I need help with custody advice

Okay, So I am a teen in college. When I found out I was pregnant I told the father and he has not said a word to me since. His mom contated me and told me he will not promise...


Hi:) Just introducing myself!

Hi my name is Hollie. I am nearly 22 and have a 20 month old daughter named Abbey Rose. I am a single stay at home mum and i am studying part time my diploma of accounting. I...


Peanut allergy

My son started kindergarten this year. He has a peanut allergy that is life threatening. His school is not peanut free but they do have a peanut free table. At the beginning...


Waiting for a foster-to-adopt referral

My husband & I are approved to adopt thru DSS. We have one bio-daughter already. We're waiting for our case worker to call with good news, but we were told it would probably be...


Bed Rest

I'm on bed rest now until the end of my pregnancy (Dec. 4th) because my cervix is thinning out too fast. I'm now at a high risk of having a premature baby and my doctor is...

Started by Amber on 08/27/2010 in Expecting

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Getting a child use to school

My 3 year old started school in Sept and still hasnt adjusted yet. Now when she goes to school she shakes uncontrollable and cry. She stated that she is scared of everything...

Started by Katrina on 11/05/2009 in Toddlers

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Does anyone have experience with this? I truly believe it to be legitimate, but I am still feeling doubt about my decision to use this birth method. I am in my last...


Hi Gina

I saw your PPD support and wanted to let you know that I had joined. I have an 11 month old baby and am a stay at home Mom. I also have been struggling with PPD for close to a...


My toddler loves his daddy more :(

I'm hoping that by posting I might find other moms in my similar situation. For as long as I can remember my son has always preferred his father over me. Even when he was a...

Started by Morrisa on 12/09/2010 in Toddlers

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cos he works !!!

cos my bf works 12 hrs a day he expects his tea dne then he just sits on the laptop all night then gose bed and he calls me lazy im lookin after my daughter all day he thinks im...

Started by Hailey on 08/09/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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Nasty 15 year old step daughter

I have been helping a 15 year old step daughter for 8 years now. Things finally blew up last night, oh happy Mother's Day. Nasty and entitled is a description in a nutshell....