need help getting off formula

my little man is 4 weeks old and is on both breast and formula. He was9 lb 5oz at birth, he was delivered with help of a vacum thing? His delivery left him a nasty bruise on...

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.Our daughter was born with a cleft of the soft palate on March 12, she was 6.13lbs today at almost 3 months she only weighs 8.3lbs. I am pumping and giving her my milk but it...


HELP!!!! coughing and puking!!

My daughter had a cold for a few weeks, runny nose cough. No big deal. But the past week and a half she has been coughing and then gags and then pukes. She just seems to do it...


My daughter's dad has issues

Hi everyone. I have a 9 moth old daughter, who is the light of my life. Her father, on the other hand, is another matter. We've been married for 9 years btw. He has a...


don't know what to do anymore!!!!!

my 15 month old has been sick since Monday. he had a fever for three days but this morning it seems to have broke but from the fever he now has a rash and also a bit of diarhea....



I'm a 20 yr old single mum with a six mth old daughter, and i still live at home with my mum, younger brother and sister. in the beginning i was breast feeding but due to...


4 Month Old Moving in her Crib

Hey, My 4 month old daughter is a great sleeper. She gets swaddled and goes to bed around 8:30pm. She sleeps on a little incline thing with two bubble kinda things on either...


WHAT is "Colic"?

Colic is gas in the tummy! The best advice I ever received was from my ob/gyn doc.....he was FABULOUS!!!!!! At my 6 wk check up, he ask about my daughter, I told him...


The funny things your child(ren) say!?

I have yet to talk to my 5 and a half year old about my being pregnant. I had a miscarriage last year and have been too afraid to tell him in fear I had have to say "oh i guess...


my daughters dad??? grrrr...

hello ladies ... my daughters dad isnt around i caught him cheating on me 2months before she was born... know that she is born he hardly comes round to see her and everytime he...

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Feeding Solids...Need Suggestions

My daughter turned 6 months yesterday and we just started her on rice cereal last week. We had to wait til she was 6 months because I have a lot of food allergies but I knew...

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findin it hard

i have a two year old nd a 5 week old nd dad aint arnd nd have no family hardly ne friends as just moved findin it realli lonely nd isolatin have tried to meet other mums at...


Speech Therapy

Hello Mommies- We have a daughter with DS that will be two next month. She is doing just great...walking, playing, eating great, everything almost on target for typical. We have...



My son went to Preschool last year and is in pre-K this year. I am going to try kindergarden round up in April but am not usre to send him or not. His teacher, myself, and his...

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standardized education

I know there are some teachers here. And the rest of you have kids with teachers (or that will have teachers one day). This is an article written by a teacher in Florida. It's...

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Ok so my little girl born sept 24 2009 is 31" long and 27.6 lbs! Her meals go as follows: Breakfast: Scrambled egg whites and yogurt or oatmeal. Lunch: 1.5 oz of meat, 4 oz...


what do you feed your older preemies?

my son is 14 months (13 corrected) and i'm still giving him gerber baby food (meat, fruit, veggies, yogurt - stages 2 and 3) he can eat some finger foods (cheerios, puffs,...

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