Hi I am Michelle I turned 40 last December and cried!:) I have two awesome girls Cassie 13 and Tori 10. I am always looking for suggestions on raising teenagers! especially...

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Why are men so stupid?

I had a migraine, I've been dealing with my son's issues at school, I felt like shit, utterly useless and defeated. I also have my period,I was a bit emotional. I wanted to tell...



hi my name is Cassandra and i have a 3 year old son who wont stop at nothing to get what he want. it sometimes depresses me but i would end up giving him what he wants in order...

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My husband is yelling...a LOT

My usually laid back, calm and quiet, roll with the punches husband is yelling...a lot. Here's our situation: I am 33 weeks pregnant with twins. It has not been an easy...


2nd baby or not?

Hey there everyone... i am happily married, working part time and my husband full time. We have a very active, cheeky toddler, ready to turn 3 in October. I am currently going...

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Not Sleeping:(

Hi there, My son is 9 yrs old and has been diagnosed with ADHD since he was 5..For the past 6 months or so i seem to have a hard time to get him to sleep...he goes to bed at...



My middle son has adhd......any advice on how to deal with it, when we haven't been able to find a suitable medication


Vacation distractions

We are traveling to Colorado with our 14 month old daughter who is extremely active. This child hates to sit still for long periods. She will have to spend a great deal of...

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Spitting at mealtime...HELP!

My son, Aiden, was born 4/29. His favorite thing to do right now is make "fart" or "car" noises with his tongue and lips. It's cute and fun, he does is almost constantly. But...

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What month is your favorite?

I think 4-7 months are the best. They are learning so much and start interacting...My son is 5 months and I LOVE IT! He is so aware and smiles non stop! What is your favorite...


Update on us....

Well we did the long term monitoring. She was taken off her meds Monday night and Tuesday she had 2 clonic tonic seizures within a few hours of each other. They saw what they...


Why am I feeling this way ?

The confession I could only admit on here is that I can't stand being a mother. I had postpartum depression and never bonded with my son that's now 5 yrs old. I have to say...

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I started this group because....

....there was not a group for us. I just had my second child in May 2008 after a long roller coaster ride. Of coarse it all ended well but, the more I talk about our troubles in...


trouble with change

My son is four and boy does he have issues with change and transitions. Today I clean the playroom in our home and he FREAKED because I moved his table to the center of the...


Going to sound dumb.....

Lately my son (who is 2, hence going to sound dumb) is driving me crazy. He used to be so well behaved and somewhat listen to instructions and when I would tell him "no" or "no...

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