My 3 year old son has started saying

" my dad hates me" im shocked and upset by this as i try my best to give him a good balance . He sees his dad twice a week one of these times are a sleep over. I dont know what...

Started by Gillian on 11/29/2011 in Single Moms

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Snoring Partner?

Just wondering if anyone else is dealing with a partner who snores. I am having a really difficult time lately trying to figure out what to do about it. I have always slept with...

Started by Tracy on 12/14/2011 in June 2011 Babies

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night shift and being a mom

I work night shifts and I am a mommy to two little girls, ages 3 and 1. Thank G-d. Anyway, I try and nap with them before a night shift and afterward, my older one is in...

Started by Rivka on 01/22/2012 in RN Moms

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Teeth Grinding

My 2 year old has been grinding her teeth while she sleeps? Should I take her to the dentist? How do I get her to stop? What is makeing her grind her teeth?

Started by Laura on 02/01/2012 in June 2009 Babies

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Waking up

My daughter is 7.5 months. she wakes up crying in the middle of her sleep. I go in and pick her up and she stops crying. I do not know if she has a stomach ache or if it's...


sepration anxiety in a 3 1/2 yr old.

My daughter goes to preschool one day a week on wednesdays. her nana takes her and has since it started (dad and i both work) She did wonderful the many first weeks except now...

Started by Theresa on 03/28/2012 in Toddler Moms

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Just wanted to make sure the women out there were doing ok with the ppd struggle. I hope things are getting better. Remember to sleep and keep adjusting your meds you might...


Peeing to bed

my fully potty trained 3 yr old just started peeing to bed when he has not peed to bed for months now....why is this happening? We have a new baby but he never did this till...

Started by Chasity on 05/01/2012 in Stay At Home Moms

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8 month old chicken pox!!!

my 8 month old has chicken pox and is sooooo uncomfortable. He can;t sleep,tosses and turns. How can i soothe him and make him feel better? Calamine lotion not helping.