Co-sleeping concerns

My son turns 7 months old tomorrow. He is exclusively breastfed and eating full meals 3 times a day. He has never slept through the night. He wakes up anywhere between 2 to 4...

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I have been wanting to wean my son for a couple months now. He is nine months and my health is not up to par. I am a single mother and in school full time and I also work. I...



Hi moms...my little boy is coming up to 17 months and has a very limited diet. All he eats is Weetabix, mash and noodles!! He will not eat ant fruit or veg and is hesitant to...


introducing solids

I have been giving my son solids for about a month now, he's 6 months now, and I'm wondering at what point do I give him more than one food at a meal. I have been diligently...


Breast Feeding

I am having the hardest time weening my 17th month old daughter off of the breast. She wakes up and screams at night when she doesn't get it and I am so tired sometimes and have...

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My daugther is 6 months and wont eat chicken for ANYTHING! she hates it and idk what to do?!! Aswell as peas and squash!! everything else is fine its those i havent tried turky...


potty training

i have a little girl who will be 3 in march...i started to potty train her when i wa prego with my second son..(she was 15 months) and was doing fine and then all together...


My Breastfeeding Experience

Breastfeeding is not easy: I felt that I was not lucky with it at the beginning. I struggled, cried, and almost gave up. My first 3 months after giving birth was hell -- I...

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my 7 month old had been sleeping right through the night, going down after 8 and sleeping till 7the next morning, but in the last month she has started getting up for a feed. I...

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What formula would you suggest for gassy babies?

My son is about to be 1 month old...for the first two weeks I was able to breast feed him, and since that had been my long term plan, I had never put much thought into formula....

Started by Amber on 07/24/2014 in Moms Under 30

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Losing the baby fat??

Well i gave birth to my son almost 3 months ago. I felt horrible for two months following( soreness...and the time to heal the battle wounds lol) But now im starting to feel...

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Swap one for two

Hey moms, i have a situation that i could use some feedback on. My daughter is two and a half. We have been phasing out the bottle for some time and now, all of a sudden, she is...

Started by Amy on 06/21/2009 in Children Of 2006

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not eating meat

Hi! My son is almost 8 months old, and i have tried every meat baby food, and even made some of my own with chicken. He gags until it all comes out of his mouth! Any...

Started by Lanabreanne on 01/27/2010 in June 2009 Babies

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Baby not drinking much fluids?

Hey there I have a question. Is anyone else having a problem with thier baby not drinking enough. He is 7.5 months old and is not down to drinking about 7 to 10 onz within a 24...



I need help with my baby. He spits up his formula everytime he has a feeding.... Am i doing something wrong???