Hard time with the sippy cup transition...

My son is almost 17 months old. I have been introducing a variety of sippy cups on and off, but he never really liked one specifically so I was never really consistent or...

Started by Yvette on 07/09/2010 in Moms Under 30

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need prayer

im going through a difficult time with my husban, its affecting my little boy. i seriously feel like asking him for a divorce. please pray for me i dont know what to do

Started by Chevarn on 10/27/2009 in Christian Moms

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Thank you

Thank you all for the suggestions. This has been something I've dealt with for the past 3 years. I did confront my ex about him coming to town and not seeing our boys. His exact...

Started by Renee on 09/22/2009 in Divorced Moms

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School Sports

My 13 year old son just quit the schools Modified Football team. He told me it was due to the fact he was going to be kicked off anyways as he had 2 detentions for missing...


feeling so guilty about work... help!!!

i have been back at work for 2 weeks now, my son is 15 weeks old now. my husband works full time and so do i, and he is giving me so much guilt about being back at work. i am...

Started by Jessica on 11/09/2010 in Working Moms

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My BF does not like my kids!!

I have been dating my bf for going on a year now. He does not have any kids of his own and i have 3. My oldest is 23 and has recently moved back home because she was not able...

Started by Laura on 04/17/2014 in Moms Over 40

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please help me im finding it hard to cope

big breath in and here goes i met my fiance 3yrs ago and at the time he was in a relationship and with a 5month old baby which he didnt think was his (was tested n its a boy!)...

Started by Loren on 05/20/2010 in Step Moms

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sleeping through the night

Anyone have any suggestions on how to get my 9 month old to sleep through the night and not wake up at 5 a.m and ready to play for the day?

Started by Ashley on 04/14/2009 in July 2008 Babies

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Toddler throwing up when crying?

My 2 year old toddler started throwing up after almost every crying spell. In the car, after dinner, at bedtime, and anytime she is does not have things her way. At 1st I...


Anyone else in my situation?

I have a beautiful baby boy born October '08. His biological father is African-Jamaican. My pregnancy was the result of a "last visit" to a boyfriend in JA. Anyway, although we...


What is this?

I'm hoping to find moms who may be going through something similar and have some advice for me. I really don't know anyone who is familiar with this situation. I was a teen...

Started by Sarah on 07/31/2012 in Moms Of Teenagers

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Daughter being pinched in play group!!! Help please!!

Hi All. My daughter is 11 month. We made friends with a mom and her 3 year old daughter at one of the 3 playgroups we attend. It was great that I finaly had a "friend" in the...

Started by Sunn on 11/07/2010 in Toddlers

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