How to let go.....!?!

I am a single mom of a beautiful soon-to-be 11 month old girl. Her father and I were friends that had a short romance that lead to her unexpected surprise. We have not been...

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I need help... Please

im a single mother of a beautiful daughter named daniella. i had her when i was 16, i was drunk and i had a one night stand ,with her dad imet him that night .. i dont even...

Started by Cristina on 03/11/2013 in Stay At Home Moms

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My son doesn't listen to me at all

I am a single Mom. My son and I live with my Mother. My son talks back and doesn't listen to me or my Mother. A lot of times it is worse when all 3 of us are together. If one...


frustrated by husband

Is it just me or do the husbands of stay at home moms take us for granted? I dont know about anyone else but my life gets to be dictated by the drill sergeant currently known as...

Started by Heather on 04/03/2014 in Stay At Home Moms

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"Where is My Daddy?"

First a little info: My son just recently turned 5. His father is not involved in his life, he has been great with providing child support but we have no contact with him...

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My 16 year old son is out of control

My 16 year old son is out of control since last year. He has ODD. Smokes pot, drinks, has dropped his grades, changed 4 schools and now i have him on a program paying for him to...

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Are their any mom's who are going to school or university with tips how to balance life at home with their studies?

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I'm A Newbie

Hi Mommies!!! I'm Kassandra a 27yr Old Mother To The Coolest Lil 4yr Old Girl Savannah..She Is Definitly My Little Partner In Crime..I'm Am Living In So-Cal Right Now I'm A...


Exhausted....just need to vent.

I am finally in my last year of University, completing my bachelor of Arts (Psyc) and Bachelor of Education degrees concurrently. I have had 2 children during my university...

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no contact with his dad

My son is 2 and this week I had told his fther to come and get his son for the day but instead he never showed up like always. He has not had his son since he was 6 months old...

Started by Ellen on 01/23/2010 in Single Moms

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How to deal with separation anxiety.

My husband wants to take me out on a date since we haven't been able to be alone since we had Drake. He's almost 7 months old. I just cannot fathom leaving him alone, the...


Grandson abduction

My grandson was abducted by his dad from Ca. to Co without the knowledge or permission of his mother. There are no custody orders between the parents. After she agreed that he...


Getting a tubal reversal

Im thinking about getting a tubal reversal..I have 2 daughters then got my tubes tied. I was a singel mom n didnt want to bring another baby into this world i couldnt take care...


Just need a shoulder and advice

I am a single mother of twins (boy/girl) and so far I have done pretty good on my own. Their father, Chris, isnt really around but he is there. I, however, could care less if he...

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