How to say buh bye to the paci?

My daughter can be very attached to her pacifier when she sees it. She only has it when she sleeps. We take it away when she wakes up. And I can deal with the screaming if I...

Started by Kathleen on 05/05/2009 in October 2007 Babies

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my son is 3 and a half & untill recently has been a great sleeper. now it is becoming harder and harder to get him to go to & stay asleep in his own room. he says hes having...



My name is Shawna Ortega and I have been married for almost 2 years in Dec. with 5 children living in our home. My husband has custody of his three boys ages - 11, 8, and 6 and...

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Thumb Sucking

My 22 month old has his thumb in his mouth all the time. He sucks on it while sleeping, while playing, while eating, while talking and anything else you can think of. He sucks...


Enfamil RestFull anyone?

Hi! My baby boy is 11 weeks old and is not anywhere near sleeping through the night! I have to go back to work soon so we are trying things to get him to sleep longer. We...

Started by Stacey on 10/31/2009 in Teacher Moms

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sickness and milk supply

My son is 4 months old and has been EBF. In the past month I have had the flu and now I am sick with a bad cold. I have noticed a drastic drop in my supply in the past 2 weeks...

Started by Jennifer on 11/05/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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How to keep my 33 month old to stay in her bed...

We are trying to get our little girl to stay in her "big girl" bed and fall asleep on her own. She continues to get up...sometimes crying, sometimes not, but she does this for...

Started by Carrie on 11/15/2009 in Toddler Moms

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Kids with sever Eczema

My son has SUPER bad eczema We have been too a pediatic dermatologyst twice about to be 3 times next month I have like a thousand Creams for him and what he is on now seems to...


Moving son from my bed to his own

So, my son will be 2 June 16th and I don't know how to move him to his own bed, he has slept in our bed since he was born, but with the new baby coming in May I need to get him...


baby monitors

I am looking for a baby monitor that I can use outside while my son is napping. I have been doing a bit of research, but thought I would ask for user opinions. I have one...


What do you feed for breakfast?

I just cut my daughter off formula and the schedule before was an 8oz bottle of formula for breakfast at 9:30am and then 4oz at 11:30 then nap time at around noon. After she got...

Started by Crystal on 06/24/2010 in June 2009 Babies

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Similac Sensitive vs. Gentlease

Did anyone have the problem on Similac Sensitive that their babies poops were gross. My four month old kept getting Diahrea but was comfortable and was sleeping through the...

Started by Melissa on 07/07/2010 in Moms Under 30

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Growth Spurt?

My 13 week old girl is soooo hungry! For this past week! She went from being a text-book 3hour nurser and sleeping 12 hrs at night w/o a feed to eating what feels like non-stop....

Started by Jenni on 08/19/2010 in Babies And Infants

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