Help! Am I really a bad mother?

Ever since I had my daughter last May, the relationship with my parents (who I currently live with) has been very strained. But in the past few days, all they have been telling...


I'm new on here...

Hi, my name is Steffanie I am years old and a single mother of two girls. Madison is 6 years old and Aubree is 5 weeks 3 days old. I am a stay at home mom but it's not really by...


hard decision about sending 3 year old away

I was able to find a job in my career 5 hours away from home. Now I am having a problem. I work non traditional hours 6:30am till 7 in a hospital and they are two child care...

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Beautiful abs

Hello, i'm 25 and have a soon-to-be three toddler boy. I'm in love with my son and since i become a mom my life has changed so much, i love my mommy life but the only thing i...



I am the mother of 4 wonderful children. Ages 9,7,4,and 4 months. My boyfriends brother is a single father of 4 and a truck driver so he asked my boyfriend and I to move in with...

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My child is constantly nervous and drooling and I was wondering if maybe he's just teething. He's only 3 weeks old.

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Is it bad to cut down stays with grandparents?

My son has been spending every Saturday night with my parents since he was about three months old. At first it was GREAT because it meant we actually got to sleep and have some...

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my 3 yr old is too clingy

i have a 3 yr old daughter who wont even let me go to the toilet without having to come with me!!! she cries if i tell her to wait outside! does anyone know a way to stop her...


An epidemic....

It seems, more and more of the woman I went to school with could be labled as "bar moms". It so sad to me. Now the women Im thinking of are single and have kids. Their excuse is...

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What to do...

I have a 4 almost 5 year old son and recently he has had a major attitude problem(talking back, hitting, screaming at everyone, not listening, melt downs, etc.) and I don't...

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One day good the next day not at all???

So my son has done this now SEVERAL times. I know potty training has its ups and downs... but is this normal? On saturday, my son went all day without having an accident other...


hello I am new

Hello I am a mother of a daughter Jordyn 5 years old and a son Grayden who is 2 years old. My son Grayden was born healthy or so we thought. At about 2 months old we realized...


Really need some help

Hi ladies. I really need some advice and feedback on my situation. I'm recently single mom, since May of this year. My ex and I are maintaining a good relationship for the...


should i have kept quiet?

My hubby was at work last night while i was home with the kids. my step kids come over every weekend. i won't bore you with ALL the details so i will simply state that my SD...

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