need some advice

Hello everybody, I am a single mother and I go to school full time and work part sometimes full time. When I am at work and school her father and my mother watch her for me. I...

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Daily Schedule

What is your baby's schedule like? Having the luxury of being a stay at home mom, I'm doing a "go with the flow" schedule, feeding on demand and letting him nap when he...


I need help

When i had my son, i was still living with my mom and everything was great. Deakin was sleeping in his own crib all night until he was about 5 months old and we moved into our...

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New schedule=new routine?????

Ok so i am just about to start a new job and am switching from first shift to second shift that way i will be able to go to school in the fall and also still be able to work so...


rough night..

Wow- what a tough night- DS1 went to sleep at nine, finally. I think we duked it out for 2 hours.. I feel like his behavior has regressed so badly in the last week or so....


Why Is my 10 month old a Light Sleeper?

My 10 month old still sleeps in her cot in the same room as me (due to the fact she still wakes up once a night and we have to currently wean her from breast to bottle) due to...


Is it normal to feel guilty about this?

Due to circumstances (moving back in with my mom after my divorce), my daughter and I have shared a bed since she was 10 months old. She'll be 4 in Oct. I've been in a serious...

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Nighttime Nursing Dilemma

My 12 week old has decreased his nighttime nursing sessions. He used to be on my breast at least 10 minutes before he'd take a breather or fall asleep. Now he falls asleep like...


Baby Wise Method

Apologies if this was recently asked, but I am wondering what other moms think of the baby wise method. I just finished reading the book and I would love to hear if this has...


E.A.S.Y. method questions...

Do any other moms out there use the E.A.S.Y (eat, activity, sleep, you time) method?? I've been trying it the past couple days and I think it's working out okay but I'm not...

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How much is to much???

I have a 9month old boy, He is insanely large....Like the size of a 2yr old large as hid dad is 6ft 6.... Tall and solid not chunky and he has 4 feeds of solids every day and...


Staying at Home

Well this is going to be the first time I am staying home with my kids and I'm kinda freaking out. They both have been in day care their entire lives and now I"m not working....

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Dad has returned!

I have 3 boys total, but 2 are with my ex husband.They are 13 and 11. We were together for 15 years,married for 7 and now have been divorced for 7.He decided 6 years ago to move...

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too much!

my husband has been out of work since january. we have a two year old and a 7 month old at home and then i have two step kids that live with their mom. I am soooooo....stressed...