Pls help. My nine year old daughter has got into the habit of lying. She will look me in the eye and swear she is telling the truth, followed by tears if she is not believed,...


My little princess.

I am the mother 0f 3 children ages 8,7, and 3 going on 34. My children are my whole world and I love them dearly. My older children are both boys and the baby is the only...


#3 might be my breaking point

I knew three would be hard but he hasn't even shown up and I am overwhelmed. I need to get off the pity party but I get so angry with my husband and frustrated with my two girls...


"I can't"

My son keeps telling me he cannot clean up, but I know he can. I've explained to him in the simplest terms how to do it, and I kept it short too : Pick up the lego on the floor,...


Pumping at work

My second baby is due in February. I will be on maternity leave for 2 months, then it's back to work. Based on my job (and commute time) I will be away from my baby :-( for...

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Baby won't take a bottle

My daughter is almost 8 months old. For the first couple of months, she'd take a pumped bottle every once in while with no issues. I'm now at the point where I let my MIL...


naps and sleep training

Hi.. I'm a nursing mom and I made a big mistake in letting the baby nurse himself to sleep... My problem is his naps.. He'll nurse till he falls asleep but if I move him to his...

Started by Jenifer on 01/19/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Prouder than punch!

Just have to share this! Tonight was my eldest daughter's dance recital (highland and step). Costumes were amazing, professional makeup and hair boy was she ever excited. She...

Started by Jaime on 05/27/2009 in CoM Friends!!

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bad skin

my son is just over 6 months old and has bad exzema on his face neck back and chest. we have had several trips to the doctors and everytime we just get yet ANOTHER cream and...


Separation Anxiety

My son is almost 13 months old and going through the separation anxiety phase. However, his case of separation anxiety is incredibly severe. He had a bone marrow transplant at 8...


my son just won't sleep at night!!!

is anyone else having trouble trying to get their child to sleep at night? We ahve a reagualr bedtiem routine and all used to be good it's this new thing to just stay up and...

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would love advice!

my fiance just told me that hes want to join the military .. im not sure what to think about it. we are really struggling right now and he thinks this is a good step to...


Do you know what Heaven is really like?

I want to share a story with everyone. A true story! I was 17 and in High School. We (jazz band) went to a competition and stayed in a Hotel. The Hotel had an indoor swimming...

Started by Tonya on 10/26/2009 in Christian Mommies

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