hi everyone.

Hi my name is Angela, i'm 27 and I have a little boy who was born Aug,20th 2007. Currently I'm a stay at home mom...i couldn't bear to put my son in day care, i don't want to...

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Stay at Home Mom Issues!!!!!

I am a stay at home mom, my son is almost 14 months and he is the greatest little guy. He is literally the perfect baby. He goes to bed at 9pm and wakes up at 10am and takes a...

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Potty training

My daughter and her boyfriend are basically raising his....yes his 2yr girl. They want to potty break her but they can't seem to find the right stuff. She is totally in love...


Bedwetting Nightmare!

I have a 5 year old boy that is in Kindergarten this year. He was completely potty trained for the day time at 24 months. I was thinking that I was one of the luckiest moms...


potty training

I am currently trying to potty train my middle daughter who will be 3 in July. I have tried a timer, a reward system, a stupid/funny potty dance, three diferent pottys, and big...


Teaching your baby "No"

I'm having the worst time trying to teach my 14month old "no". Here is the situation... I am saying "no" when he is doing stuff like climbing on the entertainment center, poking...


Did going back to work help you feel better?

I am a FTM to a 10 week old baby and will be on maternity leave for another 3 weeks. I have come to realize that I don't have what it takes to be a SAHM and counting the days...

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Potty training for Boys

ok I just to sit down my son but now my husband is showing him standing up and it has work for 3 times he make a few drops but actully he does not want to go to the toilet to...


overwhelemed mom

hi im 21 and i have a 20 month old and and another on the way in dec. lately ive been feeling trapped like i cant go or do anything without my son. im a stay at home mom while...


potty training

I'm trying to get my son out of diapers completely but he can't understand the concept of going #2 in the potty . He will only go #1 . I'm also trying to get my son to stop...


Help please!!

OK so my daughter Dekota is almost 10 months I have been breastfeeing her since she was born! Now she has teeth nothing I do stops her from bitting and pulling back! It hurts SO...

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More than Terrible Two's!

My son will be three in September. His behavior is something that I have never seen in other children. He goes into violent rages and he can pack a punch. He will be...



I'm bout to try a different med for the 3rd try... has anyone ever experience Daytrana with there child... my son is almost 9. Tomorrow will be the first day to start the...



Hey everyboby Im 19 years old and this is my first child. I need some help on what some signs are for teething. My son will be 2 months on the 9 of this month, and i...

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Niece broke out head to toe awful.

My 4 year old niece has been diagnosed with atopic dermatitis and it is bad I mean not an inch of skin I can find is with out rash she has had secondary infections and then a...

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Fetal Stroke

Hello, all. I have a beautiful 3.5 month old baby girl who suffered a stroke while I was in labor with her. Sustained some brain damage, but so far, all seems "normal."...