My selfish 19 year old.

So for Mother's day...I get NOTHING. Not even a phone call from my 19 year old. Am I asking too much? I seriously think my 19 year old is just a self centered 15 year old. He...

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Considering cloth diapering!!!!

I have always wanted to cloth diaper my son, but I've been afraid of the work that comes with it! I've been afraid I'd fall behind on washings or not keep the diapers sanitized...


carseats in school busses

this is a question I asked in my "parenting debates & hot topics" community, thought I would ask it here too. the first lady i felt was questioning my parenting instead of what...


Am i doing the right thing?

Is it right to stop my children from seeing their bio father? It was only when I found out that I was pregnant with my babies that the violence started. He is an alcoholic,...



My daughter has suffered from silent reflux from birth and is on Neocate formula for CMPI and SPI and Losec 10mg twice daily. It was only diagnosed and treated properly at 7...


I am completely lost...

Stryder will be 5 months old this week. Since he was 10 weeks he has slept through the night unless he's sick or something. Well at about 4 months he started napping for shorter...

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Teaching Kids About Drugs

This is inspired by Katherine's post about alcohol. I read this article awhile ago and the alcohol post made me think of it....

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What is your child's bedtime routine?

Our daughter has always been a great little sleeper but our son... My goodness. I dread bedtime. Just wondering what your LO's bedtime routine is? What time? And do they sleep...

Started by Kelsi on 08/07/2011 in May 2010

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growth spurt or snacking or...?

I have been feeding my son every 3 hours and appz. 4-6 oz . The 6oz bottles I gave him at the end of the day before bed and then in the middle of the night. Now, for the past...

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Normal Or Not ?!

My Daughter Is Just Over 7 Weeks Old, The Day She Started Too Sleep Longer, She Decides Too Start Eating More Too, Which Started 3 Days Ago. Her Last Feeding Of The Night Around...

Started by Stacey on 08/15/2010 in Single Moms

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New here with a query or two

How did you decide on a direct sales/home based company or how did you know you picked the right one. What company are you with and what is start up costs or monthly fees? I...