My baby boy just turned 6 months yesterday. I have him on starter baby food and he loves it. Anyways, he does not sleep through the night, i wake up about 2 times a night on...

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My baby won't wear shoes (volentarily)

My 14 month old daughter HATES shoes with a vigorous passion. She will scream bloody murder when I try to put them on her and while wearing them will only crawl even though she...


Pregnant while he's deployed...anyone else?

Hey there, Just curious if anyone else is currently pregnant while their hubby is deployed? Or have you gone thru a pregnancy while he's been away? Looking to chat with people...

Started by Samantha on 03/03/2010 in Army Wives Club

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I have an honest to goodness question about this. See, I have a friend that is VERY feminist. To the point where she told me it would damage my daughter if I painted her room...

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children at protests

What do you think when you see young children at protests , ive seen photos of kids at abortion protests , ive seen first hand children at logging protests , war protests ....

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verbal abuse and emotional abuse

Hie my name is neara,and I'm new to this site,I'm am 5 months preagnant,and I'm just looking for some answers and help,,,,well I'm in a a verbal abusive relationship with my...

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The Best Thing for baby

I enjoy breastfeeding and everything because it's best for my baby, but no one told me it would be so hard to stop.

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help with dinner please

my son whenever i make pasta (which i make alot because i love it)will not eat it so i have to make 2 diff meals which gets hard on the food ,hell eat everything else like rice...

Started by Stacey on 08/04/2009 in Toddler Moms

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frustrated with eldest

I love my oldest son very much he is 24yrs old ... but is doing absolutely nothing with his life ... no matter what incentive I may give to lean him towards a better way of life...


Making baby food?

I am looking for others who have made homemade baby food. I am getting ready to start my son on veggies and I was wondering what you used to make it with (ex. blender, special...

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So my son turned 2 on october 2 and i notice in other kids that they are talking full and carson is not. He says little words and things here and there but not great.. I have a...

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Skips a nap?

Sometimes after eating and playing there are no signs my 5 month old is tired. Before I know it it is time for the next feeding 3 hours later. By the way... sometimes its 3...

Started by Michelle on 05/19/2010 in Babywise Mom's

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Sleep routine not working?

Hi everyone, my 19 month old girl suddenly is not willing to go to her crib and sleep anymore. She used to be great, I'd read and sing for her, she'd be either drowsy or asleep...


Any one have experience with this?

I am a first time mom with a nine month old son. He usually goes to bed on his own at 8pm. One night last week, we heard a terrible wailing scream coming from his room. I...


Almost 3 yr old...picks skin??

My Molly, who is almost 3, has lately been picking her skin around her toes and fingers. I keep them nice and trimmed...I just don't know why she's doing this. Should I be...

Started by Angel on 05/29/2011 in Toddler Moms

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