Having Surgery

My 7-yr old is having her tonsils and adnoids removed in about 2 and half weeks. She is terrifed and beginning to have nightmares. I have done everything I know to calm her....


Mum at 17

Hi I'm 23 now but I was 17 when I ahd my first daughter, 19 the second and had my third daughter last year. If you would like to ask something that I might be able to help with...


my child is a follower

i have a 5 and half year son and he is defently not a leader, he is a follower and coppies everything his friend do which is getting him in trouble, he also does everything they...

Started by Jodi on 05/16/2009 in School-Age Kids

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Pregnant with me 2nd.....

Iv just found out im pregnant with my second baby.My 1st is just 13months so he will be 2 once the babys here. Im alot more nervous than excited this time im worried about the...


4 months ago!

I am 17 and my boyfriend walked out on me and my daughter and move to florida and didnt help at all(I live in indiana). Now he wants to come back to make things right for ava do...

Started by Charlotte on 01/15/2010 in Brunette Moms

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Introduce yourself

I am a mum of 3,( 2 girls & 1 boy) with another on the way. I am from the uk(northeast) & I enjoy gardening, I have started grown fruit & veg. Share your ideas, tips & photos....


Bussing and Epiliptics

My daughter is in grade two this year, and they are in their fifth week of school. I've transfered her to a new school this year because she was being discriminated against at...


Twins coming into a family of 4 children.

Well i just found out i am expecting twins. not a big deal for some. I already have 4 kids. AAAHHH. Yes so i am jumping from 4 to 6 kids in a short time. Any advice from...

Started by Amanda on 01/09/2011 in Twins

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Please Help!

Hi im a single mom of a wonderful little 2 yr old girl who i adore loads and cant imagine life without her and her dad dont want to no ive recently got a new partner we have bin...

Started by Stephanie on 01/27/2011 in Single Moms

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I am suffering from Anxiety which i dont really understand myself and find it hard to explain how i feel,i am under going help from councellors for it and talking things...

Started by Kat on 08/14/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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I've just about had it!

I'm am going to flip my lid soon! My hubby and I have a soon to be one year old and I feel like I get no help from him! I completely understand he has a full time job and is...