how to have us time again

My fiance and I just had are first child ,Alexa and she has colic and reflux we have changed formula done gas drops and 2 different types of reflux medicine I am my fiance works...

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5 month old son got sick while breastfeeding

Hi. I'm 19 and I've been exclusively breastfeeding my son since birth. He would never take a bottle and honestly I'm ok with that because I love the alone time with him. He woke...

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Going through a break up with my baby's father

I'm 23 no job no car with a 6 month old baby girl. I'm boyfriend is going to the NFL . I broke up with him. And now I can't eat can't sleep. I haven't ate in 4 days. I don't...

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Getting my 2 yr old off bottle

My 2 year old won't get off bottle he bites through his nipples I wanted him off the bottle after 12 months but husband wasn't supportive and went against me along with everyone...



I need help. I am a stay at home mom of a 3 yr old who is almost 4 and a 2 yr old. My husband works all the time but most weekends, he is off. He is a good father and tries to...

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Single mom of 4. Overwhelmed and stress.

I'm a single mom for the secound time. I have 4 kids. My parents have been a great help though. The last few months have been hard. We had to move do to financial reasons. Kids...

Started by Brittany on 09/16/2015 in Stay At Home Moms

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Baby cries when put in the crib

Hy ladies. My little one is 14 weeks. She always slept in the crib... Crying more or less when put there. But now... Is like something is wrong... I feed her... Burb... Holding...


10 months old baby developments

my daughter turns 10 months old last january 20 2016, and since she was 5 months she was really attracted to animals like dog, cat chicken like everytime she saw one she...


Rice Cereal

I just gave my 4 month old girl rice cereal and she was fine eating it but when she was done she started crying i had to breastfeed her to sleep then she woke up 20 mins later i...



typing one handed so excuse the spelling and grammer ! I am mum to little Isabella born 10th june 2008 , our 4th little girl . She loves eating , playing with her...

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Proud to be a breast feeding mom!!

I have four kids and breast fed all of them. My older two boys I nursed til they were one and a half years old. first girl only nursed til she was six or seven months. She...


Feeding Advice for 9 Month Old

Our pediatrician wants us to give our 9 month old 3 meals, 2 snacks and 3 bottles a day. Spacing them 2 hours apart, (bottle, breakfast, snack, lunch, bottle, snack, supper,...


working mom and breastfeeding

I'm a working mom who struggles with the issues of pumping, engorgement, sleepless nights, and continuing hormones :) But I do love it! especially the 600 extra calories...

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