I have 3 grown daughters & they don't get along to well. Two of them do cause there married & have houses & jobs. The other one is a single mom & is jealous of the things my...


Parents Without Partners Organization...

Hello All, I just joined the Circle of Moms group today and with hopes to find other single moms in Northern California, El Dorado County and surrounding areas. I WANT TO...

Started by Shemiah on 05/19/2010 in Single Moms

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Does anyone have any information or experience with one twin being ready for preschool and the other twin not being ready? Is it advisable to send one on preschool without the...

Started by Emily on 06/15/2010 in Twins

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Photographer wanna be

Hi, I'm new here and just introducing myself. I'm a mom who's a photographer wanna be. Unfortunately a DSLR camera is out of the budget for me so I got a new Super Zoom camera...

Started by Jamie on 08/23/2010 in Creative Moms

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im new here. just joined. friend of my daughter invited me to circle of moms. im a single mom of 4; and they were all classified as "special needs"; but my last 2 at home have...



Hi everybody! I'm new to the community and wanted to introduce myself. I'm Angie, I am a single mom to a six year old boy with severe ADHD and sensory issues. He has been tested...

Started by Badgranola@gmail.com on 09/03/2010 in Gluten Free Kids

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coffe makers

Anyone got a good one worth sharing? Seem to replace them every year. We are coffee lovers & use ours daily. Heating plate always rusts through, etc.....Finally broke down &...


FINALLY! People who understand!

Hi, I am a mom of three ( almost 7yo, 4yo, and 1yo) and received my dx about 4 years ago. I kept it a secret at first (I was so embarrassed by it), but a really bad exacerbation...


How do you teach your twin toddlers?

I'm a single mom of twins boys (2 1/2 y.o.), they were born 4 months early and have had some issues w/ speaking. They started crawling and walking at appropriate times but the...

Started by Ashley on 09/18/2011 in Twins

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Anyone want to be my Zoo buddy?

I am living in Salt Lake City. I am a young mom with a 2.5 year old mini me! We have a zoo pass that includes 2 guests free (kids under 3 get in free anyway), free train rides...

Started by Kim on 09/20/2011 in Utah Moms

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My daughter and I

My daughter Sophia (9 months) and I (26) just moved in with my mom on the first of October. Sophia has learn to crawl on her knees, pull herself up, and has become very aware of...

Started by Brittany on 11/08/2011 in Des Moines, IA Moms

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You can do it

Just wanted to share my story with teen moms and single mothers. When I was 18 and a senior in high school I got the most unexpected news ever I found out I was going to be a...

Started by Waynia on 12/06/2012 in Back-to-School

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I need help with financial advice

I'm a single mom who lives in the Chicago area. Rents out here are expensive to say the least. Rent is usually one whole paycheck and sometimes more. I only get $100 a month...


New parents

My husband is at work from 12 to9pm. He comes home tired and takes his anger and stress out on me. I feel bad he is tired but i don't know what to do. Like I've suggested he...


first time mommy

Wow , I'm not along ! My son suffered from a fetal stroke on the right side and brain damage .he was in the hospital for two weeks in nicu hooked up to a breathing machine and a...