Teaching Kids About Drugs

This is inspired by Katherine's post about alcohol. I read this article awhile ago and the alcohol post made me think of it....

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growth spurt or snacking or...?

I have been feeding my son every 3 hours and appz. 4-6 oz . The 6oz bottles I gave him at the end of the day before bed and then in the middle of the night. Now, for the past...

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Normal Or Not ?!

My Daughter Is Just Over 7 Weeks Old, The Day She Started Too Sleep Longer, She Decides Too Start Eating More Too, Which Started 3 Days Ago. Her Last Feeding Of The Night Around...

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squealing scream

The last few weeks my son has started this squealing high pitched screaming. It is like nails on a chalk board. He does it when it is bed/nap time and when he is upset. I...

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New here with a query or two

How did you decide on a direct sales/home based company or how did you know you picked the right one. What company are you with and what is start up costs or monthly fees? I...


Washing baby's hands?

I'm realizing I really need to get better at washing my son's hands throughout the day, at least before meals, etc, both for cleanliness and also to instill the habit of We Wash...



I have eight year old twin girls. My girls have very compliant natures which is a blessing. Lately, I am seeing more competition between them and I am trying to figure out...

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Feeding a 7mth old

My daughter is just over 7mths old and currently has 3 8oz bottles and 2 meals. She was weighed on Tues and is 19lb 15oz however the HV said she is not eating enough and should...

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My twins speech.....

I have boy/girl twins,and i just wanted to know if there were any more twins out there where one has a speech disorder.My son has one and I have him seeng a speech theraypist...

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