ways to soothe a fussy baby in the car ?

every time we go anywhere it is a battle.my son hates to be in his carseat and one of us has to sit next to him in the back seat. I need some ways to get him to stop the crying...

Started by Alexandria on 08/26/2009 in July 2009

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Bath tub TERROR!

Not sure why but out of nowhere my lil angel hates the bathtub. She used to love it! Splashing was her favorite. I have tried to leave the shower door open so that it isn't a...


I'm going crazy

My son has just turned two in october and has changed from my lil angel to... idk wat i guess all i can say is the terrible twos are surely here!. How do you not go crazy?


Unhappy 4 year old

My 4 year old son has recently taken to crying histerically at the drop of a hat. If he asks for a glass of milk and I don't get it IMMEDIATELY, he will burst int to tears,...

Started by Jessica on 02/08/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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My 9 year old is still wetting the bed.

The doctor can't figure it out, and it only happens in spurts. I don't get it. Let me tell you it is very frustrating. she goes to the bathroom before bed and she doesn't drink...


attached to the dummy at night

My daughter is 4 months old, she doesnt look at her dummy during the day but recently at night she seems to wake constantly looking for it. Why has she started this and what can...


didnt even notice its been a month

since my son has been born at first we complained it was ever few days we had sex then it was once a week. we looked back now landon is nine months and we are going a full month...


Kid Quote of the Day

So my son hits my daughter. We go through the whole time out thing. After we're done he turns to my daughter with a very serious look and says "I forgive you". What has your...

Started by Michelle on 01/20/2012 in Bitchin Ladies

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Do you cathch yourself??

Hi everyone...i know that as moms we are engulfed in the daily activities with our little ones that sometimes we act on the subconscious level unexpectedly ....Here are some...