Need advise!!!

It all started about 2 months ago, my 13 month old daughter would wake up 3-4 times a night screaming, I would give her the bottle but she doesnt want that, I have to pick her...


When do I stop helping?

I have a 5 1/2 year old daughter who isn't wiping as well as she should when she has a BM. I know she knows how, but I think she's "rushing" to be done. She is getting bumps on...


people that are meant to look after your kids!

first of all I love debating mums!! so I have decided to post all my posts here at least I get a nice and honest reply :-)) Ok my question is this.. Here in the UK there is a...

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OH boy

I have a question. My son is 3 yrs old and REFUSES to use the potty. He fights me to get him near it. Some days he says he wants to use it and will sit for only a few...

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I decided to start this community after not finding one that seemed to offer the support I want (need) this pregnancy. There are lots of groups for wonderful perfect...


Humping child

Ive got a 23 month old and she has this weird habit. When she is tired she hops onto either my leg or rather knee or the the arm of a sofa and starts to hump on it back and...

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My daughter who just turned 5 strips down to nothing as soon as walk in the house. She would be naked all day if I didn't say anything. She is a sensory seeker, so i wonder if...


My 9 month old will not sleep???

She takes 2 naps during the day and I usually cut the later one short so she won’t sleep to long. She will fall asleep around 11pm and is up at 12 or 1 and wants to play...


Needing but not wanting a second job.

I am super stressed with the holidays coming. My children both believe in Santa and that he'll deliver the gifts they are asking for. The problem is I'm Santa. I already work...

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Things we tell our kids..

Since my kids were young, we have played a game where I pretend to have somethingin my hand and when I ope the its a tickle bg. Tonight my kids didnt want to go to sleep so I...

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