a 2yr and 4 month I live at home with my father and I am a single parent, I have no family or friends that can watch the babies. I have not had a...

Started by Sarah on 10/09/2013 in Stay At Home Moms

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Very shy 13 year old daughter

My daughter is very shy and I feel so bad for her. I want her to get together with the few friends she has but she just doesn't want to . She gets mad at me when I ask her if...


answer me

i call the lord every day and and theirs no answer

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Stay Friends with Ex unless there is abuse

Everyone has different parenting styles and sometimes hard to keep mouth shut. But remember in the end the children suffer when ther is hatred. My Hub and me stayed close with...

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Working and school

I am a single mother trying to get back into the work field and go back to school to finish my degree.. I n the town where I live I am all by myself my closest family member...

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3 yr old son's father blames me for everything....

My 3 yr old son's father has never met and very rarely calls my son Michael. He blames me for Justin (baby daddy) not having any type of contact with Michael. Whenever he does...

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HELP with my 6 year old

Hello everyone, Some of you have read my posts about my relationship problems and have offered me great advice which finally gave me the strength to leave that unhealthy...


My 14 year old sons behavior

Hi. I am not sure if I am doing this right. I am new here so please bare with me. I am the single parent of 4 children. The oldest is 14. And I am going through some things with...

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Cerebral Palsy!?

Hi, I am pretty new to this circle of moms. I have read a few blogs. I have a Cerebral palsy daughter, she is six years old and my angel. I am worried about how things are...