Birthday Dilema!!

I have two children (ages 6 and 3) They each have birthdays coming up this summer. When I asked them where they wanted to have their parties my son(age 6) says the park. My...

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the thing about autism

I'm the mom of an almost 9 yr. old boy with severe autism......he was diag. at age 2 and since that time I've realized why sites like this are soooo important; not that I'm...


So hurt that I've shut down.

I feel bad for saying this, or even feeling it. My 14 year old SS is such a nightmare. Steals, lies, refuses to do homework or chores. It got so bad that he was even refusing to...

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Optic nerve glioma

I'm new here & my son was just diagnosed with a brain tumor, specifically an optic nerve glioma. we start chemo next week and I am so scared. The drugs will be vincristine and...


gift ideas for husband while being a SAHM

my husbands bday along with xmas is coming up and since i am a sahm i now have no income but the money he gives me...what are some creative ways of giving him gifts without...

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Conversations about dads....

I have a 4 yr old who has no contact with his dad but has lately been asking alot of questions about where his dad is and such because when he goe sto school his friends dads...

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A 2 year old and a Bottle

Hi all my Daughter is now 2 years old and still taking a bottle to bed. I have stopped her morning ones but can't seem to stop the night ones yet. Any advice would be great or...


Pushing Against Authority

Yes, this is probably normal for a child of my son's age, but it seems so FIERCE in him! I can see where he gets it from, but man, am I ever frustrated! The deal is that he...


Potty Training

Does anyone know what the best way to potty train a two and a half year old would be? He will tell me after he has went to the bathroom, or he will wait until I take his dirty...



My 9 month old son has recently started biting my husband and I. He has not bitten other kids or adults. At first I thought it was a teething thing, but then his teeth came...


Help thru a Deployment...

My Husband left in May for a year in Korea. I have 3 kids, but lately I feel like I am drowning. Can anyone tell me how to make it better for me and the kids. I can't seem to...



My 18 month old daughter still breastfeeds for comfort not nourishment as I have a very little milk. I bought bitter aloe but have no clue how to use it. Its was in a box and is...

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troubles eating

my 2 1/2 year old refuses to eat in the morning and in the after noon. she likes to drink lots of fluids, but once i notice, i stopped her and limited her drinks. i've tried...

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my daughter does not seem to talk alot. When i mean dont talk i mean she does not say many words and some of the mate kids.

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