Feeding Schedules..

My little girl just turned 9 months on the 15th.. Was just curious the other feeding schedules babies her age had.. Her last appointment about 2-3 weeks ago she weighed...

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7 month old on the airplane

What are the best toys and entertainment to travel with a 7 month old baby on the airplane? We are going to Hawaii which will be about a 5 hour flight. Also any other...

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any one else have 3/4 years olds with pets

my 3 year old takes better care of my pets then i do most days. me and my son both have a fish tank mines a 30 gallon his is a 5 gallon he feed his fish and turns on there...

Started by Julie on 11/28/2011 in Stay At Home Moms

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Punishing my 1 year old ...

My son Dominic just turned 1 on February 5th. When he was about 10 months old he started kind of hitting people like playfully and pulling hair. In the beginning a simple but...


EC while out and about...

My son is almost 3 months and started ECing at 7 weeks. We have a pretty good rhythm at home but struggle a bit when we are out and about. I was wondering if you all have some...

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Staying in bed???

My 2 daughters share a room, they are 3 1/2 and 2. They both go to bed really well. 99% of the time they don't put up any fight, just grab their blankies and juice and head to...

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Weaning 51/2 month old

I've decided it's time to wean my son. I've struggled from day one to nurse him. I had open cracks for 8 weeks, 3 yeast infections and my supply is constantly low no matter what...

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BF can save lives and money (news link)

http://health.yahoo.com/news/ap/us_med_breast_feeding_savings.html A yahoo news story I thought I'd share here. Here it is, copy & pasted: CHICAGO - The lives of nearly 900...


wondering how much my daughter should eat

my daughter is 6mnths old now she was born on the 5th of dec. she seems to eat about 2 jars of baby food at a time.. plus she wants formula. she is not over weight but it just...


Answering the hard questions

My son is only two months old but, I am already stressing about how to answer the questions about his father and his family. How am I going to explain that his father was in...

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My son turned one year old on February 5th and he has started having some occasional nightmares......we think. Anyone else experiencing this with their little one? If so, any...

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Daughter has several food allergies

Hi my name is Dawn and my daughter has peanut, eggs and corn allergies...as well as several indoor/outdoor allergies...it has really changed our lives especially during this...


weaned for a month but wants to nurse again

My son was weaned shortly after he turned 21months when my husband and I went on a five day vacation. He did ask for it when I first got back but I was able to distract him from...

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My baby girl is going to be a year in a couple of weeks and I am going back to work in a week. I would like to know: When do I wean her off of forula? How do I wean her...


is this normal 15 month old behavior?

hey there, my son used to love his baths, well, all of the sudden my son doesn't want to take them anymore. he enjoys watching me fill up the tub getting in but as soon as we...

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I was just wondering how others are raising their children. Are you following everything that you are supposed to and listening to all the rules about food and things? For me it...