Bottles at night!!!!

HI, Please help, my babay boy is 2 years old and he drinks about 5 Bottles at night and 1 during the day, what can I do??????


how do i wean my lil girl

my lil girl is 15 mths old nd is totally dependent on my milk to put her to sleep............she wants my milk all thru the nite................she has her three regular meals...


My 18 month old and her binky

My daughter is almost 18 months old and she is still using her binky... i don't have a problem with it... but most of my family say that she shouldn't have it anymore... they...


Hello Everyone :D

I am a mom of 2 pre-teens. My oldest is almost 10-(2 weeks to go). She was diagnosed with ODD and ADHD and ADD combined type. We love her to peices!!!!! I am married to my best...


Separation Anxiety

My 22 month old son is having severe separation anxiety. Until about 4 weeks ago, he loved going to daycare and was happy to go to bed. Now, he cries and clings to me when I...

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fighting children

i have joined january 07 babies. and yes he is very stubborn. i have 4 other children aged 9,8,7, and 4. and it is hard work. does anybody elses children fight continually.

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My 2 1/2 year old son Nicholas occasionally suffers from severe nasal congestion. His lungs are fine, but his breathing, especially when he sleeps can be difficult. He often...

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re: Routines for our babies

Hello Ladies, My little Lila Mae was born on May 6, 2009 and I was wondering if you have your little ones on a routine yet. I had my first child on a routine by 3 months but...

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His first cold

Briton has his first cold. His nose is stuffy, his has a cough and has been fighting a very low grade fever. I've spoken with the drs. office and I'm already using saline drops,...


Still Breastfeeding

I'm still breastfeeding, yes i know my son is two and a half. My goal originally was to go til he was one and then he turned two. and now he's 2 1/2. i'm happy i did it because...

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1 oz of milk = fussy baby!!

My daughter is 7.5 weeks, and will not finish a whole bottle of breast-milk without "fussing". I know that most babies need to be burped after a few oz; before finishing the...


gettign my baby off the bottle

My son is 7 months old and i would liket og et him off bottles unless its for sleeping. im trying to give him one for bed at night one in the mornign when he wakes for now but i...