Teen Girl Bullied into Plastic Surgery

http://www.parenting.com/blogs/show-and-tell/elina-parenting/teen-girl-bullied-plastic-surgery?src=soc&dom=fb I think this is pure ridiculousness. What would you do in this...

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My Daughter doesn't recognise her name.

My daughter is 27 months old, she doesn't respond to her name, she started day care this month and she is not happy, she doesnt eat anything at the day care. I took her to...

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Slacker Dads aka Sperm Donors

I was reading another convo, "Moms using children as pawns!" and started wondering why mothers chose these types of men to father their children. If your child's father is a...

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Who care's about your problems!?!?

Hi my name is Amber, I am the mother of a beautiful 18mnth girl. I am also a single mom have been for that last year. I get so tired of hearing my friends or sometimes family...


Can you overdo it?

Is there such a thing as too much? Maybe it was turning 30, maybe it was the new baby....but I will admit it...I have over done it this time. I am currently do a bootcamp 3...

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Tough Time Losing Baby Weight

I had my daughter in April and I am having a tough time losing the weight. I work full time and then come home and take care of Brenna. Does anyone have any suggestions? How...

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I'm not just me!

I'm not just me anymore! This was the realization I had about a year ago. It took me a while to grow up I guess. My son, Jake and daughter Shelby were "in my face" needing me...


School, work and family

Hi, i am 21 years old. I am a full time student, i work one part time job and one full time job, my son is almost 2 years old. My husband also goes to school..and that is it. I...

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A Difficult Path

Having step children (and your own children) can be very difficult and at times, trying on your heart, your mind, and your spirit. I have two wonderful stepsons whom I...


Just need to blow off steam

Things are tough for any parent with a child on the spectrum. It would be wonderful to be in one of those kind of relationships (uncommon, I know) where there is a partner who...


mama's boys..geez...

Question ladies who are raising or have raised boys...Are we raising our sons to be independent men who can have meaningful relationships? or are we raising them to be so...