Toddlers who had adenoid & tonsillectomy

My son is 2.5 and scheduled for adenoid & tonsillectomy in a couple weeks. We have been through 1.5 years of illnesses, sleep apnea, snoring, hyperactivity due to inadequate...

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My son is 2.5months and has his first cold, I took him to the ER last night to get him checked out because he had a fever of 100 and he has an ear infection too. They listen to...



I was wondering whether AP actually contributes to less/no nightmares our LOs have to go through. The nightmares I remember from my childhood (and it is amazing how clear I...


the husband!!

ok so my husband works and im a sah for now!! but he works like 4 days a wk and 4-8 hrs a day. he wont do anything with our son bc "hes too tired"!! i have been gettin up odd...

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Going to start Intuniv

I wanted to review what parents thought about this medication as my son is going to start today/tomorrow and found this site. His dr. is switching him from Focalin XR and we...


Help stop the screaming

I have 3 daughters. My youngest will be a year old in about a week. Ever since I took her home from the hospital she has been a screamer. She cried when put down since the day...

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Quick Survey

am starting my own breastfeeding support website and I thought I'd get some input from all of you! Whenever you have a chance could you please send me your answers to these...

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My two year old having melt downs!

I think I broke her by spoiling her when she was a baby by always picking her up and never bringing her around out her people because now that she is two she doesn't want to be...

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Working from home

Hi all! My daughter, Rowan, is 4.5 months old (born June 6th). I've recently begun working from home which is great but I have to leave her for an hour at a time. I have...

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Hi everyone =)

I'm Amie, as the name says. =) I'm a mom of 2 beautiful girls and one handsome son. My fiance and I are expecting our 4th at the end of March/09. Our oldest Nicole is 8, our son...

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How do you go about weaning?

Oh, what does one do to get a baby on another track, when the first and last thing you hear in a day is " milk please mommy" Dr. says 6 times a day too much for his age, start...