Not Feeling "Christiany"

Went to Church on New Years Eve, it was good, still struggling with what Church to go to, The one I'm at where I love the Pastor, but alot of the people know me and seem to hold...

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What should i do?

Ok i have asked advice before about my family on here but me and my husband are at our wits end and we need advice! My husband was laid off last year and we had to move in...

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pls help :(

so basically my son is still being assessed for autism he has a lot of autistic tendencies, such as bad sleeping pattern, bad eating habbits, has crazy things he HAS to do...


Are We Wrong? Or are we just different?

Hey all! I have a 21 month old son. When I was still pregnant we decided that I would stay home with him and work on my books and poetry. Things were tight, we got a lot of...

Started by Crystal on 02/05/2010 in Homeschooling Moms

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Baby Can Read Program

Hi Ladies! Does anyone have experience of knowledge of the Baby Can Read program? My sis-in-law has been looking into this program for her son but has gotten very mixed...

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Kids fighting sleep!!!!

They got up late this morning like after 10. Then they didnt nap all day. at 7 pm i put them 2 bed thinking that would be it for the night. My lilttle girl then wakes up at...


my baby wont sleep much

Q 1.. how do i get my baby in to a routine coz she dnt seem to have one?? Q 2... how do i get my baby to sleep in her own bed?? Q 3... she is still drinkin on when ever...


20 month old not talking

My daughter's 20 months old and while she does say a few words, she doesn't really talk or even try too. She still babbles all the time and I try to get her to say simple words...


My Lazy 10 yr old is DRIVING ME UP THE WALL!!

My10 yr old son is very very lazy and will not do anything untill i bellow at him to do it, even then he is reluctant and will make up excuses why he cant, or argue with me and...

Started by Fiona on 10/31/2010 in Kids Over 10

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