Scared child

My 6 year old has suddenly become scared at night. Waking up yelling for us and will not fall back to sleep unless one of us stay in his room. I have begun sleeping in there so...


Autistic older child

My daughter is 16, most of the time she is compliant, lately its getting harder, i know its probably hormones kicking in as she has had her periods for the past year and handled...


What to name our baby daughter?

Hi guys.. we have now for a long time known she was a girl.. We've been calling the baby Ella for a long time but actually we don't know what to name her!? Ella is cute but we...


Meds Night/ Day

They have my daughter age 7 on Intuniv and they sugested I try it at night. Most sites say to take the time relase during the day to help her attention spam. Any suggestions on...


Preschool Anxiety

A couple of months ago I signed my daughter up for preschool and she was put on the waiting list. I know it will be good for her but now that the time has actually come (she is...

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My ex husband hardly ever sees them!

My ex husband who I was with 7 years has pretty much disappeared since he remarried. He met her 5 months after we seperated, not divorced yet, and got remarried when he was on...


Fears (not a debate)

My daughter has recently developped a fear of flies. IT started when she would be afraid of fluff blowing around on the floor a few months ago, and I showed her that it was...

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Does tourettes get worse with age?

So my son was diagnosed with tourettes. He is almost 4 years old. So far his ticks are not that bad. Flapping arms, twisting his body, jumping, tippy toe walking and making a...