loving the love child

just wondering what everyone else thinks they would do in this situation. my friends husband cheated on her and got another girl pregnant. but before they found out this girl...

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The all-knowing board

Just a clever tip I picked up from the awesome ladies here and I thought I'd share because time after time it saves my ass. Giant whiteboard on the wall just inside my door,...


Is my husband the only one who

And it's time for another enthralling round of "Is my husband the only one who __________ ?" (ecstatic applause ensues) Ok, seriously, all kidding aside: I genuinely can't tell...

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Feeling contempt.

I love my 4yo son and 2yo daughter, and I agreed to be a SAHM before we had kids. But I didn't know what I was in for. My son is so loud and energetic and I can't seem to...

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18yr old son

My son will be 18 on the 30th dec he is already a nightmare says when he s 18 can do what he likes when he likes and no one is going to stop him sam

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tell about your RUBE people in public?!?!

LETs hear what are your storys when people come up to you? What do u say back... My story: Im 22 now but i dont look it. Married but still people would look at me with...

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Unexpectedly Pregnant Again - Ack!

Hi Ladies, I'm feeling a little freaked out and isolated. So, I'm turning to my sisters in Christ for some support and advice. I am a working mom (and wife) with a 3 yr...

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What to do?

3 year old son: 102.6 degree fever. Gave him Tylenol. He is resting. Is the fever still too high? Doctor, hospital?


Ear Tubes.

Does Anyone's children have tubes in their ears? Was it a good experience and are you happy you got them put in? Jocelyn is 14 months and has had 4 ear infections in the last...