Potty training a boy!

I need some tips on how to get my son potty trained. He is almost three and I would like to start hard core training him after his birthday. Please help and let me know maybe...

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I am missing my little one

I am missing my little one i let her go spend time w/ her dad over seas & its killing me that i have not been with in almost a year. To top it all off her main purpose for goin...

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Breastfeeding past 1 year

My son has just turned one year, and I was hoping to breast feed at least through the winter but I am worried my milk supply won't last since my son is really decreasing the...


I'm curious.............

I have always heard that breastfeeding protects your baby from catching colds etc. But as we are all coughing and blowing our noses yet again (thanks to my eldest daughters...


What can I expect w my second c-section???

I am getting ready to have my second c-section in Aug, and I am kind of nervous! I had to have an emergency c section w/ my first born becauseI would not diolate, so my dr is...

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Breast Milk to Whole Milk PLEASE HELP!

My daughter turned 1 year on April 10th , I've breast fed her since her first day of life. I love the bonding but now she has 8 teeth & i think its about time i stop with the...

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Hard BM

My 1 year is having trying going number 2. I called a nurse and she said to give her suppositories, but my baby some how pushes it out of her butt. When she has to go #2 she...

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mix feeding

I've succesfully been brestfeeding my son for 4 months now and was thinking of mix feeding so my fiancee and I can go out for dinner and do the normal "couple thing." I know i...

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My mother is comming home from texas for his birthday which is on the 4th this will be her 2nd time seeing him i want him to walk for her but he acts like he is scared. He can...

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Any good POTTY TRAINING tips....

My 2 1/2 year old little girl tells me after she has used the bathroom in her pull up....Any suggestions from any Moms out there would be appreciated....

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ten month old and pregnant again....

does anyone have any advice on how to deal with a ten month old and morning sickness??? im a stay at home mom and i am so sick and tired all day long. i just wanna go to sleep....


HELP! My Daughter HATES Her Crib!!

I have a 6 month old little girl. We transfered her from bassinet to crib at 3 months, and she did fine, for a little while. Now, every time i lay her in her crib at night, she...

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1 year old only sleeps in her crib

Ok so I know I'm going to probably sound crazy and a lot of moms will tell me that I should be happy about this(which I am), but I have a couple concerns.....my daughter won't...


Postpartum hair loss!!!

Hello, everybody! I am a mother of an eleven month old and I have started noticing my hair falling out in CLUMPS when she was about six and a half months old. She is eleven...

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Son cries the WHOLE time @ preschool

My son is 4yrs old. He goes 3hr/2dys a wk. The teacheer tells me he cries the whole time & there has been no improvement since the first time he went (2wks ago). Not sure...

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I am new to this circle of Mums. I am 54 years old and have 2 grown sons. Christopher is 32 and has blessed me with 3 grandsons; Zachary 11, Alec 6, and Nathan 4. My youngest...

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My husband retired from the Army a yr ago and we are in Ky. I have 2 teenagers and dont know allot of ppl here. So I guess am looking for friends


questions about breast feeding

hi iv got 6 weeks left till my baby is due and im seriously thinking about breast feeding, whats it like? does it hurt? emma xxxx

Started by Emma on 03/09/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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