Young Military Wives?

Hey everyone, I was just interested to know if by any chance anyone on here also happens to be a military wife? I am a Marine wife with an almost 5 year old, I also happen to...

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child care

why is it so expensive for childcare? How do daycares expect you 2 be able 2 afford them? Most of them cost more than i bring home in a pay check. I am pretty much a single...

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i am 17 i had my son at 16 got pregnant at 15 and alot of ppl judge ,me but thats fine cuz i love my son and if is wasnt for him i wouldnt be who i am im not a single mother but...

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I have been a working mother all my life and now I am transitioning to a stay at home mom. I have two older kids from a previous marriage and now a 5 year old from my second...

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How do I deal with my 12-year old daughter's suitors?

I am a single mom of three (a girl and two boys). My eldest, 12-year old Rose, already has suitors and most of them are at least a couple of years older. I'm getting so paranoid...

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How long are you willing to leave your kids for?

I've been thinking about taking a weekend away from my kids. I have never been away from them for more than a night, and i never want to do anything that my kids would enjoy...

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Naps at 4 1/2?

My daughter has not taken regular naps since she was 3ish... I still feel like she needs to nap once in a while (mostly after an eventful day the day before), sometimes she'll...

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oh.k so i am 20 years old i have one son of my own and take care of my boyfriend/baby daddies other child there both 2 .. 11 days apart i have been having this issue with the...

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too attached?

Im a single mom of and 8 month old girl.She is my only child and I am on maternity leave looking to go back to work very shortly.Ive been noticing she wants me most of the day,...

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need a second opinion

i'm a SAHM with a 4 1/2 month old daughter and i recently moved to CT where i don't know a single soul. my daughter and i really need to get out and socialize, so i went to...

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Good choice/ bad choice

My husband does not always make the best choices. Sometimes I wonder if he remembers that we have small children. A week or two ago he decided we needed a new chandelier in...

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Hi there everyone! I am married and have a son of 3 years. The husband and I are faced with a tough decision which would have him away from us on work for 3months at a time and...


Loosing my mind!!

I'm cooped up in my house with my 6mo daughter all day everyday except for every other Sunday and Wednesday when my fathers baby has her (we share custody) I usually use...

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Grandma kisses baby on the mouth!

Hello everyone... I'm a single mom of an 8month old son and I live at hm with my parents until I get on my feet again. I love my parents dearly, but being a new mom, I like to...


6 year old sleepovers?

My daughter is 6 and I am not extremely close with her friends parents. I enjoy their company, but haven't established friendships yet. The idea of a sleepover scares me. I will...

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