Need to make new friends!

Hi, my name is Karly I'm nineteen years old and just had my first son. Things are going great with him, he amazes me more and more everyday. His dad isn't around which is what I...


staying overnight

since my daughter was born 8 months ago i pretty much stopped going out. my friends avoid me like the plague, we are normally pretty tight on money, between staying home with...


Introducing myself

I am a newly single mother of 4 (3g 1b). My children and I are having a hard time adjusting to a new schedule and new faces. They have started childcare and I only see them in...

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New Member

My name is Michelle, I am 41 years old, I have a 3 month old son, a 12 year old son, and two daughters 20 and 18.And I am really enjoying being a mother again later in life!

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Feeling Bad

I never expected to be a mom at age 21. I never expected to be a single mother at 21 either. I had always wanted a baby. For as long as I can remember, I knew I wanted to be a...

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Needing advice on 13 yr old daughter

have a 13 yr old daughter who I am absolutely struggling with. Her grades in school are pretty good (All B's & 1 C), she's outgoing (band, drama club, plays soccer), she...

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Side affects of divorce on boys

My son is straight up difficult- manipulative and only 5. Everything is a struggle and a fight. I think he has Oppositional Defiant Disorder. I also think that his behavior...

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Is my four year old son normal?

I have a four year old son who is giving me and his teachers lots of problems. He is a sweet child and very loving and thoughtful but, he refuses to listen to anyone, he can't...

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Family members watching your children?

Hi Ladies, I am the mother of two young children, a three month old baby and a three year old boy. I live near family and sometimes they watch my children, however I'm...

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I'm glad I'm not alone

Hey there...I'm a high school teacher specializing in Exceptional children on both ends of the spectrum. My oldest daughter is gifted and my youngest daughter is special needs....


I'm too old to have to deal with cliques...

I am a 26 year old music teacher at a Catholic school in Wichita, KS. I'm married and my husband and I have a 2 year old daughter. I don't know if it's just because I am a...

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