What is your favorite verse and why?

My favorite verse is Psalm 139:13-16 because it talks about how God created us. When I was pregnant and saw my son for the fist time I was in awe. I could not believe how...

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Santa vs. No Santa

My husband and I have decided not to participate in the Santa part of Christmas. We have a tree and presents, but we are not telling out children that Santa brought anything. We...

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Different shoe sizes????

My son was immediately put into a cast, at 1 week old. He moved to a brace at 4months old. When he started to get ready to walk, we noticed that his feet were two different...


Nursing bras

Having been pregnant once and not having a good breast feeding experience, I'm starting early with all of my research so I can make a better attempt this second time around. One...

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Should children be "free range"?

Recently there has been lots of debate about the amount of freedom we give our children to play outdoors, walk to school etc and questioning if we should let our children be...

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Are mothers who formula feed bad moms?

My answer is no! But, I am getting very irritated with some of them messaging me calling me judgemental, quick to comment and quick to assume. Here's your chance to vent it out...


whats a good birth control

i hate talking the pill so i tryed the pach but it gives me a rash so i swiched to the pills thinking i wont forget but ido whats a good birth control????


Actual question: Sick kid

My daughter had her 18 month vaccines mid may.. 7 days later she developped a very high fever, I thought it was just a bad cold, but when it hit 105 I brought her into the...

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Hi. my name is Rachael

Hi, My name is Rachael MacSwain. I am a 28 year old mother of one. I live in Montague ,PEI. I was diagnosed with Narcolepsy when I was 17. I had the symptoms for probably 6...


did anyone's baby suffer with "NEC"??

hello, I my baby girl was born a month ago at 27 weeks and she was progressing incredibly well. however we have been put straight back to square one due to this illness which as...

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