HELP!!!!!!!!my baby has turned off formula

hi my baby boy is 4 months old about 2 weeks ago he started to not drink his bottles he used to drink 7 ounces 5 times a day now hes lucky to have half that..he also has been...

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one twin with colic

Hello everyone! My name is Wendy and I'm new here. My twin boys, Isaac & Zac, are 7 weeks old and Isaac either has colic or reflux. Any suggestions? My older daughter Rhiana...

Started by Honey on 07/15/2009 in Twins

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How to increase breastmilk supply?

I am a mum to a 2 weeks old baby. I wants to know the fastest way to increase my milk supply. Presently I managed to pump 20 to 40ml each time only. Please help!


Colic- oh my!

My son is 6 weeks old and has bouts of colic. As he gets older, it seems, it is getting worse. He's a great baby and sits very calmly and looks around until we feed him. Some...


My sons bed wetting Issues!

My 4 year old son has been potty trained during the day since he was 2 and a half years old. A month before he turned three he had a bad accident. Before this accident he was...

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How do you finish the weening process?

My son is 15 months old and eats everything under the sun. We have been gradually reducing the breastfeeding and are down to the last one right before bed. The complication is...

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Adding a 3rd kid

I might be pregnant with my third and I just had my second 2 months ago. I've never been on any kind of birth control, mostly because I don't know how the hormones would afect...


Carseat Question

Allison is 6 months old and her lil feet are starting to hang over the edge of her carseat. I've heard from different people that if their feet hang over it can be dangerous....


Nursery or child minder

Not a debate but i value your oppinions so thats why ive posted it here. I dont know wether to send my 9 month ols to nusery or a child minder. Im swaying more towards a child...

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Weight lose and breast feeding How to Do IT

I am looking for some answers to my question I really want to lose weight as well as breastfeed with out losing my milk any one got and help full hints my little boy is not able...