Bedtime routine

I was wondering what your bedtime routine is? Especially those with multiple children. I have 2 children, age 1 & 3. I usually put my 1 yr old to bed about 7 pm. I rock him, if...

Started by Amy on 02/24/2010 in Working Moms

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What do I do?

Ok so my 19 month old son had a febrile seizure a few months ago. Well he has had a total of 3 seizures. only one febrile seizure since June. Now the Dr decided that he is...


sister in law

as if i didn't have enough trouble with bryan's parents. now my own brothers wife is maliciously trying to hurt me. we moved closer about 9 months ago, to be closer to family....


A Mother is a Mother, no matter the type

I've noticed many comments on this site insinuating that the only person who should be considered a child's mother is the woman who physically gave birth to the child. Why is...

Started by Amanda D on 08/26/2014 in Step Parenting

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My name is Krissmas, which I hate and go by my middle name, Kristen. I am 23, almost 24 and have 3 awesome kids, Austin-5, Hunter-2, and Gbariella will be one in 10 days!

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two month old wont nap

hey everyone, I'm a new mom to a beautiful two month old boy. and I was wondering if anyone else had trouble with putting them down for a nap? like, he'll NEVER nap during the...

Started by Jessica on 02/04/2009 in Moms Of BOYS

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Hi everybody, I'm new to all this, my little Emilia keeps me so busy that I barely check facebook anymore. Anyway, it'll be nice to share experiences and comments with other...

Started by Maria on 03/02/2009 in June 2008 Babies

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Introducing Myself.

Hi. My name is Amanda. I'm 21 years old. Im going to be a single mom. I'm due in August. I'm having a Girl. It's my first child. In a way I'm nervous, and in a way I'm excited....

Started by Amanda on 05/19/2009 in Moms Under 30

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Kids with sever Eczema

My son has SUPER bad eczema We have been too a pediatic dermatologyst twice about to be 3 times next month I have like a thousand Creams for him and what he is on now seems to...


What to do when feeding habits change ?

Hello Moms! My 4 month old does not eat as much while he's in daycare. He chooses to play, smile and sleep. He is happy but he does not eat as often (every 2 hours) while he's...


4 year old being so bad!

Calling all moms of children 3 and up... I need advice. My son is being so bad everywhere. He won't listen. He's being mean to the kitten. Hitting girls/people at school....


Stressed out

I'm a 22 almost 23 year old single mom to the most beautiful little girl God could have ever blessed me with. I love her with every inch of my being. Unfortunately she has colic...